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  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I have my games I'm currently playing in a group, and those all appear on the main screen simply by pushing down on the stick. It doesn't list every single last one, as I have a lot in the group, but it lists the first twenty or so I think it is. One of my X's that is in the preview program (the one I don't use half as much as my main one!) now has the new dashboard that is all a single screen. Much snappier to use, though I do still instinctively go to use RB to try to flick across to the store etc. Microsoft claim they used some A.I thingy to select which consoles in the preview program would receive the new dash first. Not much of an A.I when it selects the console I use maybe once a month instead of the one I use daily!
  2. I'm only sticking with it now to see the times when June gets punished in some way. I think she is bloody horrible.
  3. Are they losing viewers? That ending screamed of desperation to me
  4. I've sort of been enjoying it, especially when Katee Sackhoff isn't onscreen. I haven't seen her in anything before (though I'm aware of what she has been in) and was wondering if she always pulls such distractingly weird facial expressions while acting? It looks creepy at times....like she is over-acting with her face.
  5. The Xbox Live service seems to be having weekly problems recently. How the hell are they planning to provide a decent quality streaming service when Xbox Live is so unreliable lately? It hasn't been the same since that guy they call "E"? left (he was head of the Xbox Live service)
  6. I don't know how you guys are playing in this heat. My head just turns into a ball of sweat!
  7. @SqueakyGHad the same problem with that quest. Ended up with no markers at all and no idea where to go to find young men hanging out! I stumbled on the next step by accident. I'm still enjoying this, but it does feel lacking coming from Yakuza 6 to this.
  8. I know it didn't seem to get much love around these parts, and I'm late to the party with the news. But I can't believe they have cancelled Sneaky Pete
  9. Biggest plus point for me so far, is being able to run around and not get into fights every 100 yards - though when I do get into fights, I wish they were more difficult. I must admit that I do really like the lead character, and I'm quite enjoying the English voices as well. And thankfully it still has the totally hat stand side quests I'm missing not finding locker keys though.
  10. SteveH

    Xbox Game Pass

    Regarding those window store download speeds. It doesn't work like the Xbox One does it? If you have anything open on the Xbox then downloads are really quite slow until you close everything, at which point you get maximum download speeds. I know it's a bit different with the PC as you are bound to have some programs open. But maybe if there is anything "major" running, it affects the download speeds?
  11. Yes, I'll admit I said 3-4 hours for dramatic effect.
  12. @spanx I haven't finished the game yet, but I've done a hell of a lot of stuff since that point in the game. So quite a bit to go yet.
  13. @Phelan I want to address point no. 7 Batteries are awesome. Get some eneloops and only worry about charging them around every 35-40 hours, instead of the 3-4 hours of the DS4 controller. Brilliant
  14. I never played the original so this is all new to me. Pleased to see the adventure mode in there as well. One thing I'm not keen on, no option to use both triggers (Xbox) for accelerate and brake. Not that you need to brake much, it just feels wrong!
  15. Really enjoyed what I have played of this so far, apart from the tailing sections....quite boring and go on a bit too long. But as the first one is also a tutorial for it, hopefully a lot of them don't take nearly as long. I decided to use the English Vo. Before you lynch me let me say that I was just testing the waters with it to see how it is. And it's......ok. The lead character is fine, but some of the others are a bit Shenmue'y to say the least I was also wary of spending yet more time in Kamurocho to be honest. How many games have been set there now? But there is something grittier about it, the lighting especially feels quite different to me. It looks gorgeous though. I think the combat feels a bit slicker/faster as well. But I'm not keen on the numerous little pop ups that are endless, telling you how much exp/money you earned. They feel too intrusive. Anyway, that's my tuppence worth for now.
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