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  1. Apparently this song by Canadian band 'Gold & Youth' is inspired by the podcaster Michael S Judge of 'Death Is Just Around the Corner'. I like it.
  2. Hey man, do you wanna let me know your address so I can post your raffle prize out to you?

  3. Ah nice. I'll queue that one up.
  4. John Shuttleworth will be gigging literally 5 mins from the house later this year and I'm very tempted but can't quite bring myself to book. Anyone seen him?
  5. Nuh-uh Although if you want Alpha/Zero footage you can't go wrong with acho: Or their main channel has more as well: https://youtube.com/user/GAMEacho
  6. Friend of mine just updated his website for the small shop he has in Newport Arcade.
  7. So One Piece is really gearing up.
  8. @Mr Do 71 Ahh, I managed 8 out of 10 just by picking the most boring option before I saw your list.
  9. Cheers. I'll proceed to get washed repeatedly somewhere else on the map.
  10. I've just started this and picked a key as a starting item, which unlocked an area next to the first bonfire. Anyway, I can't get past the last section of the second ramp as the contraption that's flying back and forth, doesn't appear to leave enough time to make the run. This all feels very familiar.
  11. Brilliant trailer.
  12. I wasn't aware of this curiosity but thought maybe some folks here would be interested?
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