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  1. Sorry about the giant bump but I’ve just discovered this and it’s hilarious.
  2. If you mean the little pauses in action where the mega drive's going 'how the hell am I running this?' then yes it does.
  3. Nick, who is our resident emulation fiend feels it's on par with the quality seen on the SNES Mini. All the Sonic noises are correct, so that's normally his first test whenever he's looking at anything Mega Drive related.
  4. Because we’ve been using it for the last month and have been able to compare it next to all the minis currently on the market
  5. We’ve been using the machine for a month and it sounds absolutely fine to me. It’s currently the best mini on the market as far as I’m concerned. I do want the alien soldier version, though. tetris is interesting as it has lots of extras that aren't in the mega drive port.
  6. I'm amazed at what some of these games fetch now! £30,000 for Kizuna. That's a deposit on a house for some people. I massively regret selling my 40 odd MVS games now.
  7. strider


    It looks like the Psikyo Collections are heading to the US (and most likely Europe), which is a little annoying as I've just ordered the Asian one. Psikyo Collection Alpha features Strikers 1945 1-3, Sol Divide, Dragon Blaze and Zero Gunner - Psikyo Collection Bravo has Samurai Aces 1-3, Gunbird 1-2 and Gunbarich
  8. strider


    Discovered Formation Armed F (or Armed Formation F) is on switch eshop. Used to play it at lunch times at Tesco, so it’s good to own it again. Will get x multiply next as the saturn version i was eyeing up now goes for over £200. The switch is amazing for shmups. Only downside so far is raiden v is a little naff when played on the move.
  9. Cold Pursuit (2019, Amazon Rental) Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) is a well-respected member of a Colorado ski resort where he works as a snow plough driver. When his son is killed from a forced heroin overdose he goes on a bloody rampage. Based on a Norwegian movie, which was also directed by Hans Petter Moland, Cold Pursuit is an oddball of a movie that simply doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. There's flashes of humour, mostly dark, but some of the jokes feel overdone, while others fall completely flat. Neeson is simply going through the motions here, offing bad guys, mumbling over his poor dialogue and offing every stereotype you can think off. It doesn't help that the pool of actors are largely terrible, with only Emmy Rossum really impressing as an earnest cop who slowly begins to realise that there's a lot more going on beneath the supposedly sleepy town. Overall I thought this was a bit of a mess, even though the trailer looked quite promising. One to avoid. 2/5
  10. There's also a screen option to show a PC Engine GT
  11. Field Of Dreams (1989, 4K Blu-Ray) When struggling farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) hears a mysterious voice in his wheat field, he ignores reason and ploughs it up in order to create a baseball field. Supported by his spunky wife, Annie (Amy Madigan) he goes on an unlikely quest to combat the ghosts of his past. I love Field Of Dreams. It's easy to say it piles on the schmaltz, but it perfectly captures those Hollywood movies of old like A Wonderful Life. It's mainly down to Costner, who is perfect as the every man idealistic husband who refuses to give up on his dream, despite the absurdness of his situation. The rest of the cast is superb too, with Ray Liotta playing the disgraced baseball player, Shoeless Joe Jackson, James Earl Jones shining as an idealist who's lost his way and Burt Lancaster as an aged Doctor who gave up his dreams of playing baseball for a nobler cause. And then there's the wonderfully vivacious Amy Madigan as Costner's devoted wife. She sparks whenever she's on screen and never falters in her faith that her husband isn't as deluded as everyone thinks. Steeped in metaphors and effortlessly straddling different genres, films like Field Of Dreams just don't seem to get made any more. It's a terrible idea on paper, but it works and it works brilliantly. A true classic. 5/5 The new 4K transfer looks exceptional too. Field Of Dreams has never looked as good as it looks here. Sensational stuff.
  12. Buy Field Of Dreams Buy Field Of Dreams Buy Field Of Dreams Buy Field Of Dreams
  13. Thanks. I'll pass your kind words on to the team. Sorry about the sticker.
  14. Your best bet is to try contact@myfavouritemagazines.co.uk if you were supposed to receive 197 as your first sub. We don't have any spare copies I'm afraid. Otherwise eBay is going to be your best bet.
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