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  1. You know what this game needs? More towers and currencies.
  2. There are definitely god rays that aren’t in the older version.
  3. It's not "will it sell tens of millions" - it's "will it appeal to people between the ages of 5 and 50" not "will it appeal to 40 year olds first and foremost".
  4. The thing about MK8 is that you can turn on difficulty options to the point where a four year old can have fun playing it. And there are cute cartoon things all over the place. Similarly four year olds can run round Animal Crossing islands. I’m not sure you can do the same with FZero and still have it be FZero. You’d have five year olds tripping out and having their first seizure. And the demographic who still cares isn’t Nintendo’s target audience.
  5. Or about $11 billion. Who could they buy?!
  6. Do you think it’s recouped it’s production budget yet?
  7. The % of install base figures for that and animal crossing are nuts.
  8. A question… There’s a kind of twitch/tick on the right trigger every now and again. Have you worked out what it’s meant to be?
  9. Two cases of a game being rushed out with significant bugs (a roguelike hard crashing is a significant bug) and/or missing features (you really believe that the save missing is a deliberate decision, when the alternative is “suspend all system updates”) to hit a release date. It’s not even as though it’s another Outriders and they can claim server troubles. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
  10. I’m surprised (not surprised) that Sony are still selling it, after the precedent set by Cyberpunk 2077.
  11. Yep, that and the Medal of Honor game might be the two I’ve not played. Though if they’d gone much more recent there’s huge chunks I won’t have touched,
  12. It’s good (and better than the elite 1) but unlike with the One X I’m not finding myself continually switching it between the PC and the Xbox. The series X controller is somehow good enough. I’d probably buy another of those and put the remaining money towards a storage upgrade.
  13. It doesn’t really get going till the second set of stages, and then it’s only ok until the triangle stage. It really shines with friends though.
  14. It’s surely an E3 drop, unless they’re concerned about to getting lost in the noise.
  15. They’re making the movie theatre, dvd release, pay movie channel, free to air channel/syndication model look positively outdated.
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