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  1. Well some would call it theft....or poaching at the very least
  2. Not the highest price ever, but Nooks are paying 485 for turnips if anyone here has delved this week.
  3. I noticed your....notice! I can't believe I have actually been bothering to fish the last few days and caught nothing new! Are you related to @Meatballby any chance
  4. I love it! It feels like it has proper micro switches under it rather than squishy rubber shapes.
  5. Thanks Never found a single villager wandering around it though I wish you could designate simple flags to areas that you create. Just small things like "night time gathering area" - "play area" that kind of thing. Just something that encourages them to actually walk around more.
  6. No idea what happened there? I completely forgot I'd left it switched on to be honest so didn't try to re-connect it or anything. Strange. edit: Just checked the comments in the game. Apologies about the time in the game. First thing I did yesterday morning was check everything had changed time automatically. I checked the Switch itself as you had to change it manually on the 3DS. I saw it was correct and didn't even think about then checking in the game itself! I forgot to mention those flower bed thingies! Thankfully it was something you could buy as many as you want of
  7. I've just opened my gates for the night ready for the meteor shower. I'm afk catching up on the Moto G.P races, but help yourself to anything in Nooks etc
  8. Got a heavy meteor shower tonight. I'll post back here around 6pm ish to remind you all and I'll of course leave my island open all night for you
  9. Had the whoopee cushions available today. No idea if they come in a variety of colours? Mine were red so I sent them out to the usual suspects
  10. Anybody in Manchester looking for one? Just perusing the Argos website and they had one for collection only on Monday at my local store (Fallowfield). I have ordered it on my Argos card, so can easily cancel if it's of no use to anyone. edit: gone
  11. Yakuza 6 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/yakuza-6-the-song-of-life/9nk3zfc5r579?source=lp&activetab=pivot:overviewtab Octopath Traveler https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/octopath-traveler/9n9606cc950j?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  12. Yeah, they created a gorgeous version of London, but somehow made an incredibly boring game wrapped around it. It just isn't very interesting to explore and the missions are far too samey.
  13. I met @Meatballin real life yesterday! I really did. I thought he was late at first, but when I looked out of the window he was in my garden arranging all the flowers in order of type and colour (that last bit might be a lie) He's a lovely chap and after seeing him I still can't work out how the hell he drives so fast in Forza!!
  14. I see this only came out on Xbox a couple of weeks or so ago. Anyone pick it up? I wondered if it had seen any improvements at all. Plus the fact it's only £26 at the moment.
  15. I came here to post the same thing. I'm assuming the app is just automatically showing the 6 months that come with the Xbox headset and that it doesn't screw up once the 6 months is up.
  16. The spare Series X I had has now gone to another forumite. Welcome to the family
  17. Didn't realise you could adjust the EQ in the Atmos app. Good stuff!
  18. Thank you He was a bit of a terror as a kid. One time at school when he was about 7 or 8, he phoned child services claiming his mum and teachers were beating him It was nonsense of course. But then his two sisters were chosen to win scholarships to go to a boarding school together and I think it made him feel a bit forgotten.
  19. No problem at all. It is from Amazon if that is worth anything to you. But completely understand.
  20. I've got one here if you want it. Full disclosure. This was bought launch day as a present for my grandson for Christmas as his sisters were off to boarding school and he was home alone and I felt bad for him. However he started to be a right little arse at home and his mum banned him from having it or using his computer. I hung on to it until it was his birthday late February, but he continues to be a little sod (he's 14 so at "that" age) Still no joy as he ran away from home to live with his dad. So I sat with it here but he hasn't got his act together. So I'm selling it. But.....Microsoft don't register your warranty until you take it online. It's still in it's box, hasn't been touched in anyway. It's yours if you want it? Edit...just to be clear, it's a series X @JPL Can vouch for me as he bought a spare one off me. I did tell him I had bought one for my grandson at the time, but he might not remember that as he was keen to have a smoke
  21. Are you anywhere near Manchester?
  22. All updated now. I'm away for the next hour or so but can just leave my Switch on for the rest of the morning and afternoon now.
  23. @Indy @ S.E.If you still want something from Redd it will be a few minutes. Game has told me I need to update before I can go online.
  24. Sure I'll open up now. I'm right in the middle of something so will be afk. Don't forget my patented fast travel system. Just hop in the pipe to the left as you leave the airport and it will take you straight to Redd's No problem if Sweatytravolta has something you'd prefer
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