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  1. Yeah your progress in the second demo carries over into the full game. I wouldn’t even bother with the first to be honest!
  2. No, you don’t get to know how many hit points the enemy has, that’s pretty typical of JRPGs. Every enemy is weak against a certain type of attack (sword, axe, bow, etc.) and hitting it with that weapon will reduce its shield points (denoted by the little number set against a blue shield); each attack reduces the number by one, until the enemy breaks and is forced to miss a turn, giving you a free hit and cancelling whatever attack they had brewing. You can also boost the number of attacks you do each turn by pressing R. You gain a boost point every turn and can spend up to four at once, but don’t gain any in the turn you spend them. Say for example an enemy was brewing a very strong attack and had 3 shield points. If you were able to boost and hit it 3 times you’d break it, saving yourself from being hit. Make sense?
  3. I found the below article, but who knows if it’ll actually be released, much less that they’ll implement Switch compatibility? https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/check-out-wireless-sega-genesis-saturn-and-dreamca/2900-1747/
  4. I haven’t used the pro controller, but the 8bitdo is night and day compared to the joycons, definitely a step up, but it is ‘only’ a SNES controller and so doesn’t have anything to push on the diagonals. My dragon punch success rate was basically zero with the joycon, and misfires more often than I’d like with the 8bitdo. I did have a look for the Madcatz fightpad but it’s north of £50 without an adapter!
  5. It had Fox McCloud in an Arwing, is there supposed to be a different game?
  6. What’s this about there not being a Star Fox video? There’s one on the Switch news channel, called Star Link, is that not it?
  7. Oops - neglected to say I’m playing the Switch version! Thanks for the recommendation though.
  8. Popo

    Team Sonic Racing

    3D racers from the early 90s are like pop music videos from the early 80s. There weren’t any rules yet, so creators put in any old mad shit that looked visually arresting. Daytona USA is still quite exciting to this day (albeit in its HD remastered version) because of this madness, the way they didn’t care how realistic it was. I’m rambling somewhat, but I think this is what gave S&SASR2 (as nobody is calling it) it’s USP, because it did a lot of unexpected things. Hope this game is good! But I can understand the initial disappointment.
  9. Despite getting my arse handed to me by the AI consistently, I keep coming back to this collection. The sheer choice available, the Wikipedia level of background info and, strangely, the purist attitude to presenting the arcade versions rather than the home versions, makes it deeply appealing. Alpha 2 is still as enjoyable as it was when I was a teen and SFIII is a visual joy to discover. I spent a couple of hours trying to learn Alex earlier this afternoon and it was really rewarding - I even made it to the 7th stage before giving up! The AI is punishingly hard, impossible in some cases, but it’s Street Fighter through and through. Very hard to put down! Im using my 8bitdo SNES controller for this, but the cross-shaped d-pad, speaking as a Saturn veteran, a bit of a hinderance. Is there a decent 8-direction pad available? I think the pro controller also has a cross-shaped d-pad. I haven’t bought any other collections for many years, so while I recognise comments about prior releases being more polished, I feel like I’m getting good value for money with this one. Perhaps through ignorance of what’s gone before, but I find it hard to fault. I just wish Super Turbo’s AI wasn’t so hard!
  10. God damn, I want to spend more time fighting in these here streets but I can’t get past the second stage on any of them, even on the lowest difficulty. I’ll load up one of them, play until I’ve lost two or three times, quit and jump into a different game, rinse and repeat for about 15 minutes until I quit and go do something else. I don't even want to imagine how shady it would be online! Sad smiley face with single tear.
  11. Popo

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    There’s one bit in this that’s eluded me...
  12. I’ve never played any of the SF III games before, the animations are lovely.
  13. How do you change to easy?
  14. Thanks for the tip - I got a £5 off voucher from them when they cancelled my Octopath Traveller preorder, just ordered for collection today... which is a day off for me!

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