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  1. We’re not getting a card this year. Of either colour. Then Boris’s Hard Brexit. meanwhile, another 20 or so people before me in the queue, have cancelled their ASUS Tuf (which isn’t shipping anywhere) from OC... equivalent to a queue movement of 8% or so...
  2. yeah, but av receiver == hdr and vrr issues unless you’re continuously updating/replacing it, and no per device picture settings. It’s compromises all the way down.
  3. Hardly. It’s because their blacks are set to a much lower level in sdr than hdr. which is inconsistent and worse in hdr.
  4. I can’t think of any individual device outside of a pc that connects to a tv and has its own independently controlled volume setting. It would be nice (to equalise my sky box, Xbox, PlayStation, switch) - but doesn’t seem to be a thing.
  5. I do wonder when Google became the new Microsoft: https://bonkersworld.net/organizational-charts
  6. I hear there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of cards just for the U.K. alone.
  7. It’s not finalised till some point from January onwards: Microsoft Financial Year H2, not 2021 H2
  8. I assume the piss on my keyboard is because he can’t see a traffic light without cocking his leg.
  9. Everywhere. This time its a blanket fifty tab spamfest with all my family drawn in to fill in captchas. I started training my dog two weeks ago. if you snooze, you lose.
  10. In which case buy an LED tv and spend the next ten years appreciating the grey blacks and light bleed. Problem solved. There’s no real problem watching an OLED in anything approaching normal viewing conditions. Perhaps if you have the sun shining directly on the TV, but if you do that then you’re an idiot and a fool, so I assume that’s not the case.
  11. @Meat this thread needs a new title - May I humbly suggest: Nvidia 30x0: come for the lack of order updates and stock, stay for the fan discussion
  12. It’s not insanity. They’d not be able to sell it in Europe though: both consoles can use more in a hot standby downloading patches mode. They can’t use that much in a not downloading patches mode.
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