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  1. It’s always triggers that go for me. Think out of dozens of controllers over many years I’ve only had trouble with the sticks in a couple.
  2. Series S available at Very. https://www.very.co.uk/xbox-series-s-xbox-series-s-with-optional-extras/1600503630.prd?itemAdded=true&_requestid=68022
  3. I don’t blame them for semi-conductor shortages. I just want to take my ticket number and wait patiently.
  4. Unless they’re announcing you can order one without having to join an alert-bot Twitter or Discord group, followed by a frantic dash to a crashed website which once refreshed a dozen times puts you in a queue for an hour, let’s you put a compulsory £699.99 bundle in your basket and then kicks you out saying there’s no stock....they can fuck off.
  5. “A single cable” could work. Much as VR on PS4 was the best thing ever, having to set the thing up as though you were plugging into a 90’s Cyberpunk Manga version of ThE NeT was not a winner.
  6. Has anyone managed to sign-up to All Access since the Series X was released?
  7. Just watched In Fabric and it’s either the worst or best thing I’ve ever seen. 1/5 or 5/5
  8. If shops want to be fair, sell one console per person.
  9. Got onto ShopTo a few refreshes after it got stock. 18,000th in the queue.
  10. How do bots work? And how can I get one??
  11. Very did get stock and it went in literally two seconds. You could add to basket but then, gone.
  12. Let’s have a new proper Ridge Racer and F-Zero, then we’ll see how dead sales are for racers.
  13. If the Intellivision’s £250 I presume the Collecovision will be £399.99. Finally. Always wanted to play their Smurf game.
  14. Thinking of getting the digital model if I get the chance. They give you a bunch of the best PS4 games that run enhanced, plus Control. So with PS+ I can’t imagine buying anything full price at launch more than once every year or two. The launch games already seem to be going for about thirty quid.
  15. Another Shawbot alert for Very just now. Nothing.
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