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  1. Even if you did make a mag around the years you’ve stated you’ll still get complaints that there’s too much newer content in it. There are more than enough people that don’t consider anything beyond 8-bit as retro. And yes, it’s perfectly viable to make a fanzine along the lines you've mentioned, but virtually all of them have failed. I was largely looking at it from a commercial viewpoint because that’s the sector I am in.
  2. books are vastly different to 4 weekly magazines though.
  3. Absolutely. It’s a pointless endeavour because what people mean is ‘things I played when I was a kid’ and everyone grew up at different times I’ve had this crop up almost weekly for the last 18 years of my professional career, but you largely tune it out and realise that’s it’s impossible to cater for everyone, you just have to do the best you can do and based on the fact I’m still here there’s enough people who agree with me. Even though it’s fruitless I still enjoy threads like this because at least everyone here can put across what matters to them and not throw a tan
  4. It’s basically saying ‘the things you loved growing up aren’t actually retro so go away’. And thus we come back to the same tiresome argument which essentially comes down to ‘the things I like are consider retro are retro and that is it’. I just feel it’s a narrow viewpoint to take. That’s just my take on it though. It’s relatively early on Sunday. I dare say there will be some who agree with you.
  5. Most RG content is exclusively in that era you’ve mentioned with few few pages outside it most issues. One thing I have noticed within the retro community is that some (not all) want a mag called Vintage Gamer, which ties in better with their idea of what retro is (which we know from this thread is a pointless endeavour). I don’t really like this because retro should be for everyone and what they really want is to exclude others from being in their little club, which means they can have more space dedicated to the things that they like. Tribalism is rife in gaming and it’s particul
  6. Whoops. I've just flicked through the issue and realised that the Xbox 360 game Earth Defence Force 2017 is actually in this issue
  7. Keith's Dad talks a lot of sense. It's relatively straightforward to find the rare cards. Focus on mythics first etc and then go to a play like magic madhouse and look by set and highest price first. Pick out everything that is over a certain price and sell those separately. There's no shortage of people who will buy cards, the buyer market is quite frankly bonkers at the moment.
  8. Sorry. We knew this would happen. We still run it though
  9. I think the other thing that killed it was when they started trying to sell it as a way to efficiently stream (lol) your PS4 games. After all, why developer two games when you can focus on one? I think it's a fantastic quirky system (I've nearly got a complete set of limited run games) but it just didn't seem to pick up that mainstream support.
  10. I've sunk a few hours into the Ghost Of Sparta and Loco Roco. Really enjoy both, although Ghost Of Sparta sometimes looks a little muddy. It's interesting that the Vita never really captured people's attention in the way the PSP did.
  11. I love the photos that show a bunch of them huddled together. They look lovely
  12. yeah it's very frustrating that we don't get them here. They clearly feel there isn't a market for it, which is a pity.
  13. It's been quiet all day, aside from a flurry of activity when 8 or 9 Long-Tailed Tits passed through. I checked to see if there were any stragglers (smaller birds tend to join foraging groups like this) but I couldn't see any. Still it puts the total count up by another one
  14. That's a fair assessment. Those aren't good traits to have in this current environment though. I'm half-expecting Black Widow to go the streaming route. I just can't see cinemas being packed any time soon (2021).
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