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  1. You sure there is a go fast button on sonic 1? I don't remember it until at least 2 or 3.
  2. I may have to resort to emulation as I've watched 2 copies of this on the mega drive go for over 15 quid on eBay. But more than I was looking to pay just to have a quick play of it.
  3. The last 2 games have been sega? Maybe think more Nintendo/ Playstation?
  4. What is this available on in its original version? I.e. do I need a mega drive or a maatersystem? I had toyed with picking up a MD. Is that my best option?
  5. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    Tbh I just gave up with the objectives. I played one game with the Dutch league players and trying to force assists to league one players and it was everything I hate about FIFA, players not moving, no runs, missed everything. Gave up as I'm not going to play and already frustrating in a manner that I hate. A tots player only save me about 40k anyway.
  6. tenrou

    FUT Swap May

    Yeah online seasons is fine. Only the futswap Dutch needs rivals
  7. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    It's a funny game this. I was promoted up to div 3 and of the dozen or so games I've played I have won more than I lost so it's probably about my lever however it takes far longer to find games and some then have atrocious lag as the match making is getting laxer. I can see why people just relegate themselves to 5/6 as at least you can play a game that feels somewhat responsive. Also I bought birthday bale as his stats looked great but I just couldn't get him working. Bit of a shame for 1.3 mil.
  8. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    I have flashback Ibra in the team on 8 chem and he is a beast but not sure 2 ibras upfront would be ideal. Ibra is 5 star 4 star as well. I'm in no rush so I'll have a think.
  9. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    Loan is expired I think it I would have done.
  10. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    How is mprime van basten? I have the players in my club to complete him untradeable and I threw sol Campbell into his icon section a while ago as sol Campbell was the worst player I had used all FIFA. I'm not sure I should do it as I don't want another sol Campbell player I don't want to use.
  11. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    I'm not the best player in the world so that will contribute but I had a game where he didn't score in 10 shots on goal. All I could do was have chuckle.
  12. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    Genuine question. Anyone here who used CR7 think he is a total letdown? I've bought and sold him twice as everyone raves about him but although he gets into great positions he misses loads for me. Griezmann on the other hand is clinical as anything. He averages more than a goal a game. Just rng? Griezmann even wins more headers from goal kicks than ronaldo. Tbh I could put Henry in the same bracket. Fantastic positioning but just not as clinical as I would expect within 18 yards. I'd say it was me if griezmann didn't bury everything.
  13. I played this on the mega drive collection on the PS3 last night. Tbh I recon I enjoyed playing this way more than most of the newer games I have played recently. I burned through credits but it was simple, engaging and was done in about an hour. I'd take a lot more of this over newer games.
  14. tenrou

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    I feel a lot of the film's in here aren't the worst films people have ever seen. At least they have decent production values and most hade some attempt at delivering a visual experience. Mine would be going overboard with Adam Sandler. It's not funny, they can't act and it has no idea what it's doing. It's like a 12 year olds film with the budget of the 12 year olds birthday party and I have plenty of time for Adam Sandler.
  15. Aye, you get more used to it you can move away. I tried to stick with my team, not always being much use though.
  16. I played my first 5 or 6 games of this and it's pretty unforgiving as a beginner as if you don't know how to get weapons you get mowed down immediately if you drop into a high tier loot area. Which you inevitably do as you have no idea where you are going and just follow the rest. Also as a solo player on public no one plays as a team or its kids that go afk or sit outside the circle. It's got a steep curve this game.
  17. tenrou

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    It's not so much an adapter as a cable splitter I believe. Dell sold a lot of these so likely other box shifters did as well. It'll split into dual DVI /VGA based on what cable is attached.
  18. I'll try installing tonight. Suspect I'll be pretty terrible
  19. What's everyone playing this on? PC or PS4?
  20. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    I would say if you enjoy it keep playing by all means but after finally having broke mine as well(I think) it pains me how little I enjoyed some aspects recently. I feel like at least in FIFA 17 I enjoyed the game but not in 19.
  21. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    This is proper xzibit.jpg
  22. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    I took the game off because I just don't understand it. I got beat 4 -1 I think it was where standard gold belotti scored 3 25 yard finesses against me. Not timed, just finesse shots. He's got sub 70 long shots. But flashback Ibra missed like a half dozen green timed ones. They just kept going past the post. I thought I was going to lose it but then I just deleted the game. I'm kind of sad as I want to like the game as UT is the best example of creating your own team from the best players but it's just not fun to play with them but I just couldn't go on not enjoying the game. I think I'll try some rocket league. I get hammered there all the time but at least I can see I deserved it.
  23. tenrou

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Oh superman is great cause it's nuts. As a pure 1 hit wonder ganstas paradise has to be up there. Felt like that song was around for years. Not sure its a great song mind.
  24. tenrou

    Ultimate Team

    I did Keane to try him out before he went towards rivaldo as it was 630k on him or 610k on straight buying an icon. The sbc came with packs although I got nowt. Keane isnt brilliant tbh. He played like fabinho to me. Not particularly quick and hopeless if he goes forwards. Rivaldo I do like. He's big up front and finishes everything which you'd expect. Players like rivaldo are harder to come by for decent money but I felt Keane had plenty of cheaper alternatives. Rivaldo feels like aubameyang if he could finish but his weak foot can be a nuisance occasionally.
  25. I've been impressed with PS3 rebug. I got a couple of games via the PlayStation store thing and impressed me how quickly it worked. I also copied over a couple of PS1 games that I had but they got ripped as bin and cue and it seems to like that less because if there are multiple tracks although they work fine it shows multiple games. In general it's just replaced quite a few other systems I had under the TV which is nice. Not sure what to do with my old PS2 and PS1 though. Think they're worth peanuts now.

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