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  1. Brilliant OP @Stanshall Im just getting to grips with it and am totally hooked on Yacht! I’d be a terrible gambler.
  2. I think you can get a cream for that. I decided to dive in and buy 51 games, looking forward to cracking open a beer later and giving it a whirl after work.
  3. No fourth series then...?
  4. Give in to temptation, Ori is brilliant.
  5. Would be very interested to hear what you think about it, particularly online multiplayer.
  6. For the first time since the Dreamcast I find myself contemplating a launch day purchase and I think it’s mainly because I recently bought a 4K OLED (thanks to a dream holiday cancellation) and want something truly SHINY to play on it. I’ve loved playing Control on my PS4 slim but I know I’m missing a lot of visual fidelity by not having a Pro, so be it Xbox or PlayStation I’m looking forward to witnessing the future of interactive entertainment come Christmas this year.
  7. Yea you can - characters even say different stuff if you go back to them after beating the game. I forgot I still have to go back to the jukebox and do most of the board countermeasures, but I’ll think I’ll wait for the AWE DLC and have more to look forward to.
  8. You have to say - the sheer balls of this offering has to be admired. Buy all four and they’ll give you a magnifier that makes them somewhat viewable? The absolute balls on these guys.
  9. I think my advice on nail bouncing would be: strike just before you think you need to.
  10. Thanks again, and sorry just seen this, hope I didn't blather on too much (HOO!).
  11. Joining the queue, thanks Tetmon!
  12. Thanks @Tony, I think my issue was I was trying to do it on the app and not the website.
  13. So when they said "Big Sega news"... But wait - remember the recent Sega advert with the cool kid playing all the old Sega stuff? The girl asks him "Is that a Switch?" but he's actually playing a Game Gear... now Sega release this. Later in the advert someone asks him "Is that a backpack?" but it's actually a Saturn comically strapped to his back? Follow the through-line, people! All I'm saying is I would much rather a portable Saturn that you have to comically strap to your back than this. Edit - I think the video says you get the magnifier as a free gift but I can't figure out under what circumstances, possibly when you buy all four together!
  14. How do I sub to this through Amazon? There’s no big ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button on the Prime or shopping app and like a hungry gorilla trying to open a coconut I’m left both bereft and furious at my failure.
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