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  1. the overlap in the Venn diagram for the number of people playing an 18 year old game targeted at old folk for the first time, who are also avidly reading a thread about a newly released game targeted at nostalgics, who are also on this forum, has to contain zero people. there are hundreds of games released every year, and anyone who hasn’t got a fond spot for the game series isn’t in this thread.
  2. footle

    Google Stadia

    they’re all subject to reasonable use, already struggle massively in areas of high contention, have higher latency and (presumably) more packet loss: things you can compensate for with video streaming just by buffering.
  3. footle

    Google Stadia

    except with compressed blurry graphics. It’s a bit disappointing: I was hoping for something competitive with next gen, not this gen.
  4. Bloody hell, the poncho is pretty glitchy.
  5. EA have finally managed to sell a Star Wars game AND a Respawn game?!
  6. Man City Liverpool didn’t seem that competitive: Liverpool never looked like losing
  7. footle


    it was great. We had competing Dominic / Tsitsipas chants going. also we got out to catch the boat back to central London at 9 without getting too knackered, which means I don’t have to get on the tube.
  8. footle

    Google Stadia

    And G.Fast has very strict requirements to the cabinet: we were on the edge of applicability (200m) and our non G-Fast connection is much more reliable than our attempts at using G-Fast, and has double the upload bandwidth.
  9. sure. The latest games pass stuff has PC only. I suspect it’ll come out on Scarlett, but it makes sense that they may not want to try and compromise the simulation enough to fit on Xbox One or One X.
  10. they’ve not announced it for console; our working theory is that the Xbox One’s jaguar CPUs are too shit, but Scarlett’s Zen 2 processor might well be good enough.
  11. And eventually ultimate becomes £160?/year. Though I’d have paid £40 for gold, and bought a couple of Microsoft games anyway.
  12. footle


    Since it’s only on this and next year we’ve gone for first semi and final, rather than Friday afternoon, this year. But it does always feel like a gamble: will any of the players still be standing by Saturday, let alone Sunday?
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