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  1. I couldn't afford the ZX80 at the time, so saved up my money to eventually buy the ZX81. But I remember a couple of lads in school getting the ZX80 after it was advertised on the back of cornflakes or something like that?
  2. I'm 56 (but will hit 57 on July 4th) and have been gaming since I bought a ZX81 way back when. I remember wanting the 16k expansion for it (16k on a separate expansion pack! ) but couldn't afford it. One day my younger brother turns up with one for me. It had PWHS melted into the side of it. Turns out he had stolen it from our school for me (Parrs Wood High School)! Been gaming ever since and owned pretty much every machine going except for a Commodore 64 and an Amiga (I was strictly an Atari guy by then) One of my favourite old consoles was the Fairchild Channel F, which I never really see being talked about at all. Probably because it sold terribly. But I really liked the joystick that came with it and because it wasn't popular, the local Comet sold off the games for peanuts. I own all the main consoles at the moment, always buying them day one where I can. I had a motorcycle accident a few years ago which left my left hand weak and with poor flexibility. So when I think of getting older and maybe arthritis setting in, it genuinely worries me that I won't be able to carry on playing videogames. In all my years gaming, I was also the only one in my family ever properly invested in it. My younger brother went through a period of stealing money off my grandparents as he was completely addicted to Space Invaders at a local arcade. He was a demon at it to be honest. But he got caught stealing and it put an end to his interest in games. Thankfully my grandson is now at an age where he is a keen gamer. Though like most kids his age (14) he mainly focuses on Fortnite. Though he does have a proper steering wheel/pedal setup for racing games. That's about it really. I love gaming and to be honest, when I'm in pain which happens a lot, it's a wonderful way to escape to another world and forget everything for a few hours.
  3. Yeah they have directional mics built in to the ear cups. I did post a guys review in the Next Gen Headphone thread. They do also work on the PS5 and PC apparently. I've actually pre-ordered the light grey ones
  4. Redd's in town again with some art for your delectation. Academic Painting - Fake Scary Painting - Fake Solemn Painting - Real Moody Painting - Real I'm AFK but will keep an eye here and open up if anyone needs me to
  5. BT have just been sending emails out for people who registered interest. They were sending unique codes for each person. Check your inbox if you are with BT!
  6. An oldie but a goldie! These guys are smooth. Some fantastic musicianship on display. Though I really don't think that altered Old Grey Whistle Test sign in the background would go down well these days! I'd love to know if it was the bands idea or the BBC thinking they were being clever/amusing
  7. I see Jack Miller has undergone surgery for arm pump after the last race. Bit of a setback but hopefully it doesn't keep him away for long - if at all. It says it was a minor procedure, but I'm sure in the past, riders who have had the surgery and come back pretty quickly have not performed that well due to the pain?
  8. What is that above that you were queuing up for?
  9. My all time favourite live performance is Zeppelins Dazed and Confused from The Song Remains The Same (Page is just a god to me ), but at over 30 minutes I feel it's a bit long to post here. So here are three live performances that really get my engine running And the greatest frontman/vocalist ever
  10. I know we are only a couple of races in, but I really wanted to see Nakagami and Marquez continuing how they finished last season. I'm also slightly gutted for Jack Miller at the moment as well. I thought he'd be the dominant Ducati for sure. As for Rossi......honestly, if I were him I'd consider hanging up my leathers. Seeing him spend most of the race almost plum last is just not the way he should be ending his career. It must be difficult when you love racing so much, but age catches up with even the greats like him sadly.
  11. I hope that's the case. I emailed support about this same issue and they have just emailed me back, after me explaining carefully what the problem is, only for them to ask me to "send a screenshot showing the completed punch card" to prove I had earnt the points
  12. This guy has reviewed the Bang and Olufsen headset. He admits he hasn't owned it long enough to really give deep impressions, but he seems to know his stuff and is honest enough to admit that if you are using them just for the Xbox your money is better spent elsewhere. Seems like he thinks they perform much better (relatively speaking) with music than gaming. They have some lovely features though - as well as some odd omissions - and I love how they sync up with the app. He gives an example of voice through the built in mics as well (no boom mic, just directional ones in the ear cups) It's a lengthy review at almost 25 minutes long.
  13. Yeah I bought AC Valhalla and no sign of those 5000 points here yet either.
  14. Sure no problem. I'm afk so will open up now and leave it open the rest of the afternoon. Don't forget the pipe outside the airport leads straight to Redd
  15. Redd's in town with the usual guff: Common Painting - Real Academic Painting - Fake Scenic Painting - Fake Warrior Statue - Fake
  16. Yeah one minor drawback with the Penrose, is that even though they come with a cable, they are powered so if the battery dies, cable or not, you need to recharge them. At least with these B+O's the black ones are released a month before any other colour, so plenty of time to check out reviews, and then cancel my order if need be.
  17. I've got the Audeze Penrose X's at the moment, which are really nice. Just fancied trying those B & O's out to see what they are like
  18. Ahhhhh, underneath that fish stealing, gym meddling facade beats a heart of gold
  19. Bugger, missed that Amiibo pack post yesterday and out of stock now edit: you know what? What the fuck is it with Nintendo and the shitty stunts they pull like this? They brag about how many millions Animal Crossing has sold, then release something like this, that must cost pennies to produce - and make tiny amounts of them and admit that not all pre-orders would be fulfilled. Then they'll bitch and moan when they are somehow pirated.
  20. I've pre-ordered a pair I wanted the light grey coloured ones though which means an extra months wait for some reason! I think I'll be parting with the Xbox headset. I do like them, but honestly the Penrose X's are just so much better (obviously, considering the price)
  21. Admittedly I have only played the intro up to before you set off to find something (I forget what) but I was disappointed with the performance on the Series X. The intro scene before the game starts is shockingly bad with screen tearing all over the place. Once in the game at the starting area I did notice some screen tearing and bizarrely, some kind of slowdown/lag going on when you go into the options menus.
  22. I've tried and tried to convince him to get gamepass and he just won't budge. He said he just wants to buy AAA games and said he isn't interested in the "cheaper games" (read: indie etc) on gamepass. He mainly plays on the PS4 though so he isn't exactly intelligent
  23. A friend of mine has been looking for a series S for a while now. He messaged me today to let me know he had finally received one. Then immediately asked me how to transfer his old disc based games on to it
  24. @MeatballOh look! All the other machines are switched off like they should be !!!
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