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  1. It's an absolute gem. I didn't think the Xenoblade series would get its heart back after the cold, task-oriented X, but 2 is just full of clever landscape spectacle, likeable characters and a sense of camaraderie that's only equalled in a JRPG by the optimistic chums from Skies Of Arcadia. I sometimes wonder whether XC2 would have been even better had Zelda: BotW not cannibalised its staff. 3 programmers! https://segmentnext.com/2018/02/06/impacted-xenoblade-chronicles-2-team/
  2. Oh man. An actual b-tier videogame for this disappointingly slick and high budget AAA generation. Yes!
  3. I don't care to hear the so-called 'unbiased opinions' of someone who blatantly gets backhanders from Ocean and Interplay, thanks.
  4. Carlospie, you're mad. What major outlet doesn't get sent free games or given free backdoor access to services to review them? I think Antstream is a bit doomed and Anne Summers/jamielemon is demonstrating his usual here. But you're being grossly unfair/keen, and seemingly lashing out at everything and flitting between subjects of annoyance - be it Eurogamer, quantum physics or Anne's PR abilities. You can know it doesn't work as claimed and understand the science, but some decorum and singularity of accusation, jeez. Or at least watch the part of the Eurogamer coverage that talks about the lag. You're making anyone else with concerns/criticisms look rabid. Besides, if you wanted to court conspiracies you should've gone with the fact that *gasp!* job cybernet contributed some articles to Eurogamer several careers ago. Dun dun DUN!
  5. We're just playing the game differently and we should keep that in the back of our minds when we talk about these things. Iirc you're a TPP player, while I'm solely a FPP player. They're fundamentally so different I won't disagree with your experience - especially when we don't know each others' matchmaking rank. In EU FPP these days it's got (famously) ridiculously brutal, and it's rare that a fight lasts long enough close range (which is what we're talking about, because SMGs) for reloads to be the problem - everyone's a laser. MP5K and Vector are bedfellows, though.
  6. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    My guess is a kickstand would stay and you'd just pair other joycons with it. The smaller size might ruin the visibility and having to carry around joycons anyway would mean any size advantage would be lost anyway.
  7. Bizon's still the third shittest SMG imo (better than the Tommy with its awful ironsights and recoil pattern, and the Micro which is awesome at hipfire but limited given its lack of attachments). The Bizon's large magazine is just a false sense of security given its terrible time to kill; second only in slowness to the UMP. On the test server today... lots of PUBG wishes come true. A lvl 3 helm-wrecking Deagle, and gas cans are, at long last, explodable when shot. YES. Also the aquatic tank is online, with some other treats. Ledge grabbing looks smooth, although PUBG Corp might want to iron out that 'looking up' limit now that Pochinki is essentially going to become Gotham City. The Deagle's audio is awesome, and the high recoil/slow shooting speed seems right to me - although I've only watched, not played. Most exciting news for sidearm users since the Skorpo. It doesn't take a suppressor, which is a large part of my pistol game, but I think it'd be too OP if it did. https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1599256365684260034 (Funny glitch at the moment where shells come out of your Deagle when someone close shoots theirs. ) Never strafe with an M249..
  8. Yeah, the antigrav stuff in Mario Cars just means you can be more creative with your track design, I don't know what the downside to its inclusion is. It's not a meaningful gameplay change but it's not billed as one anymore: it has no gameplay repercussions to the handling (unless you're being really ungenerous and consider the karter collision boosts in these sections gamebreaking). The anti-grav is a theme (world explanation, if you like) not a mechanic and is just a license to stay creatively untethered and keep more player control in track setpieces that might previously have been less hands-on while doing so. Now one can drive down a waterfall instead of fly/drop with reduced input, like the barrel cannon in Double Dash's DK Mountain. Flying's another thing that helps bridge this gap even though it's rather funneled and autopilot in my experience. You almost have to actively sabotage your trajectory to fail if items aren't involved. Removal of underwater is an idea I have more time for, because it's a gameplay-affecting one - karts become slower and less responsive and I think that's why they keep those sections brief. Regardless of their brevity, I can put myself in the boots of someone who'd like them gone. But if it were a big problem for the game, I'd sooner argue to keep the spectacle and variety (and the sax!) and make the handling uniform across the track.
  9. Me too - and I still am. That castle really is taking off. Where's it going to go, 1 km away?
  10. It'll be Zelda and Link setting off on a new or continuing adventure after the end of BotW, guaranteed. No messy prequel that demands amnesia from all the other characters, too.
  11. If it's not coming to the WiiU, I'm out.
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