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  1. They took a chance on Labo and real life MarioKart though. I can't imagine they ever thought they would sell tens of millions?
  2. I only usually do it if I have managed to buy some cheap xbox credit, then I pre-order something to know it's all paid for. I need to stop though, because I should know better by now.
  3. Thankfully I did manage to cancel my order and reorder. But MS have been real dicks in the past when it comes to cancelling stuff. They have a limit in place now that says if you ordered it "more than 14 days ago" then they may refuse to refund. And they have indeed done that to me. It shouldn't make a blind bit of difference when you cancel if the game hasn't launched. It used to be pretty much automatic, but now you have to wait for it to be authorised. I've found the most reliable method is to say you ordered it on the wrong account and meant to order it as a gift.
  4. MS pulling the usual billy bollocks stunt of having a game up for pre-order (in this case Mass Effect legendary edition) then days before launch, offering 6,000 points reward for pre-ordering, that doesn't count if you'd already ordered it :/ Anyway, yeah....6,000 points up today for pre-ordering Mass Effect.
  5. I got frustrated and watched a YouTube video. Then got even more frustrated when they described it as "easy" But he did say that if you did it last year, then you get a different prize this time around as best as he could figure out. edit: also got a handful of recipes: Apple Umbrella Barbell Classic-library Wall Fruit Wreath Music Stand x 2 Orange Rug Sleigh Tulip Wreath
  6. Pretty sure everyone has had these fakes a dozen times over by now.....at least. But anyway, Redd has the following left: Warrior Statue - Fake Academic Painting - Fake Quaint Painting - Fake Managed to miss out on getting a Sanrio character in as well. Finally got rid of one islander, only for who looks to be a right grumpy old sod - Elvis - move in today instead.
  7. Got an invite yesterday and so far (on iPad) it is pretty rough I have to say. I'm using a 5ghz wi-fi connection and have a more than fast enough connection, but it's really laggy with the sound glitching out all the time. It's strange because I tried it on my older android phone a while back and it wasn't bad at all on that. I keep getting a little icon saying that I have possible internet connection issues, but everything is fine on my end.
  8. Apparently July is when more information will be available Not going to hold my breath for this one. The WRC games are pretty good, but VRally 4 was dire and the handling of the bikes in Isle of Man TT was diabolical. They also aren't very good responding to customer feedback about bugs etc either. Some obviously broken things in IOMTT never got fixed.
  9. My post was a bit misleading. I saw you post in the stock alert thread that you had been trying to buy a PS5? I have one here that I got through BT if you are interested? Thought I'd give a fellow player first dibs
  10. Managed to nab an app off the appstore that writes NFC cards so I no longer need to trawl eBay and pay exorbitant prices for the things. And of course I can make the latest whatsit ones....I forget the name! I was hoping you could just use your phone as the card, but apparently none of them work that way? Anyway, if Nintendo didn't make such ridiculously short runs of these things, I wouldn't need to resort to this. Has @Indy @ S.E.been around these parts lately? I have an item he might be interested in.
  11. There are some known bugs that were introduced with the latest update, but I believe they have acknowledged this as being fixed in the next update.
  12. I would still consider Gamepass if I were you. It's only the cost of a couple of new games and you'll have access to 3 years of first party games moving forward and also a lot of quirky games that you might otherwise ignore. I'm probably just teaching you to suck eggs, but really, give it some thought!
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