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  1. so end of episode five spoilers, final scene, clearly adaptation spoiler
  2. adaptation spoilers: the problem is that the general menace of the Corinthian is overblown in order to create a throughline through the season, when the actual menace he poses *to Dream* is about the same “menace” as Gregory. also the peak with death and Gadling is entirely true to the first two story collections. The next season (presumably dream country and seasons of mists) has some really good stuff though.
  3. weird. The current intro to seasons of mists is Ellison. Where he says the same thing, but in prose that’s even more overblown than gaiman’s.
  4. Immortality is going to be an odd one. Since it's on both Game Pass and Netflix (so iOS/Android?) a huge audience has almost no barrier to entry.
  5. Not the comic, which is a meditation on the nature of immortality, change, stories, their importance in how they shape the world, and creativity. Just the first three issues of the comic.
  6. It's ok - this is the spoiler friendly thread. What is the real point of Preludes and Nocturnes, and how has it been missed across the first three episodes? No need to be cryptic.
  7. It’s a game from a previous edge columnist that is also going into gamepass. I imagine the latter point means there will be more posted about it once it releases. (it might also be going on Apple Arcade, can’t remember).
  8. Yeah. Episode One works far better than I expected. Comics, whole sequence, spoiler: And just sitting in the cage Sturridge embodied Morpheus well enough (in a way that didn't come across in the selected other character snippets) that I'm not concerned about the rest.
  9. Which made me look at the standings, then wonder: how the hell has hamilton got as many podium finishes this season - driving that car - as Perez and Carlos?
  10. there’s apparently a merger related tax write off deadline in mid August, so unlikely.
  11. the script at the end of dream country (for calliope) has comments like “don’t use pink because by the time it’s printed it’ll be purple”. By dream country the colouring is a lot better though.
  12. It’s a combination of awful inking and the very limited colour palette of the time. And also the first book is not good - or why anyone ever talks about it. It improves tremendously from issue eight onwards.
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