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  1. I saw it on the weekend just passed and thought it was brilliant! I really loved the 90s LA setting, made me feel like I was watching Terminator 2, Point Break, Boyz n the Hood, or a movie of that ilk. Like Wonder Woman, I really liked the tone surrounding Captain Marvel herself - this ass-kicking hero just happens to be female, so let’s get on with the ass-kicking. I get that Black Panther was rightly a milestone for African American representation in film - I think this also worked as a milestone, but in a different way; that having a female lead who is represented on screen not for her sexuality but for her personality is completely normal, works just as well as having a man in the role and is so natural you don’t even think about it while you’re watching. It was so not a thing, and that surely has to be a milestone for the movie industry to take note of and cast accordingly in the future. Loved the fight scene on the metro. Stan Lee’s cameo, reading over the Mallrats script, truly warmed the cockles of my heart.
  2. I would contend that such a story just didn’t exist and wasn’t intended to exist. The creators just needed someone bad at the top of a new evil organisation to mandate the need for some good guys and set into motion the story they wanted to tell. He’s just a plot device.
  3. I’ve had it on in the background while doing other things, hasn’t really grabbed my attention like the first did.
  4. Popo

    Sonic Mania

    Freedom Planet looks like Sonic without the license. Does it play a good game of Sonic? Looks like just the ticket while we wait for more Sonic. Sonic Sonic Sonic.
  5. Popo

    The first one is by far the worst one

    If we dismiss, as we rightly should*, the second entry in the series: Super Mario Bros. 3. The first one wasn’t bad, far from it, but SMB3 improves on it in every way and arguably has the best ‘handling’ in any 2D Mario. *SMB2 was obviously just more of the same in Japan, and a much weirder game over here, so 3 is the real ‘sequel’ !
  6. It was a great twist, but not something you could reasonably have any emotional investment in. Who cares about Snoke? He was more a plot device than a character, really.
  7. I don’t think there was any intention to explore this stuff. The start of episode VII launches into a new period in galactic affairs, already in full flow - one of the many ways that movie echos A New Hope. Theres a new bad guy, he’s called Snoke, we know he’s bad because look at his face... let’s batter him.
  8. This is brilliant. Anyway, I’ve come to withdraw my earlier comment - Vader dies at the end of VI and becomes a ghost but wouldn’t have been able to have ‘learned’ how to become a ghostie, it just happened. Which suggests he did a presto-chango deathbed conversion to the light side, granting him the eternal life that comes with being a really wicked-powerful Jedi Knight, and the concept of having to learn the skill from another is rubbish. But the second theory is also a bit dubious. How much do-gooding does one have to achieve to cancel out all the dastardly deeds from one’s past? Can you just rescue a cat from a tree before copping it to receive your free pass? And ohhh dear my eyes have gone crossed. Its almost like the ghost stuff was used to serve a plot purpose in the original movies, doesn’t really stand up to too much scrutiny, but has been used as the foundations for canon, on which the rickety structures of other movies has been built.
  9. Bless you. Re: the whole coming back as a ghost thing - I think that’s generally accepted as light side power. You’ve got that line at the end of RotS where Yoda (I think?) says he’s been having a good old chin wag with Qui Gon Jin about having mastered it. My hot take on the trailer - I didn’t really see anything that excited me, but it wasn’t offensive to mein eyes either. I sincerely hope it’s not boring, that’s almost the worst if both worlds. I liked episode VIII, apart from the baggy bit on the casino planet, so I’m hopeful for this.
  10. Popo

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    Splendid, and very happy to be corrected there, as it’s a game I did intend on buying on Switch again later but was slightly put off by said comments. You are right though, VII is a masterpiece. The battle system is peerless in the Final Fantasy series - although I caveat that by saying I haven’t played any of the online games and have yet to get around to XV. Come to think of it, is XV the first single player entry in the series since X?
  11. Popo

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    A friend of mine bought IX recently and commented to me that, with the benefit of hindsight, it can be a bit like an interactive novel at times.
  12. Isn’t it? The way you can be back in and playing within seconds really adds to the compulsion, I find. Took me about 2 hours to get 100 points tonight. My face felt numb from all the concentration. Absolutely rubbish. I did manage to pull off a couple of t-spins though - sadly none that netted me any lines, but progress is progress.
  13. Popo

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    It’s all about observing his attack pattern and taking the opportunity to attack when he’s open. If I remember right he has three attacks - a mace, a tremor and a butt-stop, and the last one is when you have a shot at sticking him with your nail. It may may take some attempts - this is normal!
  14. Popo

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    When I played ED briefly some years ago I used mouse and keyboard and it was totally fine, you quickly develop muscle memory for which keys do what and the mouse works well for pitch and yaw. Sadly I found it to be a bit of a grind and eventually it fell foul of my ‘no endless games’ rule, but manuevering the ship through hyperspace, managing long distance jumps using the fuel scoop; docking with space stations (manually of course!) was all very tactile and satisfying.

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