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  1. I've noticed a good chunk of 4k hdr content which is good because everywhere else either has very little content (amazon) or charges through the nose (netflix). A good start.
  2. I had to come into the thread to see what other people were saying as i don't think i can finish this film. I don't even care to skip to the end. There are just so many wrong things with this film. The script is so poor, it says lots of things that just don't need said, it's so unconvincing. The CGI and action are also very unconvincing, why whenever Gadot jumps does she do this deer like bambi leg sticking out thing? Also why when she's running she never looks connected to the world at all. I'm a little taken a back by how bad this is
  3. This year is pretty much a write off. It's frustrating but might be better off trying to rotate in players? Give Origi a run of games see if it kick starts him, if not he's out etc? I have to say I can't remember a side having quite the injury problems liverpool have had this year. Most teams have a settled 18 that are likely to be starters and bench for the majority of games. You'll have injuries here and there. Liverpool have had half that 18 injured at various points this season. That's hard to manage for any team.
  4. Is it my connection or are the servers just awful at the moment? I played a few games from Thursday to yesterday in div rivals and the connection monitor thing was like a disco. That's not even in champs. I tried connecting to the router and still the same.
  5. I went to sign up for this. Put in a username and password. Then I downloaded the game. Put in my details to start and it wouldn't login. For some reason on sign up there is no password character limit but on sign in there is and in the guide it says 6-15 character password. Why not limit the box at the start? And 15 character passwords are nothing nowadays. This would really concern me about giving them any of my data.
  6. This game gets worse every time I play it. Ransoms were bad before but now 1 out of 2 games is a pair in trios, someone solo drops or is afk. Anything but a decent trio and you're done as the majority you'll play against are teamed. There's a good game here but because it's now been overtaken by other games they seem to have no idea how to keep the non engrained player base.
  7. It's is a zero. I know that bit at least
  8. R0d1mus_ for psn I think. I'm not sure if it has the underscore on psn or pc
  9. I'd be far more likely to play clubs than ultimate team so I'd be game.
  10. Bad boys for life I liked this way more than I thought I was going to. It's still not amazing but given the time between this and 2 will smith holds up fairly well as the bad cop and lawrence in advancing years as the reformed good cop. There are enough cheesy gags and the hangers on cast play their part. The action does lack punch in a few places and hudgens is not convincing when the shooting starts but it's not a bad 2 hours. I also noticed some of the cgi for the gun fights literally looked like someone had stuck gunfire.gif all over the screen, looked like the budget had b
  11. Soul - 3/5. It's not a bad film but I didn't like the middle and I felt the ending lacked punch and heart. It's by no means a bad film but it's not my film. Onwards - Not quite a 5/5 but a high 4/5. I liked the premise and had genuine chuckles in a lot of places where as I don't remember a single laugh in soul at all. Not a 5 out of 5 because the characters start out too stereotyped. I think that's planned because of the setting but it didn't sit right with me.
  12. I had a look at this thread a few days ago and saw a lot of praise and after watching it I was questioning if it was just me that didn't really like it. Interesting that the more recent responses are not quite as positive. I liked the first half but it felt it petered out really quickly. The cat bit in particular was drawn out and lacked punch at the end. Not their best in my opinion.
  13. Off the back of this threads recommendation the kid detective. It was a really good film with some well done unexpected moments. Solid 4/5
  14. Just watched this and tbh i didn't think too much off it. I do feel however you need to let people make films like this just so you can push ideas along. This is crying out for someone to take the idea and make a properly fleshed out film. Tenet is however a film of a few pretty poor tbh set pieces that doesn't tell you bits of information it absolutely should to make nolan feel like he's in on a big joke that is only his. He believes his own hype.
  15. I thought that was really good. Watched ep 7 and 8 together and as has been said all throughout the thread felt like proper starwars. Good on peyton reed for his direction in the last episode but I think it's faverau and filoni that have been setting out the trajectory and it's been excellent.
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