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  1. Moyes wasn't happy when Soucek got the red card, and Klopp after the Fulham game late last year. He was the VAR for both games. He's fucking useless.
  2. The worst ref in the league by a comfortable margin. Terrible performance here.
  3. That episode is PS5 only? That...doesn't seem like a good idea.
  4. Thank fuck there's only 7 more minutes of this.
  5. When I was home with my Mum recently we watched a lot of Antiques Road Trip, which I thought was a lot of fun and didn't take itself too seriously.
  6. Keith Lee is pulled from his match, @ckny
  7. Yeah, he was fantastic - couple of really good saves near the end of the first half. Who got MOM? Because he was surely in the running.
  8. The only upside is that we might actually play centre halves at centre half now. That's something.
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