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  1. The Project I.G.I. demo was fantastic. One little compound, and dozens of ways to break in. The game itself was terrible and boring.
  2. Was it a weirdly spaced out month? I only just made it yesterday, but can't remember missing a daily task.
  3. I just got shafted out of 5 points on the xbox app monthly quiz as I said "Outer Worlds" is on Game Pass and it said it wasn't. It bloody is.
  4. Stolen from reddit (as it is always) for This or That today: Portuguese: Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Brazil, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau German: Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  5. Ooh, I'm happy with them. Nearly bought Darksiders III in the sale but knew I should stay strong.
  6. Playing the ME Andromeda Multiplayer Tutorial level was a nice quick achievement if you still want that 500 points from the 10 games. Oh, and the website has a new punch card for Game Pass PC. 100 points to open some links. Oh oh and a third thing to add. The 360 games I bought in the Ultimate sale seem to have been added onto the total now! I just need to spend a few more quid.
  7. I'm still worried it's going to be too small in the long run. There is only one slot and once the X|S only games start kicking in, it's going to feel awfully tight. £180 is a lot for something I reckon I'd replace later when I can.
  8. I'm really hitting a wall with this. It's hard enough to knock baddies down on their arse, and then I got to make up distance and do this (after googling how). I hope it clicks soon.
  9. The money I've spent has finally popped up on that Ultimate Sale one. It is just purely stuff in the sale by the looks of it (and not 360 which would have put me over). But I can't think of anything else I want to buy
  10. Yeah, I'd heard the son was taking over too so assumed it was the proper Superman. Guess I'll have to read the synopses of a few other books to see, as Google isn't helping.
  11. I thought I'd give this a go since it was short and Morrison. It's okay but, I'm not much of a DC reader these days ... why is Superman depowered? Are there some books I should be reading first?
  12. The xbox app on mobile has a remote control in it still. If you want to save £20-ish. What I'd like with a remote, I'd like to keep the headphones going longer when watching a film when plugged into a controller. But the controller dies at half an hour. I don't really fancy buying expensive wireless headphones just for this.
  13. What has always annoyed me over the years is the celebration animations. And how the players clip. They've not changed them for years and they still clip badly. Fix it!!!
  14. I'm new to the game, but it sounds like on Wii there was a lot of handholding. I'm not sure if it's gone the other way, or I'm just not paying attention, but I keep on hitting walls finding something I didn't know I could do. The last one was rolling bombs. Had no idea I could do that, so kept trying to throw it into holes on the ground.
  15. It seems to just be stuff in that sale, that isn't 360, which is a bit crap. Ah well, all stuff from my list that I was buying when next sale anyway. And they were for free.
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