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  1. Apologies if this has been asked/answered before but are gold nuggets unduly rare? I seem to have a thought they are but at the same time have found three...
  2. Anyone on with apples in abundance? (Think that’s the last fruit I need).... thanks for the various friend requests....
  3. Closing up now but given my recent arrival of our long awaited baby I will be playing this at all hours. Feel free to add me and I’m sure the current sparse Toon will get better and more interesting.... company would be appreciated during the night feeds SW-7734-2256-2218
  4. Toon is open. Not much going on but visitors welcome. I may be afk. Watch my flowers please and any donations of fruit would be most welcome... MX9TB
  5. Popped across for a look and nabbed a piece of fruit. Thank you - off out now but will open up later if anyone wants to come to Toon. It’s young and developing but shows some promise....
  6. This is exciting. Must have sunk literally thousands of hours on the GC and DC. Is it TBC for switch? Lack of clarity could make me buy an Xbox for this. I love this game some much....
  7. Evening just downloaded the demo on a whim and chanced on this thread. It sounds a little like Phantasy Star Online from some of the posts here? I quite fancy a time sink like that again....
  8. Just wondering, and sorry if this has been posted and answered several times, but what memory cards are recommended for use on the switch? Need to expand my storage and would rather have some first hand use opinions.... thank you
  9. Just jumped online with my trusty Bowser to be schooled in the 2nd round by a shot curling Boo. I would cry cheat but I think it was just my poor technique playing the ‘simple’ mode. Not a jot of network problems either.
  10. Any advice..... I must be doing something wrong. Got up to the boss level on world 1 and it won’t unlock. I’ve unlocked and beat the three warp zones and got a fair few bandages... Am I doing something stupid? Switch version FYI...
  11. Agreed! I honestly grab the switch to bag one or maybe two moons a night. It’s like 10 minutes of gaming perfection. I’m at 600 odd and don’t want it to end. Ever.
  12. I was wondering this today as well....
  13. Not pointless. Different opinion. I disagree. You disagree with me. Switch is a revolution to me and the games I’ve played - mario, zelda, are generation defining moments. We won’t agree. That’s ok. I do feel a little sad for you. I smile every time I play them and it’s worth so much more than the outlay. I’m so happy to have that as life is so harsh and awful. Peace
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