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  1. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Don't mean to go off topic but chocolate oranges have really fallen off the tracks in recent years haven't they?. They keep getting smaller and more recently they have adopted a sneaky Toblerone like tactic of hollowing sections to fool consumers. They are a mere shadow of what they used to be.
  2. Watched it. It was as least mildly entertaining so I wasn't offended in any way. Solid 2 star from me. One thing though, I still hate 3D. Everything seems claustrophobic, and CGI looks like little miniatures that you can reach out and grab at. During the credit sequences I put off my glasses as they were not 3D and it was like 'Oh wow this looks great, so vibrant and real.' If I had my way I'd have much preferred to watch it in 2D. Just a shame my cinema is only doing one 2D showing a day.
  3. I 100% have to watch it now, I'm in a situation I can't back out of. As long as it's mildly entertaining I'll be ok.
  4. Hate Marvel films, not seen one since Spiderman2 unless you count the first 15mins of GOTG. I like the 'politics' of Black Panther and had been following it a bit, then when Kermode gave it a glowing review I actually wanted to see it. My sister is a HUGE marvel fan so told her last week I'd go to see it next week when it's released. During that time I've heard quite a few people say it's (yet again) just another Marvel film. I hate this, seems to happen often where a Marvel film comes out and initially it's all like 'THIS one is the best in a long time! This one is a bit different!' followed by a week or so and then everyone is like 'Oh actually nah it was just ok'. Reminds me of Pixar a lot. Anyway yeah, I've roped myself into watching this now.
  5. and while we're at it can we close down hospitals? We could replace them with KFCs, I like KFCs.
  6. Incredibles 2

    That's the problem with The Incredibles, the 'home' parts are by far the best but because it's a kids film it has to resort to a 2nd and 3rd act of tedious Saturday morning cartoon mayhem.
  7. Oh also I've 100% worked out the final act. The other 2 monsters are going to proper gang up on poor George so TheRock will find a way of genetically advancing himself, become big and sort of tag team partner up with George
  8. but but Kermode said you'll care about the characters? This was the ONE Marvel film I've been a bit interested in since like erm the first iron man film.
  9. I could barely make it through that trailer never mind a 90min film. Imagine it WITHOUT the Rock and just some generic action bloke.
  10. The Alan Partridge Thread

    It's a perfect formula, it's like they were watching those Madley videos and getting ideas. So much material to work with when it comes to morning tv shows; - Ridiculous features that take advantage of people, Alan there to make inappropriate comments - Underlying tensions between him the and female host, I'm sure they will have a Piers/Charlotte Hawkins vibe where she is silently screaming for help and he is always talking over her etc - Alan arguing with viewers calling in - Alan Undercover dealing with the stories that matter I just hope any 'celebs' on there are fictional, I can imagine the BBC are tempted to do an 'Extras' and have celebs play extreme versions of themselves.
  11. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    The final battle is an absolute mess. Somehow all the lighting/rain/darkness makes it impossible to see what's going on. I eventually HAD to turn brightness up to FULL to make it out. Also, some proper misjudgments here. What is with this new loading icon? It doesn't fit the aesthetics at all. Also is it just me but you don't really see the 'transition' of the main character anymore? just suddenly looks different after colossus 13 or something. Also no more god rays under the water, just murky darkness
  12. Here's to Louis Theroux!

    The follow up he did recently to this was some of his best work for years I think, certainly check it out if you haven't already.
  13. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Anyone else finding that this game is making you more excited for Red Dead Redemption 2?
  14. This is making quite the comeback isn't it? as a huge fan of SBC I ignored Dictator and this due to some level of snobbery ("He's sold out and making normal films!') but this film is actually really entertaining and full of great gags. Heard a few people praise it recently, think because it appeared on netflix UK recently. Tempted to go and watch Dictator but it sounds like it's nowhere near as good according to the post above. The only negative thing I think are the cheap fat shaming jokes (especially towards women) in this.
  15. Dark (Netflix)

    It was actually quite popular enough early on that netflix ordered a 2nd season back in December. Likely to be out in 2019. I kind of wish this series was an 'episode a week' show, I think it could be one of those shows that is quite fun to discuss in forums and come up with theories between episodes.

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