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  1. I'm ok thanks. Kind of you to offer, I was just wondering if maybe I'd missed some information pointing out that they were limited to a week or something.
  2. Ah you are on my friends list but we haven't ever met in-game so I can't post them. I've just opened my gates and they are on the floor right outside Nooks as you exit the airport. As I say, I'll be AFK but help yourself to any fossils there you might need etc. I've done my shopping in Nooks as well so anything in there is yours is you need it
  3. @Meatballedited version of my shirt. I had to make some adjustments as I think you got some details wrong so had to change mine to accommodate By the way, does anyone else still find those buried special mushrooms? I found a couple the first few days mushrooms appeared but haven't found a single one since.
  4. Yeah I do but I don't think you are on my friends list. I can sort that later. I'll be AFK but I can leave my island open for you to visit and grab them.
  5. I've just looked at an old DF video and the base Xbox One is pretty much locked at 30 fps which is hardly what I'd call dogshit? Not sure about the One X, but the PS4 pro seems to waver between 50-60fps.
  6. Never had any problems with it at all on the One X...strange.
  7. I knew I'd messed something up but couldn't be bothered googling the proper images. Need to change the number 7 on the back. Need that cap though please!
  8. @Meatballquickly knocked this up and thought you'd appreciate it
  9. As others have said, it's a great game. And it still impresses me how quickly you can zip around the map.
  10. Crashed on me twice while playing MM. During cutscenes both times. It just completely freezes and doesn't respond to any button presses. It eventually shuts itself down completely, then comes back on after pressing the power button on the console itself. Does its rebuild stuff and also the error reporting screen that it sends to Sony. No external HDD attached.
  11. I usually have wired for both, but at the moment I'm wired with the PS5 and wireless with the Series X. In fact the speeds wireless with the Series X have really impressed me.
  12. That's really odd. Always been quite the opposite for me. Even with the Series X and the PS5, the PS5 is lagging behind in download speeds by a lot.
  13. Well, just in case you weren't aware (though it has been pointed out several times in the last few days) but if you haven't fully quit a game on the Xbox, it holds back your download speeds in order to maximise bandwidth for whatever you might be playing. That is the main cause of such fluctuations.
  14. It isn't actually the GB site that's why. If you hover your mouse over it you'll see it is actually the dutch site it points to. Threw me at first as well. This is where it should point https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/games/all-games?cat=onsale
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