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  1. I was looking forward to seeing if Superman First Year was a return to form to a these days more chill Frank Miller, but it turns out to be the same hot garbage he's been spewing in the past. Women are angels or whores, and both to be protected by a big man. Can we PLEASE find John Romita Jr. a decent writer to work with?
  2. Absolutely this. There is something really off about the terminator once the stop motion kicks in that just added to the non-human, unstoppable machine-ness.
  3. King: "DC says I can keep my job on the movies if I say this..."
  4. https://www.zoom.co.uk/category/weekend_box_set_deals Picking up Dark Crystal on this, but it's got all the MiBs and King Kong on too for a tenner
  5. AK Bell


    When they said it would be a younger Alfred, I didn't think he'd look 12.
  6. Where do you sell digital? I'm probably sitting on an untapped gold mine
  7. I used the sale to buy up all the Grant Morrison's New X-Men run to read again for the millionth time. So there is that.
  8. I found the zoom site to be a bit of a pain. The filters and drop downs don't work usually, making it hard to find a bargain. On another bargain, I just got Aquaman and Lego Movie 2 for £30 at HMV. They're only on sale til the end of the week. I think Bohemian Rhapsody was the only other one limited to the week.
  9. Hmm. I did go looking for it on Amazon a few hours ago and it came up with a page with no prices on :/
  10. Fucks sake. I was intending to get all 3 I might have to get it from abroad. Was intending to get a new player that was multi-region BR around xmas anyway ADDITIONAL: sounds like Universal have just given up on the UK in general ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL: so...where is good to import UHDs from to the UK?
  11. Whoh. Deja vu. You're on blu-ray.com and I claim my £5 reward! Is everywhere getting Captain Marvel before the UK? It's not out for another month or so here!!!
  12. https://theplaylist.net/solo-bradford-young-lord-miller-20180529/ Ron was working with what he had.
  13. I don't blame Howard for the look of the film. That would have been set in stone already and he'd have had to roll with what he had. But the bit at the start when it's all in blue! I can't see ANYTHING!!! Similar when they go get the Falcon too. I had to squint and it didn't help. I'm all for a different look and trying some stuff. Star Wars is meant to look a bit dirty. But it was fundamentally broken.
  14. Batman films turned up. I was surprised the collection was just getting all the individual copies. Looking back, there was nothing to show it would be like a box-set but I'm still a bit surprised. Not that I care. I'm a monster and put all my discs in a folder.
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