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  1. This does seem to be a popular rumour elsewhere too. Would make sense to be honest seeing as there isn’t much following of the Xbox brand there. Probably being the Japanese are crazy intelligent so a rebadged MS console may not fool them if it does turn out to be true.
  2. @Riven We will have to agree to disagree then because I stand by my statement. I think you're talking about part optimisation and I'm talking about full including speed. That being said, even if we're talking about part optimisation it still stands for PS1 IMO. Gen 5 PAL releases 3DO - Good luck Jaguar - Dreadful N64 - A few optimised but come on, even Nintendo themselves couldn't be bothered optimising their AAA titles. Waverace Comparison Mario 64 Comparison Mario Kart 64 Comparison Even later 'alledged' optimised released that had no borders were never actually optimised at all such as F-Zero X F-Zero X Comparison PS1 - Which is what this thread started about - 1/3 of PAL games optimised? No chance. The PAL PS1 library was terrible minus the titles you've said and the likes of Medievil and Wipeout. I'm not even going down the route of this with the PS1 because I don't feel the need to. By all means, do me a list to prove me wrong if you want but it honestly surprises me that someone with your knowledge would say this, unless again you're referring to part optimisation which was again a very rare thing for the PS1. Again, huge titles, final fantasy 7,8,9, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania SOTN, Resident Evil 1,2,3, Even Gran Turismo 1 & 2 were awful compared to their counterparts. Saturn - Now I honestly am not trying to be rude but look down your own list again for Saturn Titles and just how many you've listed as 'Full PAL Optimised' https://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/post/146372446412/the-complete-european-sega-saturn-60hz-guide-to For me the singular word 'Optimised' covers everything and whilst Sega did well catering for 1st party PAL releases on the whole the system was still rubbish for 50hz IMO. Your Youtube Review on the PAL version of Daytona was brilliant by the way. Link for those interested In my opinion the better option will always, 100% be to play the NTSC Versions of Gen 5 titles on NTSC machines because that's the way the developers intended them to be.
  3. Agreed but it’s the PS1 we’re talking about here. Hardly any gen 5 games were optimised and the ones that were typically were developed in a PAL region in the first place such as Tomb Raider, GTA etc.
  4. It's not a 'proper' pal conversion. It still runs in 50hz and despite being translated runs slower than it should. Anyway, the Trainer Patch here works fine - Just tested it out of curiosity because this entire thread has perked my interest on an Mayumi V4 PS1 with no issues. Straight to NTSC and screen centered - https://consolecopyworld.com/psx/psx_patches_c.shtml Or, if you have an Action Replay you can just use the master code listed here - https://gamehacking.org/?game=90573&hacker=all&format=gs If you're using PSIO though I'm unsure if they've got Action Replay / Gameshark codes working yet. I believe it was on a to do list. Youtube Review for those interested - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84LnOreaqTE
  5. I’m going to watch this thread too. Thanks @stephen129 for taking the time to give such a response!
  6. Have you done dual boot? Turn on with power = MS Dash Turn on with Eject. = Alternate Dash
  7. I don't often venture into this thread but after looking at the last few pages my netflix list has suddenly grown and I'm quite excited for when the little one's gone down tonight. So for those that post, appreciated!
  8. There already are unofficial batteries for the pad. Allegedly double the size but I suspect not. If there’s enough interest I can get some in?
  9. Rocking it back and forth will be fine but if it’s already leaked it’s worth checking what damage it’s potentially already done. Make sure it’s not a v1.6 though
  10. Not necessarily, these are in the original cases and the lasers aren’t adjusted so the only thing these are modded for/ will allow is any region games, screen fix’s etc. @AceGrace for reference buddy
  11. Is there much demand for cubes these days? I have a couple of XenoGC machines looking for new homes.
  12. Normally it’s caused by plugging/unplugging the controllers while the machine is turned on. Whilst I’ve repaired quite a few I honestly haven’t experienced it myself but I religiously don’t unplug controllers when a machine turned on after damaging an import ps2 on launch by doing so......very expensive lesson. I have spare controller ports if you need any that are tested, or can repair yours if you have a bulk. Out of curiosity do you unplug / plug in while turned on? For reference here’s the fix - http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/dreamcast-controller-port-fix-fuse-f1-replacement/
  13. I can do a freemcboot card that has both OPL and Hdloader included. Best of both worlds
  14. @bplus I can sort you out with a freemcboot card configured with all the apps you need, sata network adapter and even a drive if needed. Pop me a PM if you haven’t got things sorted yet.
  15. Hi @shiffy. Yes sure do, pop me a PM and we’ll get something sorted
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