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  1. Sadly, they have made the item unavailable in the store for some reason.
  2. It's in various colours as well so check back every day
  3. I hope they do make it closer to WRC, as they also made V-Rally 4 and that is a massive pile of wank sadly.
  4. I thought I had that shelf in black but only got it in white and a sort of pale green colour? In other news it's my birthday today and they threw me a nice little party and K.K turned up to play me a song
  5. Yeah definitely have a dig here and online. You can improve them quite dramatically.
  6. I'm not sure how I feel about the "newbie" coming in here and making me look like a right chump. I'm fine at doing that all by myself thanks
  7. Well, it was new when it appeared a few days ago
  8. There's a new seasonal item available.
  9. Well sadly I have just had to start a return for my B&O Portal headset. I was getting lots of sound crackles, pops, split second sound dropouts, static. All very disappointing. With Bluetooth they work absolutely perfectly and sound amazing. And indeed sound amazing on the Xbox when they don't have interference. But for the money, it's unacceptable to have such issues. I have been looking online and it seems a fair few people are having the same problems, especially if using the Xbox wireless dongle to connect to a pc. In all instances, bluetooth works perfectly for those people. I did contact Bang and Olufsen and bizarrely, this was their response: Ken (Bang & Olufsen) Jul 1, 2021, 9:01 GMT+2 Dear Steve, Thank you for contacting Bang & Olufsen Support regarding your Beoplay Portal. We are sorry to learn that your device is producing some crackling sound, and we will be happy to help. According to your description, the issue is most likely related to Xbox protocol. "Xbox Wireless" is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft for connecting accessories to Xbox One consoles. Like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, Xbox Wireless enables controllers and select headsets to establish a direct wireless connection with the console, while avoiding the complexities that come with adapters or physical cabling. The frequency that this technology operates on can experience minor interference/noise that becomes more noticeable while using a wireless headset such as the BeoPlay Portal. If the issue does not occur via Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone, the above explained why you are experiencing some crackling sound and interference on the device when using with Xbox, and this has nothing to do with the position of your Xbox. I'd asked them if my Xbox being behind the TV might be causing problems, as I had had to buy a usb extension lead in order to get the Audeze Penrose X dongle to the front area of my TV to avoid some static and disconnects. But I've since temporarily moved my Xbox and the B&O problem persists. It's a real shame, but of the few people out there who have commented online, far too many of them have issues of one kind or another. Interesting how the B&O guy tries to blame the Xbox protocol, yet Microsofts own headset doesn't have this problem at all and is less than a quarter of the price. I will sit back and see what happens over the coming months. I would have initially requested a replacement, but the mist grey ones are out of stock until the end of August again now. I'm gutted because they sound amazing and are so comfortable to wear. I'll definitely dive in again if these problems are addressed. But as a few people were told to turn off wi-fi to help, then it might be a while. And frankly, asking people to turn off wi-fi when using a gaming headset is ludicrous!
  10. Loving them more and more every day (the Bang and Olufsen Xbox headset) - tried them with a few games now and although I've read a few reviews where they say they seem a little "flat" out of the box, I don't think that's fair. They just don't overpower you with bass like a lot of gaming headsets do. You get plenty of oomph but can still hear the details around you. I much prefer it that way. I like to dial my sound in, rather than dial the manufacturers default out. There is plenty of bass if you choose to ramp it up. But they offer a lovely rich sound straight out of the box (in my opinion of course) Couple of things I really appreciate: I've seen some complaints that you can't use bluetooth at the same time as they are paired to the Xbox. But I believe that has been done on purpose to keep the connection clean. My ears aren't what they once were, but so far they seem completely hiss free. My Audeze Penrose X's and Astro's both have a very very quiet hiss/background noise, when nothing else is playing through them. But these sound absolutely silent. I also like the touch volume control slider. It works really well and gives you very precise control, which I didn't think it would. The only niggle I had about the Audeze's is that the volume rotary control is notched, so you don't get a smooth increase/decrease in sound. There always seems to be a spot where you want that little spot in between that you can't hit. Not had a chance to try the microphones yet (it uses multiple built in mics which will obviously not be as good as an actual mic in front of your mouth) I can't believe they don't give you a case of any kind though, not even a cloth bag! Managed to get a really nice one off eBay though that fits them perfectly and colours matches nicely as well. Admittedly, it is difficult to justify the cost. If I could only ever have used the Penrose's, I would have been over the moon. But these are definitely a step up. I need to try some good quality classical music next. You can't beat classical for testing out headphones
  11. So these turned up today! First impressions are that they are bloody lovely Very very comfortable to wear. It's strange because they feel like they have a bit of weight to them, but you can't feel it once they are on. Not managed to try them out with much yet, but there is a definite.....I'm not quite sure how to explain it - I guess it's like, every sound is given equal billing. Nothing is over-emphasised. There isn't that focus on just blasting out bass, you can clearly hear every little detail in a game (this is in AC Valhalla and firstly going into a dense wooded area, then into a market square with lots of people milling about. It's nice being able to have the app there on my phone to quickly adjust anything if need be. The gesture controls are nice, but having an actual volume slider in the app is better. And you can quickly and easily try various equaliser settings and of course set your own as well and hear the changes in real-time. Something which would have been cool with the Audeze Penrose's that I have been using. These sound a clear step up from them, but probably (definitely) not an almost double the cost step-up. The app has been a bit ropey though in that it has lost connection with the headset a couple of times. This doesn't affect them while you are playing a game of course, but it's a bit sloppy on such an expensive product. I just need a good music source now, as apparently they sound very nice indeed when used for music playback.
  12. Microsoft have announced they are working with various partners to bring Xbox Series X/S monitors to market. So far they mention Philips, Asus and Acer. I'm not sure what any advantages they might have over something like an LG OLED other than smaller screen sizes? https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/06/22/introducing-new-designed-for-xbox-monitors/
  13. I'm new to all this Kpop milarky. But since watching so many Korean dramas during lockdown I have also had Arirang TV on in the background (Korean TV station on SKY) and there are a few shows featuring new Kpop artists, as well as established ones. This tune in particular has me dancing around the kitchen. What blows me away is the choreography the boy bands in particular do. I mean, a whole other level compared to western boy bands. I've recently become aware of BTS as well and their dancing is awesome. Anyway, this one is a new-ish group called Mirae:
  14. I can't believe they have shifted over 30 million copies of this and it still didn't warrant a single mention at E3?
  15. If you are on Windows 10 you are better off opening the Windows store and searching for design lab. Loads up the U.K version and is much snappier than using the website.
  16. This seems to be the only information: This special showcase, hosted by Gamertag Radio's, Parris Lilly, will feature behind the scenes details and up close and personal conversations with developers to dive deeper into their recent announcements. You'll hear from 343 Industries, World’s Edge, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, our talented partners from around the world, and more.
  17. Sorry if it has already been mentioned, but there is an extended showcase tomorrow at 6pm BST. Apparently more information on some of the games shown from 343 etc as well as a feature on Hellblade II
  18. Cheers @MrPogo By the way @Stevo I forgot to mention the other day, that there was really no need to leave me some money for the art you collected you know
  19. I've just opened up for you. In the middle of something so will be AFK. Not sure on what art I'm missing but will check another time Help yourself to anything in Nooks as there isn't anything in there I need. Have left the statue on the floor right outside the airport.
  20. One of my islanders has given me a Real Mystic Statue If anyone needs it for their museum let me know. Otherwise I'll stick it in my outdoor statue relaxation area
  21. Knowing Nintendo, they'd do that and then ruin it by saying it's all based on Wuhu island.
  22. Didn't see it mentioned, but they have said that Series X is 4K 30FPS and Series S is 1080P 30FPS with a 60FPS option for both consoles. Is the Xbox One version holding it back? I'm NOT complaining, just passing on the information
  23. I'd love it if they released a batshit crazy Steel Battalion style controller for the Xbox.
  24. Xbox's own channel on YouTube is running a separate 4K stream
  25. The easiest way is to check your shopping app. Any artwork you have already bought is listed there Though admittedly I'm always forgetting to check first!
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