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  1. Wow, I don't blame you. Been trying to replace my copy for years, but jokers online want £300 for it.
  2. The biggest challenge you're going to find here is whether the games actually work anymore. Quite a few seem to sell untested on eBay, so that's the best option. hope you find the manuals, big box Amiga and PC stuff looks great.
  3. My god, the special effects in this are atrocious. Worse than the rhinos in black panther
  4. This is good fun, but I'm finding myself going back to Final Vendetta a bit more. Turtles feels quite bare in comparison.
  5. That’s fair enough. I also find I need a physical reminder, so I am more likely to play an N64 because I can see them all on my shelf.
  6. I'll probably keep it as I love the N64 and I've always wanted to own it. Your mention about Everdrives is one of the reasons why I don't think piracy ever impacted sales in the way many suggested. If something's taken you no effort or cost to obtain odds are you're not going to play it. I use my Everdrive on N64 as a buyer's guide. Playing the first level of Indy made me know I wanted to take a punt on it.
  7. Completed Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine. It crashed on the last level a couple of times but I found it to be highly impressive at times, with a scale you just don't see in N64 games. I absolutely wasn't worth £180 but I have had a lot of fun (and frustration) with it.
  8. While Bubble Bobble is good on PS2 Taito Legends I'm sure there's a lot of autofire issues with some of the other games. If you can justify the price the Egret is a fantastic bit of kit.
  9. Some of mine. Top Gun Maverick Blade Runner 2049 Spider-Man 2 Mad Max: Fury Road Godfather 2 Empire Strikes Back Mission Impossible: Fallout toy Story 2 John Wick 3 LOTR Two Towers skyfall Bourne Ultimatum Terminator 2
  10. I don't care about a 4K-ready Switch but it would be nice to have a machine powerful enough to play my current Switch games at reasonable framerates. I love the Switch but some of its third-party games are shockingly optimised, I'd be happy enough with a console that makes that a thing of the past.
  11. No, it's a cool little speech, but it doesn't work in the context of how she's been behaving. Lots of characters seem to be acting inconsistently this season for no other reason that to keep pushing the plodding story forward.
  12. Fair enough. Murray has been inconsistent as well. One minute he's the most paranoid person on the planet who trusts no-one, the next he's fallen asleep because he's drunk a stranger's drugged coffee. It's just a woefully inconsistent start to the season so far. It felt like the first season really tapped into something potentially special and now it's just. Nostalgia, Nostaglia!, NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!
  13. Did she come out in the last season? It feels like they're trying to tie her new personality traits to her gender preference which is a bit shit if true.
  14. I was a bit disappointed with both Steve and Robin, I think they've regressed slightly. They made Steve dumb again for several episodes before remembering that they'd given him an arc where he'd actually become protective and heroic and they've just made Robin into a weird goofball. She seemed a lot more grounded in the last season but now she seems far weirder than she was. I think you're right that there are far too many characters and most of them simply aren't gelling like they did in the earliest seasons. Oh and Eddie is just rubbish. He's seemingly clueless about the most basic things in D&D lore like gates, despite being a DM and the only thing I like about him is that they're clearly setting him up to die at the end of season. The hatred towards D&D is completely on the nose so that's good to see, as it had a horrific rep (completely unjustified of course) in the 80s (even Tesco and Smiths used to sell D&D books).
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