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  1. footle

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Play atlantis first.
  2. footle

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    Yep. The article is the best thing I’ve read in Edge for a long time.
  3. footle

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    Rage: a new game from the masters at ID software, released after years of work, using megapixel technology. Rage 2: wasnt just cause 4 out just a few months ago? The Division: my god that trailer was amazing, can’t wait to wander around in the snow. The Division 2: wasn’t The Division a flash in the pan that they didn’t sort out for a year or so? there are many reasons why these games might not have increased their sales. But I suspect I’ve identified the two main ones.
  4. footle

    PlayStation gets its own movie studio

    benioff and weiss’s System Update, with minor fixes to “improve the user experience”.
  5. At the viewing distance you’re meant to use, it’s ok. Looking closer, there’s no distortion of the clothing around Downey’s neck which seems a bit odd. You’d never have guessed though.
  6. No. Unless you’re just talking about technical polish that’s merely enabled by new hardware. the example you cite (more, more diverse activities in giant open worlds) isn’t really hardware limited (outside of IO) but budget limited - how many people working how many hours for what pay - and Ubisoft already have ridiculously giant teams creating content.
  7. footle

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Oh, they can feel they’ve paid their dues. That doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see their club as a Frankenstein mess of an old club grafted to Middle Eastern blood money.
  8. Elite Dangerous is only a selling point to a small subset of people. To be completely honest, I bought it, bought the flight stick, and it didn't blow me away in VR as much as many other experiences
  9. Definitely looks like it - they acted like a store, taking a hit on each sale, rather than a digital frontend to a publisher.
  10. Its being published by someone, and his teams get bigger. my feeling was simply that since they’d get all the money anyway, capitalising on people making cheap preorders at the point of maximum publicity - announcement + film release - is probably a good thing.
  11. Lay The Spire. Pornhub sponsored Card Battler, featuring an ascent of the world famous Salisbury Cathedral. Can you sleep your way to the top while avoiding Russian spies?
  12. Alternatively, Mike Bithell is all "FILL YOUR BOOTS". I suppose it's a bit different if you're selling at £15, expecting to drop to £5 later on, and it's the week of the release of the associated movie.
  13. footle

    The Division 2

    I'd be up for it, but I suspect that aligning my schedule will be hard. I'm old and can't do "playing till 2am" any longer
  14. If you’re doing what you’d normally do in a situation, nausea probably isn’t a problem if the frame rate holds up. That’s what presence means. if you’re doing something odd (like driving a wipeout car with a controller, or strafing using a controller) you’re going to feel it. proper roomscale games, where your view moves only as you move, or stationary games (where your view moves only as you move), will probably be fine. i also find driving games with a wheel - inside a car - fine, but can’t imagine how ill I’d feel with a chase cam and a controller.
  15. footle

    The Division 2

    Tried again for the first time in a month last night. Don’t think my gear score is going to jump up anytime soon from 480ish (which is inconvenient for a raid with a minimum requirement of 490), because my weakest piece (460?) has 43% damage to elites and a meaningful talent :-o

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