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  1. Good finale. I still maintain that this was the most tired, least enjoyable and most predictable season, but the cast are excellent and really sell the emotional beats. I think what hurt it most is that there was little character development for the season one characters - there are a lot of characters in general, and some of them were the focus while others were just on the periphery doing little of consequence. In any other show you’d hold this up as a fault, but this is a show with a 2 hour finale episode - it’s not like it was lacking for time to give everyone a crack of the whip; that it didn’t do so in a cohesive way left me feeling - somehow - that it was missing something.
  2. How can you fuck on coke? It’s not possible.
  3. If anyone can afford a financially unviable vanity project, it’s Nintendo. A new F-Zero game should have been greenlit based on nothing more than respect for the sheer audacity of the way the request was made.
  4. Popo


    I would only add that I felt the game gave good guidance (good grief) and there was little aimless wandering.
  5. Popo


    It has a no death option - towards the end the demands of the game begin to exceed the capabilities of the combat system (it’s my only criticism) and you might want to turn it on, which means you can get back to the good stuff much faster.
  6. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    They should fix them for free!
  7. How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to… Nintendo! Zero Wing has been added to the Megadrive, along with Comix Zone, Megaman the Wily Wars and Target Earth ().
  8. I suspect that you won’t…
  9. Popo

    Doom Rpg

    Too much talking in this game. Wish you could just shoot the monsters.
  10. While blowing the cobwebs off my Steam account I was informed I had 68 new items in my 'inventory'. No idea!
  11. I bet the guy who designed the prisoner transport walkways so close to the unguarded back door rubbish collection area is feeling pretty silly right now.
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