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  1. I remember having 5 players for a team on marquee matchup last year and all Insta sold for 10k. It works out well over the year if you spend the time in the first week or 2.
  2. Bronze pack tends to work best at the beginning of the game as people will be buying for beginner sbcs and early marquee matchup. Sell the players who sell and keep the ones who don't. You then have the option of keeping or selling the fitness items. If you play a lot keep them as you'll need them but it'll pull down your overall return from the packs. Then sell on the players that come up in sbcs in the future as when required.
  3. I saved 3 Lincoln city players from bronze pack method. 20k my way. Good stuff.
  4. I'm up to 7 and 4 which isn't too bad. Lost a game I shouldn't but 2 were deserved losses. One was a player with 4 prime icons. I reckon his team was worth near 10 million coins as it had bale and Marcelo and stuff as well.
  5. Started 4 and 1. I've been lucky to win 2 of those though so I feel there will be some games that the opposition will squeak me as the luck will be against me.
  6. I'm going to try weekend league this week as I have a few hours spare.
  7. Keepers are a mystery. Kepa is the best keeper I have used :). Naylor navas being the worst. With asensio a close second.
  8. I've 3 untradeable totw but I'll just keep them for futmas I think.
  9. What are you planning to put in the icon sbc? I only ask as prime overmars is 600k odd and I think the icon sbc is substantially more than that.
  10. I sold up most of my stuff pre scream as it looks like a bit of a decline on the way some players. Firming, cost a, if talisca had all been trending down. Will buy back who i liked after the scream pack openings are done.
  11. Bit of a let down. Packed 90 rated kroos in one of the 2 player upgrade packs when I was a bit bored. He is literally un playable in the game for a 90 rated player. He doesn't pass tackle or contribute to any game in any way.
  12. I've got the paulinho talisca if combo in my midfield as well.
  13. I thought promotion was based on skill points? Not on your rank in the division. I've been rank 2 all 3 times so far.
  14. The icon sbc is a chuckle. 880k odd futbin is saying. You could buy them with coins for that.
  15. Has anyone used aguero? I've about 500k and I'm not loving Gabriel Jesus. Anyone any other suggestions? Lacazette I felt missed a decent chunk of chances but Jesus does as well. Aguero finishing attracts me if actually is reliable in one on one's.
  16. I've came across some mad teams the last few games and that's in div 5. Each one must have been million coin plus teams. Mbappe, if lacazette, Ronaldo, gattuso etc I'm about 1400-1500 skill points. That seems mental for div 5.
  17. I went loan as well. Its like 5k.
  18. Personally I'd sell investments now. The price is just too high to actively affect the market to a great deal. How many people will have the 1 mil plus required to sink into this?
  19. Hulk is 84 rated and every stat is better than 88 icardi? Play hulk up front and put talisca behind.
  20. I'm finding a decent prem bias. I switched to a prem team 3 days ago of a lower rating than the bundesliga one but it's performing far better. I think I'm undefeated in 7 games. Lacazette is a beast as is Alli. Rudiger is also surprisingly good for like 2k with a shadow chem style on him already. I switch zaha and martial as zaha is a great winger with artist chem style on him.
  21. Good la liga goalkeeper? I had asensio but he seemed terrible. I won my last game against a poor player 5 - 4 but asensio made zero saves. Zero. Other games i felt he didnt come out and didnt catch the ball. Is navas any good?
  22. I took 44k coins. PACKS might not be too bad just now because any rare is 1.2k and non.rare 800 coins. A couple of decent cards would see you break even.
  23. That's the thing I'm sure people have been fine so the one's that get problems are all getting the shit end of the stick. Feels bad. I had one game last night where which the keeper twice did that run out and bump in the ball but not pick it up. Opponent scored both times, Lost 3 to 2. Proper infuriating.
  24. Yep about 12 game in the last 2 nights. 6 had bugs.

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