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  1. I really, really don’t have the bandwidth to be buying new games right now, but conversely I’m not sure I can handle the FOMO of both Returnal and Resident Evil VIII in the space of a week. What a dilemma!
  2. He looks like the guy from the Tango advert on the far left one.
  3. It’s mind blowing stuff, enjoy!
  4. And finished. Lovely stuff! Totally delightful, gently amusing throughout with a few good belly laughs. Summon the elder!
  5. Weird decision. I quite liked getting sozzled and watching the latest episode of Wandavision or F&WS on a Friday evening. Some episodes of the latter you had to be drunk to enjoy, in fairness. This looks to be much better so I’m sure that won’t be a problem.
  6. Watching this now - Olivia Coleman shouldn’t be allowed to be in anything where one of the characters is called Mark… unless the other characters are called Jez, Sophie and Super Hans.
  7. A friend of mine was talking about How he tried RE4 but didn’t like it - I searched desperately for a gif of this exact scene as evidence that he was wrong, but came up empty-handed.
  8. Yes, this is what I was getting at actually, sorry. I was generally asking the thread as a whole, not trying to trap you into yet again laying into the PS5... but you just couldn't help yourself, could you? To the DF-mobile! I am curious to know if the Dualsense gives any kind of edge to the PS5 version, though.
  9. Not available for me yet, although I did check a bit earlier this morning, possibly too early.
  10. I got this in a recent sale on Switch. I knew the loading would be bad - it was bad in REmake, and the DF video on the ports highlighted as much, but Zero is so much worse. Unforgivably bad. Whomever’s responsible needs feeding to a Hunter. The game itself hits all the right Resi notes, but it’s the most phoned in Biohazard game in the series, without a doubt. Pretty unimaginative enemies (zombie monkeys? Really?) and that inventory management - what we’re they thinking?! I love Resident Evil, so there’s still pleasure to be had, but one for the super-fans only I think.
  11. Finally played the castle section this morning. Yeah, it’s great. Question/confirmation regarding some of the enemies:
  12. Oh, the Vita can’t play PSX games downloaded from the store? I thought it was the same as the PSP in that regard.
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