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  1. Capwn

    The Division 2

    Trailer soon, who is excited? I am!
  2. Capwn

    Your Most Anticipated of 2019

    Not confirmed but I can imagine it getting a October/November release date announced by the end of Q1 and then just before E3 they will announce it's a Q1 2020 release.
  3. Capwn

    Your Most Anticipated of 2019

    Regardless of what anyone says (even SONY) LOU2 and DEATHSTRANDING are no way coming out this year, those are getting knocked back to 2020.
  4. Capwn

    Brexit: The Uncivil War (Channel 4)

    So this was ok? It looked a bit on the nose in the trailers.
  5. Capwn

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    Ha, you joke but I did actually give it 2.5/5 on letterboxd For anyone that doesn't know It's rare that I give more than 2 out of 5. I think I'm done now so here is my top 31 list of 2018 films https://letterboxd.com/caponeadam/list/watched-in-2018-charts/
  6. Capwn


    Finally watched this. Horrendous. Typical Hollywood forced cliches throughout. It felt like a typical hampered by audience test screening film, full of cliches and over statements. It also cheats it's format by just showing videos, so many videos. He just happens to keep watching news reports on youtube and you keeps using facetime again and again which not only doesn't feel natural but kind of takes away from the novelty of the film. Also they keep forcing music into it which takes you out of the concept, there is actually a really nice bit earlier on where the background is classical music and it makes sense because he's actually got another browser tab open with a youtube video showing concert music. That makes sense but as the movie goes on it just becomes more lazy, forcing it's own score over the top of everything. Again taking away from the concept. This concept has been handled better in the past. John Cho gives a decent enough performance but everything around him is falling apart. 1.5/5
  7. Capwn

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    When I read this I checked out the trailer, after 1 minute I stopped it and thought 'Yep, that looks like my type of film.' Watched it tonight, what an incredible piece of work. Thanks!
  8. I keep forgetting that fact. I wonder if Nintendo regret their contract with Niantic, curious what that must have looked like i.e how much of returns did Nintendo agree to initially. Too high/low? Yeah that was an initial concern I heard back when Nintendo Mobile was introduced. Like 'Stop working on this Mario game and focus on a proper Mario game for Switch!'. It's fine though, industry is big enough to cope by using multiple dev teams for projects.
  9. So far we've had games based on Nintendo licenses with Miitomo, Mariorun, Animalcrossing, PokemonGo, Fire emblem heroes, Dragalia lost etc. Upcoming game licenses heading to mobile are Zelda, MarioKart and DK. Remember, only 5 years or so ago the concept of Nintendo Mobile games seemed insane. In terms of the entertainment side, are we glad Nintendo went ahead with mobile? don't care? think it's tarnished the respect of these licensees/nintendo? In terms of finances it's working out well for them, no idea why Pokemon isn't on this chart because as of July last year it had made $1.8 billion. In a typical recent month like October it made $73 million. https://sensortower.com/blog/nintendo-mobile-revenue-2018 I'm confused by the following quote, I read it as 66% of Nintendo's profits in 2018 came from Fire Emblem Heroes alone but that can't surely be correct? Especially with PokemonGO. Does it just refer to the mobile vision? I can't quite tell from reading the above article. I'm a bit confused by that article.
  10. Capwn

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    Leave No Trace
  11. Often hear people harp on about how big esports is becoming but it will never reach full potential until it becomes a comfortable space for women. Frustrating because it's one of very few sports where men/women can work together or be against each other as it's non physical.
  12. Yeah, I felt a little disappointed with this and my favorite director was currently McQueen going into this. Lacked the overall creativity and edge of his last films, easily the worst of his 4 movies now. By the way, anyone after a good heist movie, this year's 'American Animals' is by far the more refreshing/creative/edgy take on the genre.
  13. Capwn

    Mysterious Ubisoft Video

    Gearnuke reported it first; https://gearnuke.com/ubisoft-is-teasing-a-new-tom-clancy-game-in-2019/
  14. Capwn

    Gaming Predictions 2019

    I think the big mystery of 2019 is what Sony are up to. Something is going on with them (canceling Xperience and E3 conferences, seemingly no news of any games post LOU, Stranding and Tsushima) and I think by the end of the year it will make sense. If I had to call it, 2019 will be the year we hear about the next major leap for Playstation.

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