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  1. Sony's confidence wasn't very quiet in the 'second job' PS3 era, hyuck hyuck.
  2. Not just busier every year with multi-million dollar productions that aren't these BBC offerings?
  3. Great theme and if they nail the movement it could do near Goat Simulator numbers. But right now it's too slow and it lacks that Tony Hawk 'flow', things don't feel like they've moved on much at all handling-wise since the first demo.
  4. Not really, just a fanservice cameo, you know how it goes. The Blades are about as impactful as assist trophies in Smash, funnily enough. Sakurai acknowledged Rex's omission and explained it was due to time constraints before launch, and now here comes KOS MOS. I'm going to be hissing some hurtful passive aggression at my bodypillow across the dinnertable tonight.
  5. It seems like it comes from this, though, which is all a bit 'enthusiast' dreamlist. Obscure Clock Tower remaster revealed at the super mainstream Oscars-alike Keighley vehicle, Shin Megami Tensei revival and some KH! Oh and by the way first party HZD on PC. Could still be true, obviously, and just the poster's preference of priority.
  6. KOS MOS from Xenosaga instead of a Xenoblade 2 character? Grrr.
  7. More DLC characters/new FP confirmed as coming later at least. If I don't see one more third party humanoid come to Smash Bros I'll be happy. Apart from Leon S. Kennedy. Oh. I'm part of the problem.
  8. My first thought too. Will the original excellent Yakuza 4 voicework be redone, therefore opening up the possibility of it being worse? Maybe 4 got content cut that I'm not aware of, and given the voice actor wasn't around to voice the new stuff they had to redo the rest of the game to match...?
  9. Ultimate being closer to U than 64 was to Melee is a surprising position, but one that plenty of players and reviewers feel about each generation of Smash Bros games, so fair dos to those who are disappointed. I think objectively it's a bigger leap than Melee and Brawl, but people had the same 'not much new' complaint about 64 to Melee, which I find plain unfathomable. Like I say, they play so similarly and retain so much fan-favourite content that the plethora of new stuff is sometimes ignored in conversation. Ultimate must be, what, 50% new stuff, even though it's specifically billed as a compilation of all Smash Bros games? There's another point: if she hasn't played 64, Melee, 3DS or Brawl all the stuff included in Ultimate from those games is new for her, too. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a 'tarted up' port but Ultimate's a new game.
  10. They're often accused of being updates because they play so similarly, return stages and the characters retain their movesets bar a few tweaks. But content-wise they're full sequels, with Ultimate being the most complete. There's a bigger single player offering than thw WiiU game.
  11. I'd like the VMU to be done again but realised properly as it could be with today's technological oomph.
  12. It's Shovel Knight amiibo day, if you didn't get them yesterday. My first gold/silver amiibo, given it's not a lazy respray.
  13. I know what you mean; those twilight releases where studios have really got to grips with the console and know how to get the most out of it. I think notable technical achievements should be noted too where it's warranted as that's part of it, even if it's sometimes harder to define. The Last Of Us, GTA San Andreas, Twilight Princess, Snake Eater, GT6, Conker's BFD and SOTC come to mind. Nintendo might end up falling comparatively short here as they tend to know their hardware inside out from day one.
  14. Funny, I opened this thread to talk about my renewed hope that an Ishin translation will happen, as the subject just came up in conversation with @Bennytoday. With 3, 4 and 5 being ported/tweaked and SEGAs trust in the series clearly cemented I hope we do see it. But hell yeah, I'd like to see a Kenzan Kiwami-esque overhaul first, to play them in the right order. My one concern is that the PS5 is out at the end of 2020 and I'd like the PS4 live long enough to see that Ishin translation actually be released, as I could see it being delayed by a Kenzan remaster existing. At least it'd only need a translation and no massive rework.
  15. Oh god. More boats, then.
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