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  1. I was telling someone about this game last week - it'd be a perfect fit on Switch! EDIT: Apparently Sidhe are almost entirely centred around app development now (as PikPok), I wonder if we'd ever see Shatter or GripShift (which I really loved) on newer systems.
  2. The Following. Season 1 was brilliant, gripping stuff. Great ending to the first season. Then we got to season 2 with all the interpersonal shit with the other cult and it just bored me to the point where I never bothered finishing the season. I hear season 3 was even worse.
  3. Yeah, try a clean install (if you haven't already)
  4. You have to defeat the bosses to get into the High School, if memory serves. The rest is fuzzy - been too long since I've played it!
  5. Can you pull out any extra cards and install Win 98 without them, then install each card one-by-one with a reboot each time?
  6. Oh my word I haven't heard of this game in years. Great pull!
  7. Runescape (Browser) - Baroque (Old Version) Not a game I've played myself, but one my nephew played the hell out of as a young lad. Since moving away whenever I hear the music from RS it makes me think of him, so here it is here.
  8. SAS Combat Simulator (Amiga) - Title Theme Chosen only because I was browsing this channel's videos, clicked play, and realised that it's a slightly tweaked (and not as good) version of Rally Cross Simulator's title theme for the C64.
  9. Great headline in the Australian ahead of the Ashes...
  10. I'm glad this was released, after Velez passed away in 2016 I was worried it wouldn't see the light of day. I'll grab it on the Switch.
  11. Yes, that also. Worked that out after reading the first page of the PDF yesterday! EDIT: Piller, actually!
  12. Koshiro and Kawashima were both billed as Composers on 2, Kawashima was billed as Composer on 3 with Koshiro getting a Producer credit.
  13. I got it from another kind chap on here, thanks though!
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