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  1. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Axiom Verge is just over a tenner at the moment. Very tempting...
  2. Yep. Made a best offer for 35 quid which was accepted then paid 3 for quicker postage. Came in a week
  3. Just had the RS-97 delivered. Initial impressions are very good and it has already been hacked for dingux
  4. Documentary all about the "perfect Pacman"
  5. Or was he... https://youtu.be/AULXi1SEl6U
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Piece of the proverbial to change the stick in the 8bitdo. Just make sure it's one without the 5pin socket on the side. Must have the separate connector plugs for each direction. Seimitsus work but not Sanwas.
  7. This one has the whiff of Scientology payback
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Yep did make me smile
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Game have 25% off the sticker price for pre-owned "next gen" games at the moment. Just picked up Skyrim for £34!
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Got a 128gb Sandisk A1 rated from Picstop for 26 delivered over Xmas with a code. Still cheap at 30 even without the code
  11. The Orville - hang on, its actually good!

    The doctor from voyager appeared in an episode I believe
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Switch, Mario, Zelda, case and tempered glass screen protectors from the missus this morning. Result! Just ordered a 128gb A1 Sandisk micro SD for it for 27 quid delivered and now pondering LA Noire for 25 quid from Argos
  13. Shoulder buttons on the back of the retromini fell quite nicely under the fingers when holding it. Definitely better than that other one.

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