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  1. Proper Urien tutorial series just started:
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already, I went back a few pages.
  3. I've got the same one but it's in a poster tube until there's a space for it. I do have a Capcom bag given out at the AOU 1999 show with the same print on: Her hand is massive.
  4. I do love that 3S Chun Li portrait.
  5. Makes me want to see Joker a little bit more now.
  6. The moral panic of Liberals struggling to grasp the times they're in is amusing. There's a good discussion of the film and the wider politics on Chapo:
  7. If you're looking to get into Urien you could use Dr Steelhammer's tutorial series:
  8. I bought one from him back on ntsc-uk. It definitely is the Component box though, because I remember it had the sticker in the corner. I wonder if he's contactable still? As an aside, what's a fair price for the lead bundled with a boxed NTSC-U GC do you think? I know they were quite valuable at one point but I assume times change.
  9. Would this mean I have two RGB modded scarts leads but achieved separately from using a d-terminal and a Component lead?
  10. Could anyone help identify this lead on the left? I'm in the process of bundling up my US GC to sell with a Saurian modded RGB scart, but I've come across second cable that also looks modded and I can't remember exactly where I got it from or what it is. I'm assuming it must've come with a replacement NTSC-U GC I bought a while back when mine became faulty.
  11. Early version of New Generation. The slo mo Super Art is pretty cool.
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