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  1. I notice this is on console, which I thought was more locked down for mods and stuff. Is that a texture pack, or does Minecraft have wallpaper/floor patterns now? Also, toasters? Jars? That got me googling and I had no idea there was a kitchenware update.
  2. Stop wasting all the magic computer bits on these cards and pour them into the 3080, dammit.
  3. That's specifically my point. Analog's in. Given Smash 4/Ultimate didn't even have analog shoulder function I'd assumed the GC controllers with the Smash balls on were digital.
  4. I know winter isn't the time, but if there isn't a deluge of new crops to grow in Spring and Summer...
  5. And the analog shoulder buttons function is in. Even the newer Smash GC controllers' shoulders are analog.
  6. I want to get in on this in the next year, too. I remember when these SD adapters first emerged there were some compatibility issues with some games, possibly due to the faster loading speeds. Has there been an active firmware/fix scene and how is it in 2020?
  7. At last, a compelling reason to time travel.
  8. Had no idea. I'm going to research all of this for some nice fuzzy Tuesday feelings.
  9. The Siphon Filter series was brilliant, @bplus. Can't believe I didn't know that existed, @K!
  10. This one is being more actively updated, so it's hard to say. Previous versions were more set in stone, with new additions usually being code unlockables and the like. They're talked about 3 years of AC support so it's possible we'll see new decorations each year. But it's a game/series that always manages to be both stingey and abundant at the same time, so who knows.
  11. Log in everyday, we're limiting daily candy purchases! Also you can farm infinite candies constantly on the night.
  12. Also, this is a fantastic 'fuck you' to the scalpers.
  13. Is it true that you need minimum 15 candy for tonight? CHRIST.
  14. Always happens, like the overuse of bloom in the PS2/GC/Xbox era and Witcher 3's foliage thrashing about in silent 100km winds.
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