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  1. tronied

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    The rubber-banding with the AI drivatars is comical at times. Both me and a friend last night were having a race last night and crashed out subsequently taking me out along with him. He asked could I restart the race and not being that familiar with the game, we both waited around whilst I looked into this and found that no we couldn't. We then both decided to finish the race anyway and just have a race between ourselves. We started off and within 20 seconds we'd made contact with the back-markers and ended up coming 2nd and 3rd respectively! I know this is to make it "fun", but I think the challenge is where it pits you against how real racers would drive and not where modifies your competitors speed and difficulty based on how you're doing. Just makes the whole thing less satisfying... Saying that, there's probably an option to turn it off.
  2. tronied

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    I think most people are being overly negative to game streaming before they give it a chance. I was overly sceptical when I first signed up to this Shadow gaming service, but it really is like playing a game locally and now I've given up on buying a new gaming PC and opting for that. I never find it laggy with the mouse and keyboard (or Joypad on Forza Horizon 4). Playing games like Witcher 3 or Assassin's Creed maxed out is incredibly smooth and looks amazing. Even playing more demanding games like Battlefield 1 were absolutely fine. They're still working through the odd issue but really believe this is the future of gaming. I'm not opposed to having hardware locally, but if you've got a half decent connection (20mb+), it's worth trying it for yourself and seeing what you think before dismissing it.
  3. tronied

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    I liked it, though to be honest I wasn't going in looking for a film which dwells too much on his personal life. I think it shows what it needs to show. There have been documentaries which do that and quite frankly it wouldn't have made a crowd-pleasing film. It shows how the band formed and developed with some high and low points, how they fell out and got back together and ended up becoming one of the best loved rock groups. There may be artistic license taken showing certain events out of order to enhance the story, but most of the time telling a true to life story makes for a boring film. The audience in my cinema were singing along and stamping their feet to the songs and everyone came out pleased. It was more of a celebration of queen and their accomplishments than Freddie Mercury's biopic. I thought it achieved what it set out to do and although it's not going to win any oscars, I'd say it was a decent effort and good watch for any queen fan or cinema goer. Given the current IMDB rating of the film, I'd say most people seemed to like it.
  4. tronied

    Is crunch required?

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-25-the-human-cost-of-red-dead-redemption-2 Having recently had a child myself, I would have destroyed that managers face if he did that to me.
  5. Making my way steadily through Witcher 3 and enjoying it so much more than the laggy experience on my PC. Smooth with no frame stutters with everything maxed out. Signed up to a 14 day free trial of Xbox Pass and downloaded FH4 and GoW4 for the laughs. I maxed out FH4 and it's running at around 70-80fps - well, at least according to the in-game FPS counter. Hooked up my old Xbox 360 controller and had a blast in both. It's amazing how well this works and really think this is the future... so long as you have at least a 30mb connection and decent latency.
  6. In the majority of games, those physical limitations i.e. 100ms lag just don't matter. The only games I would say would be affected are the time critical ones, like fast-paced FPS where getting a bead on an enemy or who can shoot first is important. For the majority though, the lag is not noticeable and would argue that if you'd give it a go, you wouldn't notice.
  7. Yep, it's just another PC with it's own drive(s) which comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. As such you can install Origin, Steam, GOG etc. You can even use it for work (office, e-mails etc) if you really want to. There's nothing which specifically states you have to use it for gaming, though it would be a waste of the graphics card you're paying for.
  8. I've gone all in on this and upgraded to the 1TB drive for an extra £2.95 bringing it to just shy of £30/mo. Having built my own gaming PC's ever since the 90's, I just feel things have got a bit too expensive for 5 years or so of future-proofing. If they stick to their upgrade promise then I have no reason to look elsewhere. Given the extra space, I reinstalled the Witcher 3 and found this time strangely it ran smooth as butter. Not sure what happened on my first attempt, but I've been working my way through it from the beginning and having a blast It also looks amazing too and never noticed up until now things like the characters pores on their skin. I'm actually running it at the reduced 30mb connection rate as I find it the best balance between smoothness and image quality. So far two thumbs up from me and at worst, if they do fold, I haven't lost anything given the 1 month contract so if I do need to buy / build my own later down the line I will.
  9. tronied

    Battlefield V

    This might not be a popular opinion here, but does anyone else feel Battlefield has seriously lost it's way? One of my favourite games of all time was Battlefield 1942 because it was so fresh and gave you endless possibilities to play the way you wanted. The battlefields were massive and had two opposing airfields on each side with valleys, bases and conquest points to secure. Anything you saw on the map you could either fly, drive or use which gave the battles that sense of scale and realism. It would take you a minute to fly from one end of the map to the other, all the while you could swoop in and out using terrain to your advantage, dropping bombs and then retreating before anyone knew you were there. The tank battles were epic as it took real skill to try and hit an enemy tank a mile or two away. You could control ships of varying sizes and man powerful gun batteries to give fire-support to solders on the ground. As a foot solder you felt like a small cog In a big machine, but by either single-handedly (or as part of a group) holding off an attack using mines and the guns at-hand, it gave you a real sense of achievement and impact on the overall game as each point was hard fought over. There was no sitting around waiting for the enemy as there was always a front-line with both sides vying for supremacy using all the tools at their disposal. The game truly matched its name in every sense of the word. That was mostly true up to a point with some of the sequels... Getting onto recent iterations however, the games feels so much smaller... which inevitably it is. Usually it's restricted to one small area like a town or hillside. Instead of taking off in an aircraft, you spawn in the air and fly around aimlessly dropping bombs with little to no strategy. Because everyone's flying on the same level, dogfights are tedious with the person who can spin the most times in a circle usually the victor. You might see some large cannons scattered through the map, but you can't use them as they're just eye candy. Tanks are just moving spawn points where people can sit and stare out a little hole and fire at an enemy who is unlucky enough to pass by. They're usually driven by people who are more interested in firing at random solders than capturing anything. How a single man can control a tank and gun at the same time anyway? What was wrong having a driver, gunner and light mounted machine gun where people had to work together? Don't get me wrong as in terms of shooting, the games have moved on drastically. It's just that it seems to resemble a larger version of Call of Duty than it does the Battlefield I remember. I know a lot of people enjoy these new games and that's great if you do, but for me the experience has become somewhat shallow and too close to the traditional corridor style shooter FPS mechanics rather than playing off the dynamics of what a real-world battlefield would be I think unfortunately this is where me and the Battlefield series part ways...
  10. Apparently Shadow.tech employs a bunch of Nvidia licensed Quadro P5000's in their server farm. Unfortunately this has the minor drawback in that any game which requires an up-to-date "Game Ready Driver" will fail. An example I found of this is the new Battlefield V Beta. I did find a way around the check, but unfortunately it runs like crap so will just have to hope that once the full game is released, they also update their Quadro drivers.
  11. Spent another few hours playing games this evening on my shadow instance. I installed Assassins Creed: Origins, some more Vermintide 2 as well as going back to Rise of the Tomb Raider. All I can say is that maxed out all these games are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. ROTR at times just had me stopping and gawping at the physics and reflections going on in areas like the Prophets Tomb. All have been hugely enjoyable and are just so smooth and crisp compared with trying to run it on my aging hardware. It's not all been good news though as I have found a game it does have a few issues with, which is Battlefield 1. I downloaded it in about 20 minutes (86gb's worth) as I was able to get near the 1gb connection (114MB/sec). It doesn't seem to like it when you start playing as there's lots of stuttering which is just not there in other games. It did improve to the point where I didn't notice it after 5-10 minutes though. The connection seems to stabilise in order to be able to provide it at the smooth speed and responsiveness you'd expect. I'm guessing that since it's one of the more demanding games from speed and things going on in the screen, it's having to drop the quality slightly in order to do this which takes time to figure out. I didn't notice any obvious drop, but it would be annoying if you had to sit through this stabilisation process every time you wanted to play. Another possible concern for me is just how much data is being transferred on an average evening. Take a mid level connection which is 20Mbs/sec for example. Divide that by 8 to get the actual transfer rate to transfer those frames to your PC, which is 2.5MB/sec. Multiply that by 60 to get a minute and again to get an hour. For an average connection per hour therefore you'd be transferring up to 9GB. If you're on a faster connection, you can only imagine how it scales up from there. Now this shouldn't be a problem as most connections these days are unlimited, but I guess we just hope that our ISP's see it like that and don't start throttling this kind of traffic. Obviously this sounds very negative, but I am still very excited about this whole thing. It's got me wanting to play more of my back catalogue with an aim to complete them now that I've the hardware to run it in the way they're meant to be played and seen.
  12. If anyone else is interested in signing up, just found my £10 off code - ROBR7UUG
  13. Ok, I'm fully sold on this thing. Vermintide 2 looks absolutely amazing and these games play like I'm playing natively. Will try some Battlefield 1 tomorrow I think but getting late now. I guess the difference here is that you're not buying into a 2+ year contract and can cancel whenever you like though.
  14. So my PC is starting to get a bit long in the tooth (GTX 780) so I decided to throw caution to the wind and lay down the money for a month. After I'd signed up on the website, it took about 5 hours to get my account activated. Keep in mind that during this time you'll be able to login on the website, but not the application itself. Also, prior to account activation there also is no visible way to cancel. This is just in case, like me, you freak out about that kind of thing. Not to worry though as the button becomes available in the settings soon after. Once I got through the laborious Windows 10 setup phase (made all the more difficult because of difficulty typing / clicking - this seemed to sort itself out after I restarted my instance), I found out I had a P5000 instead of a GTX1080. Most benchies put them close anyway and I think the setup changes each time you bagsie a "shadow" instance, so it's not really an issue. I downloaded Steam and installed Rise of the Tomb Raider. Went into the settings and ramped everything up to max along with the resolution (which in my case is 1080p). Started the game and I must admit I was really.. really impressed. Sure, there are one or two stutters but nothing which effects the gameplay. Framerates were between 40-60fps and it looked amazing. The shocking thing for me was that my PC was running almost deathly silent whilst playing it, which makes it all the more enjoyable and doesn't turn my room into a sauna. Next game I tried was the Witcher 3. After installing it and forgetting which game installer it belonged to (GOG), I maxed everything again and ran the game. In this case I was a little less impressed. I'm not sure if the game has just aged, but compared to the sparkly graphics of Tomb Raiser, the Witcher 3 just looked flat by comparison. It also didn't help that it felt like it had a tiny bit of input lag. To be honest, I even had that input lag when playing natively on my machine so maybe it's just me but I was hoping that this was down to the framerate and would have left a better impression, which unfortunately it didn't. Still, maybe I'll try playing it again at a later stage. I'm downloading Warhammer Vermintide 2 next which I think should show off the graphics grunt a bit more, so am just waiting for that to download. The connection is a 1gb, but I've found that rarely does it beat my own in getting 50Mb+/sec on steam, so most games still can take up to 10-20 minutes to download depending on size. Will post more impressions as I get them but so far am very impressed by the technology and what they've accomplished. I'd say if you've got a rubbish / aging PC but don't want to shell out thousands, it definitely seems worth it so far from my experience. Given the fact I'm sure they're going to upgrade their hardware to the RTX cards eventually, I can't really see a reason not to.
  15. tronied

    Nvidias Gamescom conference thingamabob

    I think I'll get a GTX 1080 Ti off eBay for less than half price. It just doesn't seem like it's worth it when games with RTX enabled don't really look that much better when the games using it are fast paced FPS's which need smooth gameplay. Might wait to spend that kind of money once the technology has caught up with peoples expectations.

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