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  1. Bloodborne

  2. Nice, but it will never be complete without a mint-condition 1951 Willie Mays rookie baseball card.
  3. Dark Souls Remastered

    OK, based on that list, I've decided to buy the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC versions.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger's best film?

    Fuck modern, post 80s stuff. Conan, Terminator and Predator are the correct answers.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    You're right, no optical out.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    I don't have a problem with 30 FPS games at all, but the difference in that video is clear to me.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    It's a possibility in the future, if only to complete the Mario/Metroid/Zelda Tri Force. Right know, I'm already deviating too much from my boring, sensible plans.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Wii U version
  9. Nintendo Switch

    And here it is. Notice the correct colour choice. Turn-based games are not really my thing, but it seemed wrong to get one without a game.
  10. Sisko is awesome. With Picard in command of DS9, the Federation would have lost the Dominion war. That's why Starfleet command didn't object when Picard chose to go to the Ba'ku planet instead of mediating in a Dominion dispute. They knew he was useless but they had to offer the mission hoping he would refuse.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Could be, but based on the usage of my DS, PSP, 3DS, Vita and Wii U pad, I'm sceptic. I drive to my job, so no option there, which leaves the loo (not a chance) and the bed, but I usually fall asleep quite fast.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Portability? Meh. What is this bullshit about the correct way to use a Switch? What is great about it is that you have the choice to use it the way you like it. My original plan was to buy one next Christmas for Mario, glue it to the dock and use a Pro pad. However, there's a slight variation to my plan, I'm getting one now to avoid shortages, then wait for Mario. Until then, it's just a console with games I already own or can get cheaper elsewhere.
  13. He was also Michael, the wraith converted to human, later a hybrid, in Stargate Atlantis

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