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  1. So having watched it all now (and cancelled my free 7-day NOW TV subscription), I really did like it. I found it actually improved for me in the later episodes. In the first couple I was always comparing it to the BBC Surviving Chernobyl episode and whilst I did like this, I found the former had more impact during those initial critical moments and immediate aftermath. Saying that, this goes into much more detail and I appreciated it for going into the role of the miners and liquidators which the BBC skipped entirely. I also really liked the side story of the conscript tasked with shooting animals and how that would effect someone. The acting was top-notch and found the Valery and Boris relationship worked really well. Finally going into the detail they went into with explaining exactly how it happened brought new light to the event for me which I was unaware of. Definitely recommend it, though be aware this will expire in a day on Now TV so no point in subscribing if you're after that. Much like Game of Thrones which also disappeared
  2. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was having similar issues. Initially when I started downloading Metro I was getting my full speed i.e close to 50Mb/sec (400mb), but I made the mistake of cancelling it and then deciding to download later. It seemed to lose the plot and even thought it says it cancelled, it always started from 9% stage (where I cancelled). From that point on, downloads on the Windows Store (for everything) started crawling where the speed would go up to a few mb then crash back to 0 again. I did a whole bunch of stuff like clearing the Windows Store cache, playing around with windows settings regarding bandwidth throttling, but in the end after a few days it seemed to sort itself out. I'd recommend clearing the cache though and giving your PC a restart. Other than that though, just wait and see what happens.
  3. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's PC only (PC game pass)
  4. Just going by the figures, it makes sense for Sony to go all in and maintain their position even if it means making a loss in the short term. Looking at it, the Playstation arm equates to 33% of Sonys total revenue. Microsoft on the other hand equates to just 9%. Obviously both want to win but Sony has more to lose, so it makes sense for them to take a risk which I'm convinced will pay off for them. That's not to say Microsoft will fail as to me they seem to be looking more to the future with their game pass and cloud solutions. I also think they'll make a good console which will bring in some healthy sales but not enough to threaten Sony's dominance (at least in the near-term).
  5. I agree especially if Microsoft go with an aggressive pricing strategy and link it in with one of their game passes. At the moment I'm paying £30 / month for this, but if I could get GamePass and streaming for £10-15 / month with rotating games on the platform then it will be worth a look. The only thing I would say is that Shadow offers the feature of not being tied to a specific platform i.e. Windows Store / Google Store. I can install whatever platform (Origin, Steam, GOG, Battle.net etc) on my shadow instance with my existing games and no restrictions. The is a massive bonus especially if you've a large backlog of games which you actively play. Still, I guess I'll wait to see what Microsoft come up with as Google Stadia didn't win me over with having to buy all my games again on their platform.
  6. Not sure if anyone else has experienced any improvement yet, but they've updated all the apps and added a new lower 5mb streaming option. Went into a coffee shop this morning and connected on a crappy 7mb / 1mb up on my iPad. Using my new PC game pass, I downloaded Metro Exodus and booted it up. There were a few judders here and there but for the most part it was perfectly playable! It was surreal and crazy using Wifi on such a shoddy connection to be able to play a high-end PC game on my iPad. Unfortunately they still haven't added an on-screen controller option yet and so all I was able to do was look around and then quit. Still, got into work and found it now works connecting from my MacBook Pro at work too.! Won't be playing too much of it though as I'm sure I'll get a few raised eyebrows if I start doing that on my lunch break
  7. Apologies if there is already a thread on this but nothing came up in the search. Has anyone seen this yet? I'm about an hour in and it really is very good. It's in Russian but has subtitles and some of the visuals in space are spectacular. I'd say it's definitely on a par with Gravity and as it's based on the real-life story of what happened, it adds some weight to what's going on. The characters are all likeable and it shows a believable portrayal of normal people caught in a bad situation. Lots of suspense and edge of your seat stuff I can definitely recommend it so far but will update with my thoughts once I finish it. Anyone watched it? Your thoughts?
  8. I've been thinking about this over the last couple of days and really think they could make something great. I'm not just talking with the graphics but with how the community and add-ons are managed. They've been making all the right noises (as in the above article), but they could really push that further. Here's a couple of things I'd like: 1) A common market place available in the game to get free / purchasable add-ons. I know this fills a lot of people with dread, but if MS charged a small percentage to creators to host their wares then it would really simplify the process and open it up to a lot more people without having to mess around with the file system. 2) As part of this, they could have different categories like custom created missions or even... certifications! Just think how amazing it would be if you could do the majority of a pilots license by using videos and actual practise with tie into the game. That way if you do actually go for your real license, you've already covered the material / tests you'd need. They could even get these two involved: 3) Have the option for a streaming or local option. Most people are assuming they'd stream the assets (scenery) from Bing onto your local machine which will mean it's an online only. This is great but not everyone has a good internet connection yet. As such it would be great if they'd offer a simplified offline option to broaden the appeal. Obviously it's still a long way to go yet until release but I don't think I've been this excited for anything in a while It was so out of the blue but roll on a year and I guess we'll have some of these answers.
  9. I think that's what they were doing in the majority of their flight simulator series up until X. I remember they had missions like "drop off emergency supplies to some outback landing strip", "handle engine fault and land it successfully" or "fly a helicopter onto an oil rig which is ablaze to rescue the workers". Maybe for this next one they could implement an open mission framework to allow community members to create new ones. I think the most I could bear with regard to hardcoring it (back when I had endless free time) was flying to France
  10. After so SO many years, Microsoft have finally announced they are returning to Flight Simulation. This came so far out of left field, I kept saying "no, it can't be" until the end logo in the conference. As a big fan of flight simulation and having owned all versions of MS Flight Simulator, I am to say the least somewhat excited about this. Here is the trailer: Not much in the way of information yet from the official site, but what we do get is the following: Initially I was a bit worried they'd pull another MS Flight, but everything they're saying in the trailer seems to give credence that they are returning to the flight simulator of old. Fully flyable world, customisable weather, flight plans etc. Couple of observations: - At a guess based on those images, it seems like they'd be opting to stream the scenery data to your machine rather than have it locally. You'd never get that fidelity with data you'd download unless it was for very specific areas. This brings into question whether they'd support scenery mods like ORBX. - Modding was always a big part of FSX but will they even support it or would they treat it as custom DLC. This is the big question and one that many FS enthusiasts are questioning. At a guess I'd say they are probably going to go for a bit of the latter. Maybe have purchasable DLC but have a market place through which others can sell their wares. Obviously a big concern here is the mention of Xbox and whether this will mean that the level of customisation and fidelity available in the existing versions is kept or whether they "dumb it down" in order to be able to make it playable on a console. I'm hoping they cater to both but will just have to see. To quote the above "Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises", since they're saying that I'm hoping they know they have to make the community happy so they don't do another repeat of Flight. Anyway, I might be on my own here in this thread, but thought I'd make one in case there are others like me who are looking forward to this
  11. OK, literally best game announcement ever. As an MS flight simulator I never thought they'd jump back in. That looks absolutely amazing!!!! Can't wait. The rest of E3 doesn't matter now
  12. I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but me and a friend started playing WoW yesterday for the first time in ages and decided to start new characters. Since it was free up to level 20 we didn't subscribe but then found out we couldn't pair up in a group due to "Starter Edition characters can't be invited to groups". Since we're looking to play this going forward, we both subscribed and then went back to our new characters. It still showed the same message! Is this a case where that character is now forever locked as a starter edition character? Or is this restriction removed once you reach a certain level? Since we both played independently up to level 6 last night, I'm hoping we don't have to start new ones.
  13. Good to know... I doubt they would consider it broken or have a fault though as it does stream games. The issue is in how smooth it is to play them. It's the difference with playing 20-25 fps with the occasional judder on the ghost and a 60fps smooth game on a PC. Also, I've found their support pretty useless when it comes to problems but will give it a go and see what happens. I'd also be interested to get your opinion on it Herbalizer when you've had a play. I'm guessing you're using a PC at the moment so I'd be interested to know if there is any disparity between the two.
  14. I also posted a support question to them about getting a webcam to work which I just heard back from. You know how typically it takes a 4-6Mb connection to stream an HD video, well apparently in order to be able to get a webcam to work with your shadow you need the following: "however, your upload needs to be high, we recommend 50mb-60mb upload' Who the hell (apart from those lucky few with synchronous connections) have an upload of 50-60Mb?! I've got 35Mb upload and it was slide-show. I'm guessing there's zero compression being performed between the ghost and the instance. I realise I can use a phone or my existing PC to do this, but that was the whole point in getting this device so I didn't need to have one. Guess I'll be hanging onto my PC for the foreseeable future then. I guess at least streaming on it uses less power than gaming.
  15. Sorry to bump this thread but in case anyone is tempted with Shadow (which I still recommend) avoid the Shadow Ghost like the plague. It seems no-one has really done a proper tech review of this thing and although there's a possibility that mine is faulty, it just can't cope with what it was created for. It was the first time yesterday that I tried having a proper gaming session lasting a couple of hours with a friend and I noticed how laggy it was when playing. Moving the mouse caused the game to stutter which gradually got worse and worse the more I played. I had it connected to a ethernet cable directly from my router with a 350mb virgin connection and by the end it was near unplayable. The sound started cutting out and I noticed that when I put my hand on the device it was very hot. It sounds great on paper as they say that it will only use 7 watts per hour compared to the 500+ of a normal PC, but there's a reason why it only consumes that. The Raspberry Pi or whatever they use isn't powerful enough to stream a 1440p game and it starts to overheat. I went back to streaming on my PC and it was like night / day. It was so smooth compared and it's just so much more responsive. Save yourself the £70-80 and just use the service but don't be bought into the whole thing-client device. It's probably why they don't advertise it on their main site anymore without doing a search. Ah well, live and learn
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