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  1. Interested to hear thoughts. Really looking forward to that Gaelco compilation.
  2. Still waiting. Don’t they know who I am!
  3. A working keyboard isn’t going to be practical though. Just wait for the inevitable full-size edition in 2023
  4. Yeah, he's been on record saying he turned down the last ghostbusters because he felt it was pointless. I'd Imagine he still feels the same way.
  5. Yeah content is a poor word.
  6. Content generators might be a better title. Again though, it's not all Youtubers. There's plenty of great ones out there who do great, insightful videos and even credit you when they use your work. Influencers just feels underhanded. No wonder they slipped away from it.
  7. I despise the term "Influencer" it just feels really grubby.
  8. The trick is to rip them to your Xbox or Xbox 360 and then put them in the loft, waiting for Father Time to do the rest.
  9. If you've got physical NTSC games it's worth trying those as well. I've got King Of Fighters Neo Wave and it downloads on a UK Series X despite never having had a UK release. One of the third-person Cabela action games also works despite not showing anywhere on the store. I've been buying quite a few physical 360 games lately and it's quite fun seeing what the Series X will happily load up.
  10. Interestingly, I remember a review site from years ago and it used to pride itself on the fact that all its games were paid for and didn't come from publishers. It's reviews were typically really high or really low, so did that mean the game was particularly poor or amazing, or because it was the reviewer justifying their purchase with a high score (or getting angry when they'd spent £50 on a dud). It's an interesting debate but probably needs its own thread. Sorry.
  11. Just to point out that Retro Gamer was obviously sent out a review sample. We couldn’t review it otherwise and we certainly wouldn’t have featured it on the cover if we were not happy with it. I’ve not played on the VS myself yet.
  12. Yeah. I recently dumped it from my collection because I don't really like how the have Spider-Man playing second fiddle to Stark and that it's all about his suit. But I may have to track a copy down again, because Keaton really lifts the film. It's the same reason I have Last Jedi and Rise Of Skywalker still. I don't think they're good movies, but I love Adam Driver's performance in them so it's enough to make me keep watching them. Man, Keaton was on a role during that period. The Founder was excellent as well.
  13. Agree with this 100% That fact he’s willing to kill a kid who is getting in his way is quite chilling. I think one of the weakest aspects of most Marvel movies is that the majority of them have really weak villains.
  14. I agree. I thought they were decent, though. A lot better than the usual Marvel ones.
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