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  1. Nomadland - 5/5 The realisation during the credits that these guys were just these guys broke me.
  2. Finished episode 2 last night and so many amazing WTF!? moments so far. Good to see something that isn’t telegraphing the plot and outcome from the beginning. Love the setting and small town claustrophobia.
  3. Everything in Star Wars since 1983, apart from the Sequels and some far-future EU comics, has been a prequel. And now we have prequels to prequels, and prequels to prequels to prequels.
  4. Just squeaked a ShopTo order in an hour ago. May the postal gods be with me.
  5. Fuck Kathleen Kennedy. Fuck Disney. #MAGA #WeLoveCaraDune
  6. @Pob Nope, they are actually filming in Blackpool right now.
  7. Filming is underway for Andor on Cleveleys beach, Blackpool.
  8. Going straight from watching the lot and the Season 7 finale will be all sorts of amazing.
  9. This is bloody great, wasn’t expecting feature length episodes either. From this showing, it’s carrying on the quality of the end of Season 7 and running with it. @Garwoofoo @And It’s set directly after Order 66, so the end of TCW. You can either jump to Season 7 or dive right into Bad Batch. It’s set up pretty well so that ploughing through TCW isn’t really necessary, but S7 TCW is god-tier Star Wars, so you’re in for a treat there whenever you decide to watch it.
  10. When it comes to showing Star Wars to my kids I’m considering going straight to Clone Wars after the OT. It’s so much better than the Prequels in terms of character development. Maybe squeeze the Prequels in before Season 7? That would work. Got a few years to figure it out, one’s two and the other one isn’t arriving till June. I think it’s sensible that this matter is second on the list of priorities after which nursery they’ll go to.
  11. @GarwoofooThe lasr three episodes Of Season 7 Clone Wars are top-tier Star Wars. Watching Bad Batch now. Got my Bingo card ready.
  12. Something odd’s happened in the world of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Out of nowhere the long cancelled novel Heart of the Jedi has popped up on Amazon. It says “independently published” so I’d expect Disney to take it down asap. There’s a little history of the books non-publication at the back, along with notes. If you’re interested, grab it before it’s pulled. https://amzn.to/3ecmdbj Also available as a PDF here: http://www.starwarstimeline.net/The Heart of the Jedi.htm The rather tragic tale of the knock on effect it all had on the
  13. They’re flipping loved by a lot of millennials these days though. Saw an interview from a couple of years back and Hayden Christensen was cheered to the rafters. He seemed completely perplexed but delighted that those shite films he’d done decades ago were now popular. The retconning these fans do is nuts. A couple of examples; The acting’s terrible! - Hayden Christensen gives a pitch-perfect performance of a confused young man. The romance between Anakin and Padme is terrible! - Yes, but Anakin was isolated and had little contact with women, therefore of co
  14. I have no idea what you’re referring to, but this is sound advice for practically everything Paul Bettany’s ever been in.
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