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  1. Despite this game seemingly falling apart the further I was in, there's just something about it which has compelled me to 100% it. Even 100% things which the game doesn't give you a stat for. I am stupidly OP. I think I'd like to play this game again at some point in the future but running stable and looking dandy. Maybe the Xbox Series X will make it run like a dream via BC wizardry? With what I've learned doing late game stuff, I'd play this differently from the off. Some tips which have been invaluable to avoid the more mean drop rates. First time you get Gold, Dismantle it down via Johannes and then immediately Craft it. Voila, it'll be in the shop to buy. Money is easier to farm to buy Gold than hoping for loot or dismantling gear (Ayamur/Flame Mail) Getting your Luck stat as high as possible is really important when going farming for anything (Money, Items, Shards). I can get it to 135, which will happily give $2000 bag drops, send shards flying and see decent items fall at my feet. Swapping out Augment Luck for Red Remembrance is good for this. Knock you health down to between 100 to 200 (spikes/environmental hazards work quick) and my luck goes from 105 with end game equipment and maxed Aug LCK, to 135. All your other stats jump too so you hit heavier and take less damage. Money is Power and Alchemy Bounty are important to max out in Rank and Grade. If you can Craft or Prepare something with a maxed or high Alchemy Bounty, you'll get as many as 5 rather than 1. Super useful if what you crafted had a difficult to obtain drop, as you can now Dismantle the surplus items to release the rare drop for use elsewhere. Rinse & Repeat. I'm doing this for the 8 bit Nightmare book necessary if you want to upgrade those 19 weapons you buy with the 8 bit and then 16bit coins, to their final 32bit coin upgrade. Things you craft/prepare are available in the shop to buy. If you don't get surplus during the crafting, equip Money is Power, sell your surplus stock at higher rates to raise $ and buy what you made for dismantling to release rare drops for future craft/prep or shard enhancement. I'm 100% on everything bar enemies (2 remain which is the Final Boss and Final Boss phase 2), Skills (<40%) and Map (99.8%, I assume the last boss area is final 0.2%). I'm also maxing the Rank & Grade of every shard in the game bar the few where that's impossible (1 off boss shards). It's fun to see what carnage these things can bring but I don't think there's a single regular enemy, even in Den of Behemoths, a lot of them won't 1 shot. So, so OP. I've got a Gunslinger shortcut which handily deals over a 1200 damage and I know the 32bit gun deals even more. My farming shortcut with Red Remembrance will annihilate the 8bit Overlord before he completes his first attack wave. I remember properly fearing the Carpenter optional boss, taking ages and burning through all healing items and recipes, but can now waltz in there and happily give him space to summon Demon Lords as I was after their Fiend Heart drops! Weirdly, defeating Millionaires Baine, The Carpenter or the Simon Belmont rip off, will reset the Blue Chests without the need to leave the area via a red door. Speaking of Shortcuts, I'm missing 3. I assume there'll be unlocked if I find them again in NG+ ? This game has crashed a lot. Kicked me back to the home screen, hanged for what felt like an eternity and turns my screen into a strobe light disco when shards appear. When the Dantalion familiar starts to cast, a hot mess of yellow and purple disco goes off. Some rooms take an age to load no matter the ingress point, almost sapping my will to farm something. Almost. Yet despite all that, I feel compelled to utterly rinse it.
  2. I think I'm a little stuck again. I've just recently done the Oriental Garden and beat yer Samurai man for his sword. I've since scoured the map for new routes and found and beat the Carpenter mini boss plus the 8 bit secret area mini-boss. Both very hard fights! Alas, nothing presents new route wise. Just a symbol and candles next to Shard upgrader dude. Is there another place I'm overlooking? I just beat Gebel (?) with the donated sword (Zangatsu?) but just got the bad ending again.
  3. If only this was their ad campaign.
  4. Picked it up from Argos Clearance like @Santas Boyfriend I'm enjoying it. The opening area has a fair bit of interest, loot and so on to pull you along. Positive start. I've not installed the update yet but I'm thinking I should. I'm finding the Rat shard is quite useful but creates some hefty chugging in the frame rate and got comically bad when I unleashed one in a room with 3 enemies. It's not enough to put me off playing but it's a yikes all the same.
  5. There's a physical edition (£25) for the Switch in my local cex I'm eyeing up, but I just need some reassurance the port isn't a dogs breakfast?
  6. TheShend

    Nintendo Switch

    Interesting. I might try one of these if I can't solve why my left joy con' buttons all stopped working bar the analogue stick.
  7. Matlock Bath even? That place looks like a mini Blackpool when I drive through.
  8. Proper Urien tutorial series just started:
  9. Apologies if this has been posted already, I went back a few pages.
  10. I've got the same one but it's in a poster tube until there's a space for it. I do have a Capcom bag given out at the AOU 1999 show with the same print on: Her hand is massive.
  11. I do love that 3S Chun Li portrait.
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