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  1. Are you sure you don't want to use the Turnip Exchange? Price on my island is 104 so not great. I've opened up my island just in case. I'm AFK but help yourself to anything lying around if you do visit
  2. No you don't! You have two of them now! I had no idea how many different items there might be. Would send @Mike S one but if I don't recognise the name, or you don't have your code in your sig, I forget who people are
  3. I really hope you know where it is as there are, as I'm sure you are aware, a lot of pricks out there on eBay charging crazy money for these now.
  4. Sent it you as a gift. Also sent to @StumpyJohn @Mr Do 71 @Harmunt @Daley @Tet @Number 28 @Indy @ S.E. (may have sent Tet 2 by accident!)
  5. I would actually have preferred if when starting an island, you could choose where in the world it would be based and could have a permanently snowy place, or arctic style long nights etc.
  6. Mine took about 3 weeks. But sadly I have problems with my memory and misplaced it I contacted Sony and explained the situation and even offered to send them medical evidence of my issues, but they wouldn't budge and just told me I'd have to buy one off eBay. Cost me £20 odd for a replacement :/
  7. Ooooh, you and @Meatballare skating on thin ice with this anti-snow talk. Or at least you would be if it was still snowy!
  8. Snow's gone then. @Meatballgot his wish Nice present from Nintendo in the postbox. And there is a new item in the shopping section. No idea what it actually is though. I'll wait and see what you all get here and compare notes.
  9. I've still got one spare official charger if anybody is after one? (new still sealed) Sold one to @StephenMwho can vouch for me (if it has arrived at his yet!) . If you are in Manchester feel free to collect it. Otherwise it was £29.68 altogether to post it with signed for tracking.
  10. Got some bear type creature camping on my island today. His (her?) name is Bangle. No idea if anybody can come poach them if they want?
  11. Thankfully they added single player stuff quite a while ago now.
  12. Oh yeah! God I hope they don't drip feed them out over a number of months.
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