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  1. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    I will give it a try and see if it helps thanks for the help
  2. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    Yes I’m leaving it on to download and auto off after 4 hours.
  3. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    Dont know if this has already been asked but here goes. My xbox one x was left on downloading a few games the other day and has a power turn off at 4 hours. When i came home the xbox light was flashing on and off but nothing on the screen. I pressed the power button but nothing happened, i had to keep the power button pressed to do a reboot. The xbox then worked after that. The day after again i left my xbox on downloading a few games and when i came home from work the xbox was off as it turns off after 4 hours. I pressed the power button but nothing happened. I hat to unplug the power from the wall and then plugged it back in. It worked fine after i did that but im a bit worried its a faulty xbox one x. I only had it swapped by argos last week so this is my second console. The first kept having black screens and turned off. Is this nothing to worry about of does it sound faulty cheers
  4. Jonnycash

    Far Cry 5

    Whats the frame rate like on the xbox one x cheers
  5. Jonnycash

    Lost Sphear (PS4/PC/Switch)

    I bought it for £33 with free 1st class post brand new from https://www.gamespier.com/apps/search?q=Lost+sphear but it’s sold out now
  6. Jonnycash

    Lost Sphear (PS4/PC/Switch)

    Haha that’s sale tactics right there
  7. Jonnycash

    Lost Sphear (PS4/PC/Switch)

    It sold on eBay last night sorry
  8. Jonnycash

    Lost Sphear (PS4/PC/Switch)

    Lost 4 hours of my life
  9. Jonnycash

    Lost Sphear (PS4/PC/Switch)

    Played this today on the switch and can say from my 4 hours it’s pretty boring and very simple. The combat just feels dead and moving the characters around the map is boring. The actual atmosphere it creates is also dead. They could have made this a much better looking and more entertaining game surly. Don’t think I will bother playing it again as from what I have seen it seems boring.
  10. Jonnycash

    Monster Hunter: World

  11. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    Swapped the Xbox today and everything seems fine must have been a fault with the x
  12. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    Ye I swapped hdmi cables and still black screened
  13. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    So today my Xbox has been playing up. I have been playing as normal and all of a sudden the screen goes black then back to the game. This happens every 2-3 mins. The screen stays black for around 5 seconds. Is this a fault with them? It’s been fine for the last two hours but was playing up for a few hours this afternoon . Its not the Scorpio edition
  14. Jonnycash

    Call of Duty WWII

    So I didn’t play the beta and got this today. Why the hell is it so fast it’s like everyone in ww2 is on speed. If they slowed it down it would be much better.
  15. Jonnycash

    Xbox One X

    Can’t make my mind up either. I like my Xbox s and think for £200 it’s well worth it’s money. I have a 4K tv but play some games in 1080p. I want to buy the x and go wow battlefield 1 looks much much better and the frames are perfect, same goes with pro evolution I want to see it looking much sharper. I’m looking at selling my 1tb s for around £150 so it’s a £300 pound upgrade for me but really worried it’s not going to be worth it.

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