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  1. 14 escapes now. This combination of Malphon's attack rate with Support Fire, Lightning Strike & Splitting Bolt meant each single punch was dishing out a crazy amount of damage, projectiles everywhere. I'm getting much better at avoiding boss attacks now, the final boss barely touched me this time around.
  2. Well done! I hope it's the first of many. I finally managed to escape with the bow today, after taking it to the final boss a couple of times. That means I've got out with all the weapons now. I spent the reward for that achivement far too quickly...
  3. I've escaped three times now, with the sword, shield, and rail. Struggling with the bow at the moment, it's the only weapon I haven't cleared the third region with. I just don't seem to be able to match the damage output of the other weapons with it. Any bow tips? I have been using the second aspect recently, but I don't feel like I've put enough blood into it for its homing ability to out-damage regular attacks.
  4. It's looking like a massively wasted opportunity. Imagine a Pokemon world the size of BotW's Hyrule, traversable by foot, bike, or bubble car. Pokemon all over the place. Day/night cycle, dynamic weather. Trees with berries on. Caves. Lakes. No direction, just "go take great pictures of pokemon". HOW HARD CAN IT BE, NINTENDO?!
  5. Despite being games all about delving into their lore and history, there isn't really a huge amount of narrative that you'd be missing out on if you decided to start with 2. The sequel is set after the events of the first game, but aside from having experience with the old-fashioned platforming physics, playing 1 first won't convey a lot of advantages. Personally I'd recommend starting with 1. The gameplay experiences are quite similar, and 2 doesn't introduce much in the way of new mechanics, but the sequel does branch out in crazy ways much earlier than the first game does, which
  6. Don't be ashamed if you need to look up a walkthrough if you're struggling. It's a game that's designed to make you feel like Indiana Jones, whipping bats and solving ancient riddles, but it's not your average metroidvania. Progress is gated not just by having the skill to beat bosses, and access to the right items, but also by solving a series of fairly obtuse puzzles. You'll need to read the information on tablets with your scanner to piece together the answers. Generally, for each area you'll have to have found your way into the boss room, and discovered the ankh jewel required
  7. Netflix is rapidly turning into a Korean channel for me and that's okay.
  8. @mogawoods!!! I missed your accomplishment because I was taking a break from the forum at the time, but well done! That final boss, eh? I also missed out on that limited edition annoucement, so that's just been purchased even though I bought La-Mulana 2 in a sale just last week. Love your note-taking. I've re-started 2 on the Switch, and have been copying my own old notes into a fancier 'grail diary': Yours are a lot more complete than mine, but I'd previously gone much further on the PC, before my save was crippled by a progress-blocking bug O
  9. I put the final episode on last night but could barely muster my attention away from my phone, and every time I looked up I was made to regret it. As the credits rolled I found myself not caring to ever fill in the gaps, I don't think I'll ever be re-watching any of this. I'm done now, I can't even bring myself to hate-watch Discovery. I won't be coming back for season four.
  10. I escaped! The shield's Charged Shot is ridiculous. With good positioning it makes you pracitically invulnerable, as the only time you're not blocking all attacks from the front, you're dishing out damage. I was only losing health in the end from being far too greedy and forgetting to keep my distance. Combined with Trippy Shot, which held enemies where I wanted them, this attempt took me beyond my previous best of the 3rd region boss, and carried me all the way to the end.
  11. I'm just over that hump, and can now beat Meg more often than not. I find her much, much easier with ranged weapons, as they give you more time to react to her attack windups. With short range weapons, I find dashing in for a few hits immediately after she finishes an attack, then dashing away works well. I don't know the mechanics well enough yet to be able to tell you if you get the damage bonus from having a cast crystal on bosses, but it's a reliable way to increase your damage output otherwise. Dionysus (God of wine) has an absolutely ridiculous cast boon, which I
  12. It has strong nationalistic and fascist themes. It's hardly Mein Kampf, but it's not difficult to draw some uncomfortable parallels with real life, if you know anything about Japanese imperial history. FWIW, I don't think it's going to radicalise anyone.
  13. I bought Hades in the end. £9 seemed like a good deal.
  14. Anachrony finally completed its long journey yesterday. The packing box was huge, the wife had a hard time believing that this was 'just an expansion': The original box was pretty big already, the new one is twice the size. Together they can eclipse a small child: This week's job is to sort all the content from the two boxes into the fancy new trays. I can't be the only one who appreciates a good storage solution?
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