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  1. I dived back into 2 this weekend just past! I have never seen 2 people make such hard work of a job as Ryo and Delin moving a few crates from one end of a room to another.
  2. Looks good! I hope it’s released on time and development doesn’t drag on (Dragoon) !!
  3. Hotline Miami looks tasty, but I’ve no idea what kind of game it is. Must read about it until I convince myself I need it.
  4. Is there a ton of character development? I must have missed that bit, especially Cliff why starts off as an affable guy and comes out the end exactly the same, despite... Truly, there’s not much character there - same for Margot Robbie. If they’re supposed to be allegories for something else, well, I’ll have to have that explained to me because I didn’t catch it from just watching the movie unfortunately. I have heard of Charles Manson, knew he was the head of a cult and that the members were responsible for some murders, but couldn’t have told you their names. Unfortunately the movie really requires you to know the name Sharon Tate.
  5. Just saw this tonight. Don’t know any of the details of the Manson family killings. Initial impressions - longest shaggy dog story ever committed to film. Enjoyable while it lasted. Disappointed in lack of character development. Ending... ...but something overall enigmatic which I liked. One to watch again, discouraged by the sheer length of the thing. More detailed thoughts to follow.
  6. I played a little bit of Doom split-screen with a friend the other day and the input lag made me nauseous within a few minutes. He assured me single player wasn’t like that, but my god, I was still feeling it the next day.
  7. Season two coming soon?! Didn’t this just go up the other week? Im not complaining, I just hope Amazon don’t try to get this out too quickly and compromise the creative process as a result.
  8. Quite! Although the makeup on Son of Sam was quite heavy - I had to look him up (knew the name but not much else) to see if he was some kind of killer-in-drag. Uncanny is right though.
  9. Watched the first two episodes and it hasn’t disappointed so far.
  10. What you’re saying is not wrong - the story is just ‘how did Saul and Mike become the people they are in breaking Bad’. There’s nothing else going on.
  11. This, absolutely. I think one episode from an earlier season was just Mike silently disassembling his car and I was completely in his thrall for the duration. BCS is better than BB for exactly the reason that it’s more slow paced. I agree it’s sometimes painful to wait a whole week for another episode where not much plot happens (and conversely BB was a terrible show to binge because of the difficulty in following the volume of events), but it’s always filled with brilliant characters interacting with each other, saying and doing things that have meaningful consequences. There’s a reason why watching Mike disassemble a car is thrilling; because lovable Mike is such a wonderfully created and realised character. Its also a a great ‘show don’t tell’ programme, and the creators aren’t afraid to show something with no context or explanation of what’s happening, preferring to let the viewer work it out. That’s really satisfying because it’s nice to be respected by the creators in that way, but also because it actually draws you in deeper. What the hell is Mike doing? Oh, he’s disassembling his car... but why? Ohhh right, he must be searching for a tracking device. Wonderful show, but I would prefer to binge each season rather than have it teased out over several months.
  12. Yes he definitely says he can’t do anything because there’s nothing to push off of, and yet he seems able to propel himself with some kind of force through the air without the same requirement. I mean, the effects of gravity alone would mean he must be applying constant force to stay up, he’s not exactly aerodynamic. @MDY your explanation makes a lot more sense though, if only the writers had thought of that! I love being a geek.
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