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  1. tronied

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    Always a classic:
  2. Now TV recently asked whether I'd do a survey which took ages to answer. The survey was essentially asking how we'd feel if they took out 20th Century Fox films, Disney and other content and created separate subscription channels charging extra for them (£6.99). Obviously I answered that it would be crap, but then they said later in the survey that they would replace it with films like James Bond and a few other older films and would that be ok? At the end of the day, I said I'd cancel if it came to that and I imagine those people which took the time to answer would give the same responses. I can understand that they might not have much option aside from doing this, but Now TV would become a lot less attractive if they removed half the content which makes it appealing in the first place. I might wait for them to remove it then cancel and see what Disney come up with as so far it's looking decent.
  3. tronied

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Watching that trailer, it may be coincidence but parts of that look to be heavily influenced from a BBC production made ages ago called Surviving Disaster: Chernobyl with Ade Edmondson. That was great so I can recommend that if you get a chance to watch it. As for this, I'll certainly give it a go if I can watch it somewhere as I find what happened fascinating.
  4. tronied

    The future of interactive media : Discuss

    What a stupid thing to say It's a nice idea to have one box for everything, but that would require each platform holder to make their games available from a common platform which seems unlikely. I know Google has headed down this route using a browser, but most streaming services will likely require their own apps in order to work. Maybe it will be possible down the line by buying a small PC to hook-up to the TV, but that will likely be only supported by Microsoft and very doubtful to be supported by Sony or Nintendo.
  5. tronied

    Game streaming - the future, or a red herring?

    @carlospie Do you think they do that to try and make us feel bad about ourselves? I've noticed they've started sending those in recent months. Something tells me I doubt they do this with the customers who only consume about 10-20gb. Still, I almost treat it as a challenge to beat my score from last time. Shadow certainly chews up the data though at 1440p!
  6. Unfortunately I think they mean £29.95! Check your account as you should be on the new pricing now. If not you're a lucky sod
  7. Ok, so after waiting for it (and finally getting past their server issues), I've gone ahead and bought a Shadow Ghost and got the e-mail to confirm On the negative side though, I've noticed that they've pushed all their existing clients onto a new price plan without warning us several months in advance. I got the e-mail literally a couple of days ago telling us of their new "pricing plan" which was 1 month £29.95 or 12-month (insane!) for £26.95. Would have been nice to get some warnings and it does seem a bit dubious how they're now charging everyone a higher rate without asking or confirming. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a 6-month for £26.95 or preferably a 3-month, but 12-months to get the cheaper rate is crazy. I know in the grand scheme of things £33 for what I'm getting is a good deal, but it remains to be seen how long it remains there.
  8. tronied

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    IMO it doesn't at all feel laggy and awkward. I couldnt tell the difference playing locally to remotely. Again though, you're hearing it purely from mine and others perspectives. Instead you have to base it on your own experience.
  9. tronied

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    Me and a couple of others here have had good experience using Shadow instances. Worth a look if you're tempted to give it one more try. I hate writing these things as I sound like I'm writing an advert but check around for promo codes as they normally run a few. Alternatively there's a code I posted a few pages back to get a tenner off first month and cancel immediately if it's not for you. Getting back to it though, I think I'm going to step away from this as there's no convincing some people who have already cemented misconceptions. All I will say is even if you had a 50ms round-trip time (ignoring whatever bandwidth / res you're streaming), theres very few games you'd notice that in. Sure maybe playing some arcade fighter where your reactions are so tuned that you need to react within 1/20th second is required, but for the majority of gamers that's just not the case. Even competitive FPS, the majority of the time rarely comes down to that small margin with who pulled the trigger first. If that's really what you need then game streaming isn't for you. All I'm saying is don't discount it without experiencing it for yourself and don't judge purely off of others opinions.
  10. tronied

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    One person saying they’ve tried it and found it laggy hardly makes for a majority view. I know I’ve personally played at 1440p streaming on my parents in-law 30mb BT connection. I was able to play on my MacBook Pro with a mouse no issues at all in games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed Origins and BF1. I’m not saying it’s perfect and sure there are some issues sometimes with the service sometimes taking a few attempts to find my instance(?) and the video driver screwing up, but I wouldn’t have switched over if I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I’m a gamer and wouldn’t accept laggy gameplay. As I said, try it and if it works for you then great. If not then there are still options for you in the upcoming console generation.
  11. tronied

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    I hate this every time someone mentions streaming games without having tried it themselves first. I've been happily gaming remotely for months now and NEVER notice any lag. Even when playing something like BF1. Yeah, sure you'll need a 15mb connection minimum to get a decent experience, but times are moving on now. I'll probably get negged to heck for this but this is where things are going. If you really want to see it working for yourselves, sign up to shadow.tech for £16.95 (use code ROBR7UUG) for first month and cancel immediately. Try it for 30 days and see if you change your mind as it certainly did with me. All I'm saying is don't slate it by quoting physics without first trying it.
  12. Since my old PC is little more than a glorified streaming box for shadow games at present, I'm thinking of chucking it in and getting the new shadow ghost thing. Will definitely save me some electricity. Apparently it's being released on the 27th for £109. I was considering buying a mini PC for £150 and doing the same, but since this thing does more for less, I figured I'd go for this. I've got my MacBook Pro for development so seems like a good idea. Will be interesting to see if they upgrade their tech on the server side soon as I imagine that Metro Exodus may have issues with this "always play at max settings" tagline.
  13. tronied

    Crackdown 3

    Gave co-op play a go yesterday with a friend. After he initially complained bitterly that the frame-rate was locked at 30fps (synchronisation - is this really a thing in this day and age?!), he really got into it and we had great fun tackling some of the more challenging areas together. It really is just a fun game and I can really see us spending quite a bit of time in it.
  14. tronied

    Crackdown 3

    So... that guy hasn't even played the game but created a video just going on what review sites are saying? Hey, when have review sites every been wrong? Surely people should make up their own minds. Yes, it's going to dissuade some people from buying it, but to create a video on youtube calling it unacceptable without playing it is idiotic.
  15. tronied

    Crackdown 3

    So far I'm really enjoying this. It's got that addictive nature of wanting to collect all the agility orbs as there was with the original games. The combat is fun and you can mix things up. The graphics are better than I imagined though I am running in 1440p on Ultra. As has been said, the beginning was a bit of cringe but I'm not playing the game for its story. It's like a B-movie which know's exactly what it is and plays up to that. Sure, more could have been made with the story, but I think its simple nature is refreshing. I'm fed up with games where you spend half the game in a cut-scene then get told to go to X, collect Y which then leads onto Z interspersed with more cut-scenes where you kill / collect more things before returning and getting some reward. Cut the BS and instead here we just have go here, do this (if you want to). Otherwise you're left up to your own devices. This is the first game in a while which I can easily see myself returning to without story fatigue or gameplay gumming up the works for me. I'm just planning on jumping about like a loon collecting everything and becoming a god in the process. Works for me

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