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  1. Perhaps the endgame of this is to invert the comics...
  2. One of the issues with raytracing in the likes of Cyberpunk - perhaps even bad glass example above - is that the true beauty/reason isn’t clear in a static screenshot. walk down that glass corridor, and you’ll see what the point is and how the cheaper tricks aren’t all that.
  3. footle

    NFL 2020!

    NFL VAR is even more tedious than Football VAR
  4. Nothing so blind as a football fan. Notice you’re ignoring the “offside” now.
  5. 6 episodes. It *almost* commits to something interesting (and, in fact, probably does enough that I’d watch a season two) a couple of episodes too late - episode four rather than episode two. another case of “if only the characters talked to one another, chunks of the plot would disappear”, but it almost works.
  6. Ie the default time for any and all third party games
  7. Good to know that games that hard crash the console repeatedly now have the Sony Seal Of Quality.
  8. Couple of weeks yet. Sounds like they’re having issues getting London in,
  9. Of course it can. I’m watching some “inspired by Nickelodeon” drivel this evening, that so far has had one arse-fucking joke to go with its 15 rating. (Fate: the winx saga. Which is as bad as it sounds. And yet still better than season 3 or 4 of Sabrina).
  10. The bit I didn’t get was how a £1/$1 month increase somehow led to a doubling of cost. A £1/increase, £6 on the six month sub would have basically gone without notice outside of some ftp moaning. but it turns out they simultaneously dropped the discount for purchasing multiple months at once, like idiots. (eg, instead of saving £12 for buying a six month card, you’d save £4.50 on the higher price.)
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