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  1. Have to agree with Kerraig. There’s precisely no reason why they’d release dumbo and the lion king tightly together, wrapping Toy Story 4, unless they were trying to swiftly shovel content out. I mean, do you even remember they released a remake of Dumbo this year? All it would take is another studio actually finding a hit, and one of their tent poles for the year would be stuffed. The world wasn’t crying out for Mary Poppins Returns, either.
  2. Can’t really see how they’d reset Hawkeye from a loving relationship with a family in a shack on a plain to a grimy apartment in New York. Suppose it’ll have to be divorce following the trauma brought on as Ronin?
  3. He’s an idealistic idiot until at least book six or seven.
  4. It’s certainly smooth. It’s also clear that it’s a test: lots of drop outs, weirdness starting matches etc. The shopping? arcade map is much more pleasant to look at than the training arena, but I think it’s overstating it to say it’s the best looking game on the Xbone.
  5. Is the synopsis with the images considered a spoiler?
  6. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sure, but you also have to have the systems that decide how many servers to scale working. And those need tested. You can go *so* far with load testing etc, but reality - with tens of thousands of clients simultaneously polling with different latency, geographically spread and dropping off the network at random times - is going to be much harder to simulate.
  7. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    Perhaps. I’m a bit bemused that Bootcamp didn’t just unlock.
  8. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sure. It’s also only been ten minutes or so.
  9. footle

    Xbox Game Pass

    The Gears 5 tech test looks interesting. "SERVERS ARE FULL. YOUR ESTIMATED WAIT TIME IS 2D 2H 00M".
  10. Frozen the first time is great. Frozen the tenth time, like the tenth time of everything, is probably not so great. Frozen the OH JUST LET IT GO time....
  11. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/301538.The_Darkness_That_Comes_Before
  12. Is it inconsistent? The attack cards explicitly say they’ll hit y times for x damage if there’s any kind of multi-hit going on. Completed L7 Defect last night with a Power build. Had the ascended one as the final boss (of course), but wiped out his ascended form in one turn with a doubled thunder bolt hitting 40 times each for > 11 damage...
  13. Posts that aged poorly? I give you this bitter post from cricinfo from halfway through the NZ innings:
  14. I won with Ironclad on my first go, and thought “is that it?”. Then found the ascension switch. And then didn’t win again for a week.
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