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  1. SteveH

    Star Trek Discovery

    I can only assume he is playing a long game of taking the piss? I know he has a weird sense of humour from his days doing cartoons on Swapnote on the 3DS, so I'm hoping this is his sense of fun and he wants to see the reaction. Because my brain just can't comprehend anybody liking the loathsome ginger twat. Please be joking deKay! Isn't she an ensign? But she interrupts conversations between senior officers, barges into meetings, and generally acts like she doesn't have to follow any kind of rank protocol. God, even typing this out is making me foam at the mouth.
  2. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    @ScouserInExile It should be on the homepage. One of the four (?) boxes that appear on screen, usually next to the icon showing what disc is in the drive. To get to it via the store, you need to click on the "deals" tab and you'll see it listed there
  3. SteveH

    Xbox Game Pass

    Bugger. I bought Monster Hunter World but haven't touched it yet! Good month though, as I fancied LIS2 and The Golf Club 2
  4. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Would you like it young fella?
  5. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Would you like a digital copy of The Division 2 as thanks for your work in this thread? I have a spare code here that I received with a new Xbox One, but I already have the game. I don't mind giving it to a long standing member who contributes like you do in this thread
  6. SteveH

    Star Trek Discovery

    Why do they all talk to each other in hushed voices? I think Pike is the only one to actually speak at a normal volume.
  7. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    @Revival Have you played The Division 2 at all?
  8. SteveH

    Time Trap (edit: on Sky Cinema Premier!)

    Watched about half of it last night and am really enjoying it. Plus I have a soft spot for Brianne Howey
  9. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Sticker was fine, but no idea if people know how to get them on and off nowadays. It's gone back to Amazon now, waiting for replacement today.
  10. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Could any of you lovely Xbox X owners who have bought one recently, do me a small favour and look at the back of your console? One of my X's died the other day So I ordered a new one from Amazon, and when it arrived yesterday, I noticed the back of the casing didn't look assembled properly. Here is a picture I took after trying to clip it back into place: It doesn't look like much, but that gap in the middle was enough to bow the bottom out and make the console rest on the plastic at the rear rather than the rubber feet. I sent it back to Amazon, but have done some googling since, and seen some people doing unboxings etc, and theirs looking suspiciously similar. MS could be awkward buggers, and if a warranty claim was needed, might imply that it had been opened.
  11. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    It scares me as well But I have a terrible habit of getting very near to the end of games, and then leaving them (maybe because I don't want them to end...I don't know) and so even if I move on to something else, I always think I'll come back to the older ones to finish them off at some point. And with some downloads being so huge, I'd rather just keep them on an HDD than have to re-download them. So far I haven't ever gone back to unfinished games having said that.
  12. SteveH

    Xbox One Console Thread

    You can have multiple ones as well. I've got an 8TB and 4TB attached, and all works beautifully.
  13. SteveH

    Star Trek Discovery

    That's me out if they lose Pike. He's literally the teeny tiny thin thread keeping me hanging on.
  14. SteveH

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Well, the arseholes have dropped the price on this rather quickly :/ (£24 for the deluxe edition) https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/far-cry-new-dawn-deluxe-edition/c2f33pqf5mz9?rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  15. Not interested, mainly because I'm bloody rubbish at them. Got stuck near the start of Bloodborne (Father wanking twatting Gascoigne) and it put me off the FromSoftware games for life.

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