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  1. Spent yesterday evening playing Outer Rim. I was a bit trepidatious after reading through the lengthy manual and watching some convoluted how to set up and play videos and seeing some so-so reviews. Need ‘t have worried, it zipped along nicely and our two player game was done in a couple of hours. Best thing about it is the atmosphere it creates and the ability to construct unique ships and crew. By the end I had Dr Aphra flying Slave 1 with Greedo as crew. Weirdly it reminded me of the Tony Boydell prototype I played, Attention all Shipping. But instead of upgrading my freezer to stop my mackerel going off before I made it to Calais, I was upgrading my loading bay to fit in a Rancor that I had to deliver to Tatooine. Spent a good half hour getting stuck around Kessell surrounded by Hutt, Rebel, Syndicate and Imperial patrols baying for my blood. Felt good. Will be playing again.
  2. Doom at the time was unbelievably atmospheric. Bizarrely I found Chuckie Egg 2 one of the most atmospheric games when it was released also, there was a terrifying feeling of vertigo it created which I didn’t feel again until I played The Last Guardian some 30 years later. Currently Wipeout VR has to be the most atmospheric game, well, ever. So completely immersive you may as well be on the holodeck.
  3. Hopefully Sith troopers will be as well integrated into the plot as Captain Phasma. Screen time of 90 seconds then comedy killed by a porg.
  4. Loved this season. Possibly my favourite. They nailed the body horror, schlock monsters and Evil Dead vibe. All wrapped up in an ongoing Goonies saga with loveable kids, although some of the boys were looking rather old to be wearing the shorts they were stuffed into. The references were a bit more niche I thought, which made them all the more satisfying. The Outburst had me punching the sky like a Young over excited Tom Cruise. Stranger Things 4: Can’t come soon enough. In the meantime I’m well up for re-watching the first three seasons.
  5. womblingfree

    Saw 9

    Chris Rock? Saw 9? Man, that divorce must have rinsed him dry.
  6. The first Terminator is pretty much perfect. I never really cared for T2. 15 certificate, John Connor as Scrappy Doo, thumbs up....It has its moments for sure, but it’s nowhere near deserving of classic status IMO. Alien > Aliens are a far better and more consistent double act.
  7. I often get the urge to revisit Brian Bloodaxe as I’m sure I was close to finishing it. Also, having spent the best part of two years playing Goldeneye daily it still bugs me I never completed it on 00. Still got the cartridge, just need to find an N64.
  8. I have a grudge against EA for ruining Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dead Space and closing down some of the best games studios on Earth. Apart from that they seem like bastards.
  9. I got some mint boxed Dreamcast Samba de Amigo maracas plus the game for about 200 yen. Which was about two quid.
  10. Not as powerful as 2 or 3 I thought, but completely excellent. Felt more like “the continuing adventures of...” than the natural progression of the last three. Loved Gabby Gabby’s arc.
  11. I went to this one and it was fucking brilliant. Archaos juggling chainsaws on the original Pyramid Stage was a highlight. Everyone knows 90% of the best stuff is always off the main stages anyway.
  12. I’d never heard of James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy or the lead actor. Only person I knew was that one of them was in the Star Trek reboot I hated and that Bin Diesel was a tree.
  13. After trying Mankind Divided for a second time, wanting to love it, I’m just bored again. I’ve never missed Witcher III’s design of something happening every few minutes more than now. Have to wait a bit longer for my non tabletop Cyberpunk hit.
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