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  1. He's very similar to inform ollie watkins who is like 13k. It's way too expensive
  2. I found 442 tough but 4222 or 4231 to be effective. Pace seems decent in the placement matches but once you've 100k and every team you face is militao and carlos or similar as cbs you're right back in fifa 20.
  3. I've tried a few but the more I play this it just feels like fifa 20 again. Defending isn't easy but I feel it isn't easy because it's just been made badly. A defender will not track anything at all. They just stand there until you take control. I don't mind no auto blocking or tackling but they have to at least track a run.
  4. I'd say Juventus are the most precarious of the 3 you mentioned. Napoli and inter are both good sides, who would at least run them close. I'd say Bayern second. Although they are a better team than PSG in my opinion Dortmund would offer more competition than any team in the French league to PSG. Dutch league could be interesting as well as Ajax although flush have sold pretty much all their assets now.
  5. I don't think klopp has any plans for shaquiri so we'll be looking for suitors for him but it'll depend on if he wants to leave and to where. Origi I like for his crucial goals but he just doesn't perform at a high level regularly enough to look like actually breaking into the team. He's a squad sub and if he accepts that he would probably be a useful player as well as it'll be a condensed 60 odd games this year and with at least 2 big international tournament the end of next year could well be a busy 2 years. There will likely need to be extra squad depth over the next 18 months
  6. Jota is a smart purchase I think. It'll be a structured deal for a proven premier League player who is still only 23 and one who has played with wolves in Europe. Watford weren't going to take a loss on Sarr. Another centre back wouldn't go a miss now though as ki Jann hoever was one of the few CB cover options we had. I can only imagine that deals to move on players like Grujic and Wilson will be in place in the next week or so.
  7. I wouldn't agree with the Keita has been good part but that's why I'd sell home on as I don't see him with a place in the first 11 with thiago there. Time will tell how that one works out though.
  8. Tbh if someone is to go I'd rather we tried to sell on Keita and keep wijnaldum. Keita just hasn't done anything at all in the time he's been here. He always looks just a yard or 2 behind the game. If we didn't need the money it wouldn't matter so much, just keep him to see if he works out but he's a rigid centre midfield so can't even fit in like Ox or Milner in other positions and there are now multiple better options for his position. Brewster I worry about selling because he's club home grown and we'll need those more and more, plus up front is an area we lack real striker d
  9. Well I'm ps4 r0d1mus_ if anyone wants to play and I'll reinstall it.
  10. If there are people on regularly that want to squad up I'd reinstall this as I do like the game. I just couldn't stand solo playing because the sheer volume of grief you get solo isn't worth it. There is a Reddit post of a guy who solo plays for 50 games and it's not great reading, my season 6 experience mirrors that.
  11. As terrible as the film may turn out to be I liked that trailer.
  12. It's free on ps now which is how I was playing. It don't feel as bad giving up on it.
  13. I've been trying but I'm just not a fan of this game. There's things in here that I just don't think game developers should do any more. No map markers, no difficulty levels. I feel some ideas could be great but it's just a worse package than the sum of its parts should be.
  14. How is the doom 64 port on the switch? I had doom 64 on the N64 and it was unplayable dark and the controls were terrible. It is however the only doom I havent played through.
  15. Dunno, I think it's hard to give anything with at least some form of production value a 1. I could hear what they were saying. It felt like a film. For that I couldn't give it a 1.
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