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  1. I thought as much but I didn't actually think he did much game music anymore?
  2. Just wanted to add my praises. This game is fantastic. I described it to a freind as Final Fantasy Tactics meets Plok (because of the music). Who did the music by the way?
  3. Or secretly hunting down every "evil" importer before crushing them under the weight of the mighty and noble Nintendo company who always put gamers first?
  4. I've been playing this over the weekend and I think it's fantastic. I've seen some bloke called "cocophanus"? bleating on about god knows what - but as I don't know my arse from my elbow when it comes to Transformers, it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the game one bit. I love stomping around those huge levels blasting the crap out of nasty robots. Plus it looks gorgeous which is a bonus in my book. So, as a gamer who enjoys playing games - I give it the thumbs up. Not that that's any kind of guarantee of course. But hey edit: I only found the vehicle handling to be a problem on the first level, but that's because it's overgrown with trees. I'm sure if I popped off down to the woods today in my 3 series I'd have similar problems. They could have done with having a handbrake though to be honest. Oh and for the bloke below me, it's great fun ploughing into a bunch of decepticons and watching them fly.
  5. You forgot the rather lovely Sarah (freebie girl, mobile expert, roving reporter etc) she gets 8 G's. But more importantly they lost the gorgeous Lucy with her Frostrop-esque husky voice who scored a perfect 10 G's in my book.
  6. ^^^^ I think you missed the point of those comments entirely.
  7. Personally I think the A.I is pretty impressive. making mistakes, braking late, swerving to avoid crashes etc. My main problem with the Formula Fords (and it applies to the other open wheel vehicles) is that touching wheels doesn't make the car want to take off skywards - which in reality it should.
  8. Not one to normally agree with Edge when it comes to scores, but they got it bang on giving TOCA 2 an 8. It's fantastic. God knows why Games tm gave it 5. Can't wait to read the review and find out.
  9. Yes it still has a spine. It still insists on filling pages upon pages with challenges and the review scores of every old game. It just never seems to have the content of other mags. It's almost like they can't be arsed getting news and info, so sit thinking of silly things that aren't particularly funny. Having said that the End GC made me laugh out loud. It really is quite amusing. It's Shigeru Miyamoto holding his arms aloft saying "tonight ladies and gentleman, I give you...PONG!" against a huge backdrop of said game. Made me laugh anyway. edit: Oh, and another fucking tips book as a freebie. Obviously every single GC owner is a retard who can't play any game without help.
  10. I've persevered with Pink arse but still can't do it. I've read the FAQ's and tried my best. Hell, even the FAQ's warn of needing patience and the fight taking a while. But why? It's only a mid-game boss. I dread to think what the last boss is like. Plus should I really need to resort to reading FAQ's anyway? I don't think I should. It wouldn't be so bad if the save point was a little closer. But dying, going back to the udnerwater bit, swimming back etc. just to die again etc etc. - BORING!
  11. Agree totally. Ok, maybe I'm just crap at games. But that shouldn't preclude me from playing them through to completion. Shame as I was enjoying it up until that pink bitch.
  12. There's (another) 2 pages of speculation about the DS. Including that supposed leaked spec sheet. There's a 5 page spread on Resident Evil 4. also previews of: Pikmin 2 (2 pages) WWE Day of Reckoning (2 pages) Serious Sam (2 pages) Harry Potter handful of small previews plus a 6 page preview of MindGames from Free Radical. That's about it of interest to be honest.
  13. Here's the scores then: Pokemon Colosseum - 84% Mission: Impossible Operation Surma - 69% Scooby Doo! Mystery Mayhem - 31% Legend of Zelda: Four Swords+ - 92% Custom Robo - 82% GBA stuff: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - 76% Dragonball z Taiketzu - 30% Max Payne - 78% Yu-Gi-Oh! - 72% Tak and the power of JuJu - 50%
  14. What puzzled me is how at the start Iain Lee made some comment about the show being the "most important event of the year for the industry". Yet just like last year - we don't get to hear or see the "industry's" reaction to winning. Ok, they may all be boring fuckers with nothing to say, but surely it should be aired. Isn't that what the show is about after all?
  15. What exactly is the problem with older machines and the Hard Drive? I have a version 3 machine. In the unlikley event that FF XI is released am I fucked?
  16. I would imagine that in reality Matt Cuttle is rather glad he isn't fronting it. He is after all listed as (executive?) producer of the show. He earns the bucks while hiding in the shadows of the dross he is responsible for.
  17. Just say you are both there because you argued over which presenter is the bigger cunt???
  18. To be fair PGR2 runs at 30fps and I am assuming GT4 will run at 60fps? Wouldn't that go some way to explaining the lack of detail in multiplayer? I'm no tech head so I could be wrong of course. I guess as long as it plays well that's the main thing. Looking forward to playing GT4 and getting online to race against semi-intelligent racers rather than ropey A.I
  19. SteveH


    If you ever get stuck on Prince of persia but want to defeat all the baddies as a matter of pride - simply sheath your weapon and then goto a drinking fountain (if one is nearby - they usually are) and as you drink to refill your health the baddies freeze in their steps.
  20. SteveH


    Nowhere to run in a boss fight is there? Apart from cower in a corner and pray. Thing is, when you start off you don't have enough slots to equip magic plus have the luxury of keeping a pheonix down equiped.
  21. SteveH


    Yep, someone said it at last..."Ring menu". That would have been the best solution. Playing FF:CC with one other person makes going into your menu far too risky. It's a fiddly menu which commits the cardinal sin of having not sort option. Once you open your menu on the GBA and take your eyes off the screen you are fucked if there's only 2 of you playing. Especially if one of you dies and the other needs to quickly find a pheonix down. He usually ends up getting killed as well. Arse biscuits. Ring menu next time please.
  22. Yep, PC and Xbox only. There's a "version" floating around which I had a chance to try. Anyway, the proper game should be fantastic playing over Live. Can't wait.
  23. It is In fact, after you go through the corkscrew there is a sweeping left hander. It's at this point you can see the whole of the track in front of you. It's incredibly impressive. They cheated in GT3 by putting barriers up so that it hid all the detail from view. In fact Race Driver 2 is a superb game all round. Way better than PGR2.
  24. It's quite amusing how everyone here is getting stressed over the voice acting. Yet, if you head over to Gamespot they have a "hands on" of the game and comment on the "British" voiceover - how it suits the game, and that the localisation team have done a good job. Guess americans really do love a british accent?
  25. Not quite mate. I expect them as well, but judging by this thread we are in the minority. Oh, and I'd say Zelda was more of an adventure game. fwiw
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