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  1. Dreams seemed amazing at first - much like the stuff created in LBP. But then you realise that although some stuff looks amazing, there's no substance to it. It's all throwaway, at least the stuff I've managed to find.
  2. I'll never understand the complainers for either of the consoles UI's? I can only imagine if they switch from iOs to Android, or PC to Mac, or vice versa, that they sit there for 6 months wondering how to work the thing.
  3. This just looks lovely doesn't it? After years of squinting at my 3DS every day, it feels so strange seeing it on a large TV and everything in crisp detail. I'll leave my island gates open whenever I'm playing (I assume it closes if you close the game? Is that a silly question?) I named my island Banshee after my 3DS village. Seeing as I'll miss that little place, it felt right to name this after it
  4. I wonder how they will deal with the megaphone for calling out to the characters? While it isn't always accurate on the 3DS, it does help when all I want to do is find the little sods to see if they plan on leaving. Going to be quite sad stopping checking the 3DS game. I have checked it every single day since launch, but I plan on deleting the whole thing when this comes out. I can't cope with checking on the residents of two towns!
  5. Yeah they have taken payment for mine as well. Seems a bit early, taking payment 3-4 weeks before it is due though? I wondered what the hell was going on when my bank temporarily cancelled my card because of suspicious activity and it turned out to be Square making a massive hole in my bank balance (ordered the 1st class edition here as well )
  6. SteveH

    Two Point Hospital

    Once you are on edit mode, I believe you press X and then the "blocks" become yellow. Then you can delete any that you don't want.
  7. SteveH

    Two Point Hospital

    I'm at a point where the finances are completely baffling me. I'm only up to Mitton University and making money hand over fist. But then suddenly, although the little finance report pop-ups show a profit, I start diving deeper and deeper into the red and can't seem to rescue it? I have no idea what is going on.
  8. Ah ok. The network option has been there for a long time. I was under the impression there was a new option where it would download content to every console you owned if you chose to.
  9. Anyone? That network transfer thing isn't the same. Cheers edit\; the installing games to two consoles at once option.
  10. SteveH

    Xbox Game Pass

    5 is worth a play if only for the fact that it has more locations, so breaks up the repetitiveness of it.
  11. Replaying 0 on the Xbox at the moment, and it is a nice port. I was worried they might do a half arsed job on it, but on the X at least, it looks and runs perfectly.
  12. SteveH

    Dreams - It's out!

    Hat Kids Summer Vacation is amazing. Partly for just how large the play area is. It's huge compared to anything else I have seen.
  13. SteveH

    Dreams - It's out!

    There's a very basic Guitar Hero/Rockband clone on there. It only has two tracks at the moment, but the guy who made it is promising more. It works well enough for what it is, but playing with a controller just feels like it is lacking something.
  14. SteveH

    Dreams - It's out!

    If you pause any game using the option button on the controller and go to my preferences, under display you can change the transparency of the watermark right down to 0 to get rid of it @metallicfrodo just checked and rather bizarrely there doesn't seem to be any kind of parental/age filtering at all. I haven't come across anything age inappropriate yet, and I guess some games have names which suggest what age they are meant for, especially horror stuff. Though that obviously is only of any use when you are playing with your son/daughter.
  15. Somebody is actually selling those Animal Crossing joycons and base on eBay. The joycons are a ridiculous price, something like £100. But the stand/base is a fairly reasonable £50-ish. So technically for £150 you can make your boring old Switch into one of those special editions.
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