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  1. Nice bit of attention to detail as I was flying out of Mexico city and leaving a thunderstorm behind lightning.mp4
  2. I'm struggling with a couple of things in the lessons. First is trying to lower my altitude but stay at a specific speed (I always speed up despite the game wanting me to slow down). Second is almost the same, but climbing while trying to maintain 75 knots. That seems impossible unless I climb at an absolute snails pace, which doesn't seem right? Any tips? Cheers
  3. Yeah that same guy in those recent videos mentions that. Though it was already enabled for me for some reason.
  4. RB plus R stick up/down adjusts the trim in external view, but in the Cessna at least, it is very slow to move so doesn't actually seem like it's working at first. I haven't customised any controls other than reverse the camera so it is definitely on by default
  5. I've only recently started watching Taskmaster and have been binge watching it like crazy. I need to go watch these New Zealand ones as Mel Giedroyc, Noel Fielding and David Baddiel mean I can't watch some of the U.K ones.
  6. I thought I might be able to enjoy this, but as is usual with this type of game, I just find myself moving closer and closer to the TV in order to see everything. They make this lovely intricately detailed world, then have you up in the clouds looking down and not really being able to enjoy any of it. Not my cup of tea sadly.
  7. I have been disappointed with the supposed realtime weather so far. Walked to the corner shop yesterday just in time for it to start pissing down, so I get back home and boot up the game only to find the Manchester in the game had blue skies without a cloud to be seen anywhere. Started flying to Blackpool and it didn't change at all. Got everything enabled to allow the weather, streaming etc.
  8. This is probably a silly question, but how does the paid DLC work? Do devs get to choose somewhere they want to model and that place is then marked on a checklist or similar, so that no one else (including Microsoft) then go and release another version later on? Some of the add-ons look great, especially the airports, but if at some point Asobo will be modelling these then I'd rather wait. Cheers
  9. Disappointed that the chatpad doesn't work. It gets recognised as a keyboard and the labels for each function changes, but sadly nothing works on it apart from some odd camera angle changes.
  10. Go to the home menu. Select options, then controls options. Then select camera, then external camera and remap the right stick for up/down.
  11. Anyone else purchase the premium deluxe version? For some reason, in-game it only shows as owning the premium version which has half the airports of the premium deluxe one. Also can't seem to download or update any content. All it keeps doing is trying to download again and again about a dozen times or so and then says "package failed".....getting a bit frustrating.
  12. Oh Microsoft you wankers. Thought I'd take a chance and see if it would start up and it actually loads the splash screens and goes into the game before showing a message about being excited about the game. Normally if you try and load a game early, it goes straight to a black screen telling you it's too early to play.
  13. I'm loving the art style with regards the locations. I'd love them to make an more open world game in that same style.
  14. Definitely available for the One X. Go to the store (or press Y anywhere on the dash I believe) and search for the reward app as it isn't installed by default.
  15. Does this have the potential to be really buggered up at launch if it streams in so much data as usually happens with online games? Or is the fact it's actually quite slow moving going to help? I'm assuming provided they wanted to, we could eventually end up with a completely accurate representation of the whole world?
  16. Haven't learnt that one I'm afraid mate.
  17. Had Redd here yesterday with the usual trash, but managed to grab the real Tremendous Statue off him if anyone needs it? Not quite sure why they call it a tremendous statue when it's basically a massive sink on feet? Can also open up my island later and leave it open for a few hours if @wevin particular, wants to mooch through the spare recipes I have lying around?
  18. It was so annoying. I was just going to order one for curiosities sake. Managed to get one (512gb) into my basket at 6pm and then the whole nonsense of payment not going through started. So then I was bloody determined to grab one. It took me 45 minutes before I managed to get my payment to go through so have a date of Q2 2022, which is a bit disappointing considering I got one in my basket immediately.
  19. I would take you up on that. BUT.......you are a filthy time traveller and would probably jump back in time and deny ever having met me and steal all my items
  20. I need more storage space. I want to remodel part of my island, but have nowhere to store all the shit that currently makes up that particular spot. I need ten times the storage I have now.....gimme!
  21. You can sign up here for notification of when orders go live. But no date mentioned yet sadly.
  22. There is a punch card up for this now on MS Rewards with 6000 points earned if you pre-order.
  23. Sadly, they have made the item unavailable in the store for some reason.
  24. It's in various colours as well so check back every day
  25. I hope they do make it closer to WRC, as they also made V-Rally 4 and that is a massive pile of wank sadly.
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