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  1. It's mad to think that Beyond GoodEvil 2 was announced in 2008. I remember seeing this trailer and thinking it looked amazing technically at the time.
  2. Capwn


    I've really wanted to speak out here but I just can't go in details obviously, it's been frustrating to see some people presume this would just be brushed under the carpet but understandable given the history of the industry. Changes from the top like in the above post are huge but there are also many other promising healthy changes that are taking place and being planned for long term solutions. In my 15 years in game dev this is without a doubt the most serious I've ever seen these issues taken, it's been a long time coming but it does finally feel like a pivotal moment for the industry. Hopefully in the near future Ubi can talk more publicly about the many steps that are being put into place to create a healthier environment for everyone.
  3. Apologies. Not directed at you then but hopefully my list reminds some people who really do think Ubi are knocking out the same 3-4 franchises over and over.
  4. Valiant Hearts Child of Light Grow Home For Honor Rainbow 6 Gods and Monsters Roller Champions Steep HyperScape
  5. Ideally; @SteveH Cat body (brown) + mouth @Broker: Cat hat (brown) + paws
  6. How do people normally trade? mail via SW code? or Visit via dodo?
  7. My first request! My GF has been yearning for a cat based costume ever since the game launched. Does a thing even exist? Does anyone have one?
  8. Finished, it KIND of made sense in the end. As in I got a very vague idea of what they were doing. I'm glad they wrapped it up well, it was a good time to end it.
  9. 515 here. Will be up for at least 4 hours (I live in Canada) 4XMY4
  10. Nobody watching this? https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft
  11. Yeah I'm on episode 5, it's getting better. I still don't know who 'lip trio' are, let me know in spoiler tags Indy! Three things... 1. That transition warp effect between scenes, like WHAT THE HELL? Who approved that?! It's like something from the 80's Batman show. Madness. 2. The last minute or so of every show where it's all slow motion with a song, is that a new thing? or has it always done that? Feels a bit tacky to do it EVERY episode. 3. Yeah still no idea what's going on but I get the general gist (people traveling around in time changing stuff) and am enjoying it.
  12. Is it mad that I don't recall the 3 'killers' with the funny lip? I've got no idea how they tie into the story or why they are doing what they are doing. Just to clarify, is this how many versions of characters there are? You can check this spoiler after episode 1 of the new season;
  13. Oh yeah, something I don't see mentioned much are the amazing loading times. I'm on a launch day PS4 and still, when I die it's like a 5 second wait and back in again. There are other AAA games where you can be waiting around 30 seconds.
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