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  1. I think there's many factors at play. I don't think anyone here would say they haven't experienced bad delay here. It's a case of how much things bother you. The passing AI and game delay REALLY bother me but for example my brother just switches the game of and forgets about it.
  2. I'm with gooner on this. Last year was an interesting one because I wanted to play bit hated the mechanics of the game. I don't know if it's because I felt really burned by 19 but in 20 the servers have just been terrible to the point that I just traded the game in, I just kind of didn't care and didn't try and play. The ultimate scream promo has had some good SBCs to keep people going and I appreciate that but it was a bit damp squib before that and I've really just given up tbh. It's a shame there just isn't a realist competitor to fifa yet. I guess the license cost for getting involved would just put everyone off.
  3. I dunno, I was initially liking FIFA 20 but the servers have been on a steady decline and the delay right now is just ridiculous to the point that there is more than a seconds delay on any button press. I also think it's straight lacking content. Maybe it's because a lot of people, including me jumped on early access but otw felt a bit non starter and those end of season players already look like they wouldn't fit most teams so I'm not sure what we're working towards. Last year I just straight hated the gameplay which is why I didn't play it as much. This year it's more like EA just can't get their management right around what to me at least I think is a better game.
  4. I'd still be happy with a gold one
  5. Saying that I went 3 games where pukki hit the post 7 times in those games so it's quite possibly me. In an effort to combat that I have just rinsed the club and bought Salah. I have 980 coins left.
  6. He costs like 10k even if you just quick sell the packs. Everyone should do him. I bought Werner as an alternative and he had 12 shots on target and zero goals in 2 games. He just kept blasting it straight at the keeper. Is that realistic for Werner?
  7. The more I play the more I'm liking and disliking some parts. The passing feels a bit off. The player selection on passing is iffy at best. If that's a reflection of passing stat I mind it less but I'm not sure it is. It's good going forward and pushing players up is a risk Vs reward scenario. I feel like if it's going to be full manual defending the player selection needs to be better. It can be difficult to actually get the defender you want to track a run. The menu system is horrendous.
  8. I've sold out of most stuff as it drops. I've got 260k just now. Will wait and see who goes where in prices. Those sound like some fine packs
  9. I've spent 3.99 on a month of EA access but nothing else.
  10. Traded a few more players and I've gone similar to ryanski but I went Spain for strikers as they had better pace. Got Saint maximin and Bruno fernandes on the bench who I will likely sell if their price changes massively.
  11. Traded up a bit and played an hour of early access. Got this team Maybe it's cause I hated 19 so much but am preferring 2 by quite a bit.
  12. I've played a few more games and the netcode is all over the shop. I've had both great and laggy games. The spawning also needs sorted out as half the time you're getting dropped in no man's land.
  13. First game was a disaster. Was sprinting and trying to slide etc. But that's just not what you do here. Second game slowed it down, back to check your corners and avoid open spaces. Got 3:1 kill to death so it feels like proper old COD which is good for me.
  14. What's everyone's gamertag on this as it would be good to try it out with some other rllmuk players. Going to play some this evening.
  15. Booksmart. 3 out of 5 It's good but not amazing. I feel it retreads on other ideas a lot, but likeable characters carry it through. I suppose it hard to find new ideas for teen movies when they come out every few years.
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