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  1. Mario Kart 8 felt pretty solid and complete, one of the finer installments of the series. Where do we go from here? Does it really need changing up? My thoughts; - Online was fun but it never felt like I was achieving anything longterm other than a weird arbitrary points system. I would like to see more timely online tournaments and a better sense of visibility regarding your online friend's progress. - I do wonder if Mario Kart would work with an online open world system? That could be a really interesting setup for this particular series. Like a Burnout Paradise type setup where you can enter tournaments/races but there are also lots of obscure secrets/challenges to find around the map. - MK8 really increased the amount of none Mario based drivers but they were often DLC extras such as Link/AnimalCrossing etc. I'd be ok if they went wild with this where it feels more like a celebration of Nintendo like Smash.
  2. That Tiger bit. What on earth... Yeah I watched the first episode, the visuals, direction and audio are right up my street. Just worried it's going to drag in later episodes, are they all 90mins long? How many are there?
  3. I think most, if not all episodes have intentionally comedic moments. Brooker has explained that most episodes just come from funny little ideas he's had, often about technology. So whilst not presented as a comedy the episodes often are, part of the comedy also comes from the seriousness in which characters react during more obscure moments.
  4. I'm amazed this got made, curious about the legalities of it? Did someone buy the rights to it just to make a horror movie? Surely someone involved tried to protect it from something like this? or perhaps it's so old and unpopular that nobody had the rights over it anymore?
  5. What I don't get is how do these specific farms get produce out ANYWHERE in the country the next working day? How can they make a pie in a farm on one side of the country and have it delivered fresh the next day to the other side of the country?
  6. I have spotify family but it's just two of us in the home, is that mad? Just don't want the ordeal of both using it at the same time (I sometimes use the account at work). I feel like 5+ years ago when I signed up it would disconnect if two tried using the account at the same time but perhaps that has changed. I also pay for a family/premium netflix account where it's just me, my GF and my dad who uses it. Sort of pointless isn't it? Me and GF can share a standard account and get my dad to pay for his own?
  7. Getting this. Goddard's Pies.
  8. Looks like a burns victim
  9. Confused, first episode for me was Ashley 2, perhaps it's different for people in different regions? (I'm in Canada) Anyway, I enjoyed it, some parts had some very forced plot devices; but it was entertaining. Not the best BM episode by a long stretch but it still felt like a BM episode. I have a weird feeling that this one is by far the best going by how much people seem to dislike the other episodes which would be a shame.
  10. Would be proper funny if it was a 'modern female take on Bill and Ted' and you only actually see the 'dads' at the end for a 5min cameo.
  11. No it's for fathers day (who lives in England)
  12. Anyone tried fresh pie deliveries? Looking at; https://www.therealpieco.co.uk/ https://www.pieshop.co.uk/ https://www.piemill.co.uk/ No idea if any of these are particularly good?
  13. Feels like I've seen the entire movie after watching that trailer
  14. Even though I think the main 'mechanic' is yet to be revealed (the 'connection' stuff) there is something pretty awkward about the gameplay in this trailer. Part of it looks to be traversing the landscape, when he pulls out the ladder I got a sense that Kojima was aiming for a BOTW exploration vibe but that would be suicide unless you had the absolute best team of designers around to ensure every area is interesting and leads you from one to another. If anything it looks like a watered down futuristic MGSV, even the animations (crouching/combat) are similar. Day 1 Obs
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