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  1. I’ll get back to everyone properly probably tomorrow morning but yes I do repairs and recaps etc. I suspect there would be a delay in actually obtaining parts from my usual supplier at the moment though.
  2. I have more Neo Geo CDs if anyone wants one? Top quality, perfect lasers (for those wanting to use CD-Rs).
  3. Nice @bwi! I’m eagerly waiting to progress through the preorders for this!
  4. The one that isn’t playing movies, you sure it isn’t modded? The ORBs aren’t spinning so the date/time will be stuck on that one. is usually when the cmos battery has died or when it’s been removed when the machines been modded and not replaced / reset
  5. Jei

    Awesome posts on the DC and Saturn threads recently @sharak :)

    1. sharak


      Many thanks :)

  6. Onto Part 2 now @mikejenkins? It's really high on my to do list!
  7. Sure no worries, pop me a PM with your address again bud
  8. Grab yourself an OSCC mate. You’ll never look back (unless you’re using a CRT of course) Happy to ship you one of my known working RGB cables to try if you want?
  9. What’s the make/model of TV? Initial thoughts, especially as the high resolution mode looks fine is that the scaler on the TV is a bit pants. If it’s an LCD I’d recommend turning every picture feature on the set off and then trying again. edit - Also are you using an RGB scart I supplied or one of your own? You can have this issue with some sets if using a pal RGB scart on an import machine as it’ll be looking for the 9v feed that ntsc machines don’t use. Some sets don’t have a problem with this, others do.
  10. @cubik One of our sets was picking up 'this is liverpool' after the retune and behaved similar to yours. I'd call them up and explain the situation. It should work and if it didn't before, well, free upgrade time
  11. Channel 7 (This Manchester) is the main local mux channel that they ask you to check. The mother noticed because Channel 50 was no longer present (Sony Christmas Channel which has also been moved onto the local). I decided not to judge seeing as it's resulting in a free aerial upgrade If you pop your details on this page and click detailed view it will show you all the tuning frequencies used. For us, all the local mux ones I was unable to receive a signal on since the retune http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/
  12. Hopefully this will be of some use as I was completely unaware until investigating earlier today. As part of a national roadmap over the next year, Freeview are having to change their transmitted frequencies to allow future progression of mobile phone networks. As a result there are scheduled 'retune' events one of which occurred in the Granada Region earlier this week. At first, everything appeared fine until the mother popped over and noticed we no longer had a couple of channels that we wouldn't have noticed. On all other tuning frequencies our TVs reporting 98-100% signal quality and strength as we're not too far from Winter Hill so this isn't to do with strength but compatibility of existing aerials and the frequencies they're moving them to. After investigating and various testing it turns out that the frequencies on local mux channels is what's being changed first and if you lose signal on these then you can get a free aerial upgrade. This has to be reported within 3 months of the original retune event otherwise you're on your own. Retune Changes https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges 0808 100 0288 Much more geeky information for those of us interested http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/94251/Digital_UK_700MHz_Clearance_information_pack_for_channel_providers_Q4_2019.pdf Who to call 0808 100 0288 (Freephone) Read more at https://www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges#UEPqtYQubmbCUFAK.99 Hopefully of some use to someone!
  13. @Camel still haven’t received anything. Scroll to the top of the PM which shows who’s active in the thread. If I’m not there you’ll need to add me or just start a new PM with a different subject
  14. Hello, @Camel I've looked through my PM's and can't see a thread from you. Can you check that it shows that I'm in the conversation and if not start a new PM? Still have some Saturn's but not many. Anyone interested pop me a PM and thanks all for the recommendations its appreciated
  15. If you want one of the ps2hdmi adapters pop me a PM I’ll do it cheaper than amazon
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