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  1. I got the hidden roll of film mentioned upthread. Let’s just say Wesker is a dirty, bad boy.
  2. Things have gotten a lot more competitive, I’m lucky to make it out of the bottom half most times now and I usually get targeted by two or three absolute gits right from the off. But it’s so addictive! Definitely hits that Switch ‘playing within about ten seconds’ ethos which is so effective at pulling you in for longer than you plan. You’ve got to wonder if anyone at Nintendo had any idea just how successful this would be? A 35 year old puzzle game, stripped down to the basics and released into the wild in mid-February with little announcement and no marketing. Phenomenal stuff though.
  3. Beat the fucker, at last. Thank god, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I feel like I can move off this game and get on with my life (by playing other games). Good fun, well designed levels, but the difficulty was satanic in places, zero urge to go back and get all the jigsaws, letters and secret stages, zero.
  4. Yes, I’d guess this was the case too. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment though, and I really enjoy the Directors Cut-style item shuffling, as this completely changes how you progress through the police station (keys in completely different locations), which reintroduces the tension you get from a first play-through, not knowing where exactly to go or when enemies might pop up.
  5. In scenario B you enter the police station through a different entrance, keeping consistent with the separation of the two characters at the beginning; you then play the game in a somewhat remixed mode, where item placement is changed. But as has been mentioned, there are a few inconsistencies regarding time dilation (Leon A and Claire B interact with each other after very different amounts of time has passed in the respective scenario) and certain events (I’m thinking specifically about Mr X) that don’t really bear out logically if one is to suppose both scenarios take place in the same continuity. Of coure the original also had to contend with such challenges, not always flawlessly, but it was certainly more ambitious in what it was doing. In the remake, scenario B is always the remixed playthrough while the locations you actually visit are entirely dependent on the character, while the original, if I remember rightly, almost everything depended on which scenario you played save for the Ada/Sherry interactions (I don’t remember if Leon is able to visit the chief’s office in the original though?). So for example in the remake only Leon can visit the cells in both scenario A or B, but in the original either Leon or Claire could visit but only in scenario A. The original also had some ‘if this then that’ decisions - if you closed the window shutters in scenario A, they would break in scenario B and zombies would come pouring in. Also, if you took certain items they wouldn’t be available for the scenario B playthrough. The remake has none of that. In short, there’s not much in it.
  6. Popo

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    For the record, I can’t stand Dark souls - I love this like a firstborn.
  7. Other things I like about this: You open it up and within a few seconds your playing Tetris, no faffing. How the devs really doubled down on the Russianness of the theme.
  8. In contrast to some other comments - playing this, I had no idea I was comparatively this good at Tetris. I havent got a first yet but I usually come top ten and have had a second place on more than one occasion. Some people KO within the first minute, I’m not sure how that’s possible.
  9. Popo

    Town - New RPG from 'mon devs Game Freak

    “Find out when Town releases in 2019!” When did this become acceptable grammar? A game can’t release itself, it’s released by the people developing and publishing it. This bothers me very much!
  10. Yay! While I would have loved Team Cherry to tackle something completely different for their second game, more Hollow Knight is certainly no bad thing. No need to rush this, guys, I’ve got plenty of other games at the moment. Naturally I’ll drop them all for Silksong the moment it becomes available, but give the other games a chance?
  11. Popo

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    My god this game looks stunning - such a charmer and at a fraction of what a PS4 is capable of. Very dull to play, unfortunately. Clearly aimed at the younger market. Not my thing at all, but serious FOMO thanks to those lovely, squishy, funny visuals.
  12. Popo

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    I played through VII on PS4 not so long ago, albeit I stopped for a while halfway through, got lost and couldn’t be arsed figuring out how to get back on track... so in summary yes I’ll be getting this when it comes to Switch so I can, in all likelihood, do the same again. VIII was a good game with a great soundtrack. The storyline is not especially bad but it is poorly realised and executed. I liked the aesthetic, and the battle system didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t a fan of the card game - it really stuck in my craw that square doubled down on that particular element in IX, even going so far as to eliminate the bugs from the VIII version that allowed you to cheat your way to all the best cards. IX I have only played through once and would definitely like to give a go again. Was X all that bad? I remember a game that looked really nice for the time, some memorable tunes and a pretty fine battle system with an annoying mini game of basketball in water. I think I shed a tear at the ending.
  13. This is furiously addictive! I got to second in one game, I feel very lucky. How do you do a hard drop? I did it once by accident, but trying to do it by pressing all the buttons and I can’t find it again.
  14. Bwahahaha! For the first ten seconds anyway.
  15. The analogue sticks are used for selecting opponents to whom you want to send garbage lines.

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