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  1. strider

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    @nakamura came over last night and we completed Streets Of Rage 2. Still an amazingly satisfying brawler, although I think I prefer the soundtrack to the original game.
  2. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Seven (1995, Netflix) A retiring detective (Morgan Freeman) takes on a headstrong young charge (Brad Pitt) for his final week. It’s a pretty miserable week... I love everything about Seven. The credit sequence is sensationally put together, it’s exceptionally oppressive due most scenes taking place in torrential rain, while that ending still manages to pack an emotional punch that catches right in the gut. Despite their cliched characters, both Freeman and Pitt do brilliant work fleshing out their broken heroes, while Geyneth Paltrow delivers the feels as a housewife trapoed in her new role. It’s Spacey though as serial killer John Doe that ends up leaving the biggest impression. He’s barely in the movie and yet every word he utters drips with malevolence, hate and rage. He’s a twisted, frightening creation that you can’t take your eyes off. Expertly paced and with lots of good old fashioned detective work, Seven is a gripping thriller that still hasn’t lost its power to shock. 5/5 Escape Room (2018, Cinema) A group of strangers are invited to take part in an escape room, only to discover that it... Oh my god, who fucking cares? A shitty derivative movie with cliched stereotypes that desperately wants to be the next Saw franchise. It’s only saving grace is that it’s ever so slightly better than the naff Netflix movie. 1.5/5
  3. strider

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I watched this last night. It was surprisingly violent and brutal for a 12A which I certainly wasn't expecting. I quite like the world, but the CGI is all over the place. Alita looks alright but all the other cyborgs look terrible due to their naff looking faces. I think it's going to age really poorly over time for that very reason. It's painfully derivative (although you could tell that from the trailers) and the love story is awful (one sequence that was clearly going for feels had me howling with laughter) and you could see all the big plots twists coming from a mile away. Considering how much of a passion project its been it's surprisingly poor for something Cameron is involved with. I did like the action sequences but I just found the entire thing incredibly bland. I did like Alita though, she's a nice spunky character and Waltz was surprisingly decent as well. 2.5/5
  4. strider

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Done some more shooters. Hyper Duel Super Saturn conversion with some ridiculous bosses. Noticed for the first time that the entire game has continuous levels that flow into each other which seems quite novel for the genre. Sexy Parodius another great saturn conversion with some dodgy bosses. Shooting a raccoon in the nuts will never get tired.
  5. strider

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Completed these so far... monster Boy In The Cursed Kingdom (Switch) brilliant and the best Wonder Boy game Katamari Damacy Reroll (Switch) Always loved this and now I can sell my PS2 copy Forgotten Realms Demon Stone (Xbox) Started off strong but the later levels are naff. Will sell it. Golf Story (Switch) got a physical copy from limited run games. It’s really charming. Salamander 2 (Saturn) Just got a PVM so wanted to play something to show it off.
  6. strider

    The Alien films

    It’s also getting rereleased on 4k blu-ray and Fox are pretty good with their back catalogue.
  7. strider

    First film seen at the cinema

    My earliest memory was The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams. It certainly wasn't on its first release as I would have been one, so I imagine I caught a matinee in the last Seventies. I also recall One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing which I saw at The Continental. Interestingly, The Continental showed Disney flicks at the weekend and skin flicks during the evening (hence my Auntie) covering my eyes when we walked past certain posters .
  8. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Yeah I did like that bit. I do like David Bowie, though
  9. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017, 4K Blu-Ray) Special agents Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) fight their feelings for each other, as well as a mysterious evil that is threatening the cosmopolitan metropolis of Alpha. Luc Besson has wanted to make a film on the famous comic book for years. He shouldn't have bothered. Despite looking absolutely spectacular, Valerian is just sooooooooo boring. Yes the set design and aliens look incredible and yes it feels like an amped up Fifth Element, but it's let down by two exceptionally weak actors who feel constantly out of their depth and fail to convince as two battle-hardened soldiers. The story is far too confusing for its own good, while the pacing is poor throughout and it just becomes a huge snoozefest. There's a lot of cool ideas in Valerian and it's clear that Besson has a lot of love for the material, but this is weak stuff and the less said about Rhianna's awful shape-changing prostitute the better. 2/5
  10. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Velvet Buzzsaw (2019, Netflix) After discovering the death of an unknown artist, ambitious agent Josephina (Zawe Ashton) takes his stored paintings and attracts the attention of her ruthless gallery owner Rhodora Haze (Renee Russo) and acclaimed critic Mort Vandewolt (Jake Gyllenhaal). However they eventually become to realise that the acclaimed pieces of work were being kept hidden for a reason... After being bowled over by the excellent Night Crawler I was perhaps expecting a little too much from Velvet Buzzsaw. Shopped by Netflix as a horror movie, it's actually more in line with American Psycho (even the opening music sounds suspiciously familiar). It's essentially a satirical take on the art world and like American Psycho it's a world filled with empty, false truly unlikable people. Every single person is more than happy to kiss you on the cheek whilst stabbing you in the back at the first opportunity and it's something off a relief when the mysterious art of Vetril Dease finally starts killing them off. Many of the deaths have already been spoiled somewhat by Netflix's trailer, so my advice there is to avoid watching that if you can. There are some cool moments, but many of them ending up being funnier than the director probably intended. There are a few nice menacing scenes and Gyllenhaal and Russo are exceptionally fun, but overall I was left feeling somewhat disappointed. 3/5
  11. strider

    Filmstruck - UK Launch

    Not surprised about it being US and canada only. I was actually amazed to discover that they had started bringing blu rays out over here, which were region free. I initially purchased every single film they released on blu ray (I’ve since sold them) because I wanted to better educate myself and I saw some incredible movies as well as things that were too intelligent for me to grasp, but I always respected what they were trying to do and I shared those films by reviewing them (in HD Review I believe) so that others might be inspired to try them like I did. I eventually stopped for a few reasons. My region A player broke, they started releasing 4-6 films a month (not cheap at £30 a pop) and they stuck with their original spine numbering system, meaning I could never have a complete collection as they had since lost the rights to several films they had released on DVD. They really are a cut above the rest when it comes to their restoration work and I’m glad they still exist and continue to fight the good fight.
  12. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Beautiful Boy (cinema 2019) Writer David Shef (Steve Carell) struggles to come to terms with the drug addiction of his son Nick (Timothee Chalamet). Well that wasn’t an easy watch. Much has been made of Timothee Chalamet’s power performance as Nick Shef and he doesn’t disappoint. He gives a complicated performance, playing someone on the verge of adulthood, and with a bright future ahead of him who is completely unable to shake their addiction and craving for Crystal meth. You’ll feel for him, despise him and willfully want him to pull through, but the deft screenplay keeps you guessing as to what way things will unfold. Carell is equally strong as the exasperated father who knows his son is falling apart but it powerless to help him and slowly exhibits his own range, whether it’s a stubborn optimism that his son will pull through to the hopelessness of realising that he may have lost his beautiful boy forever. With a film focused so strongly around its two male leads it’s perhaps inevitable that Maura Tierney and Amy Ryan are giving very little to do other than to play the grieving stepmom and mother. They work well with what little they have, but Beautiful Boy seems more content on pursuing the relationship between father and son. Based on a true story, Beautiful Boy does often fall prey to the usual tropes that befall many films featuring drug addiction, but it’s trump card is Chalamet and his riveting performance means there’s very little time for melodrama. Beautiful Boy certainly isn’t an easy watch, particularly if you’ve personally seen someone battle their own addictions, but it’s a powerful one that painfully highlights the devastating effects of drug addiction and how little is being done to battle it. 4/5
  13. strider

    Retro Gamer 190 - Resident Evil 2

    We've been trying to do one for years. It's very hard to get the big Japanese developers due to the language barrier. Our senior staff writer is a massive wrestling fan. We recently ran a piece on obscurer wrestling games for example.
  14. New issue is on sale and it's a resi special. Inside Resi-recting Resident Evil 2 Conversion Kings - Operation Wolf (Spectrum) Mario: Master Of Spin-Offs Ultimate Guide: Galaxy Force Making Of Fast Food Mixing It Up: Rom Randomisers From The Archives: Topo Soft Retro Revival: Super Metroid Arcade Perfect: Joust ultimate Guide: Vigilante Making Of Ruff N Tumble In The Chair: Tony Takoushi Retro Revival: XI [sai] Little Making Of Divine Divinity Classic Moments: NBA Jam Minority Report: Atomiswave game Making Of Dog's Life Retro Inspired: Arca's Path VR Retro Revival: Renegade (Amstrad) Reviewed: Monster Boy In The Cursed Kingdom

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