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  1. Anime

    You might like this Twitter thread:
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    The parts of Zelda I really like is the small rewards for going off the beaten path. I didn't think there were enough of those in WW. The idea that BotW sort of flips it with making exploration supreme with the main quest becoming the detour. I like it.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Just started this. I haven't played a 'big' Zelda since Wind Waker, despite owning Twilight Princess. I'm finding the controls a little fiddly but I'm sure I'll adjust. I've done the first shrine but I went on a decent detour beforehand. How do you not just detour constantly to explore?
  4. Nintendo Switch

    SOLD! Interesting. I had it down to be like a variation of Virtua On.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Can I parry?
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Got a little more than I thought I would with my trade ins at CEX, so I came out with a very handsome neon Switch & Zelda: BotW, plus a £17 voucher to spare.
  7. Details for Fist of the Notts Star Tournament
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. I'll stop being a fanny about it and go down and just inspect the thing before I commit.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I've been totting up some stuff I have to potentially trade at CEX and I reckon I have enough for a Switch. Anyone had any experience buying consoles from there? I've literally never bought anything from them.
  10. Digitiser is back

    Nice to see Big Boy Barry getting some work post Mad Catz.
  11. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    So. The big one. Kuroda DVDs. Here's the 1st one. Gouki. At the end he loses to Vanao's Ryu and just decides to straight up switch to Dudley for 20mins. He is just terrifying. Edit: The sound is there but it is low. You may want to turn it up.
  12. Been using them for a while now in the FG scene. Rather old hat now, dear boy.

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