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  1. right i'm taking it back.......to my bedroom for more fun!!!! It's great. I have PSVR and it seems less grainy and it's weird to be able to freely move around. The setup and mess around area is brilliant. Yes the stretchy gun in the is great. It took my old brain time to work out how to stop dropping items with the controllers (which are top notch) but i've grasped it (wahey!) now. My only issue is the light bleed which is noticeable when you put it on but once in a game you don't so much. Only played Beat Saber (never had it on PSVR) and yes its good but i'm glad i didn't lay down the money for it. I'll wait for a sale (may never come) It's an excellent unit. Comfort wise, it felt a little front heavy at first compared to the PSVR headset but again i got used to it. Sound is good the way it works but i wish it could go up to 11. So far very impressed, especially with the visual quality.
  2. I will do. Not sure on my first purchase possibly Robo Recall
  3. Well the box is smaller than I thought. Ive got plenty of work to do this afternoon so it’s gonna take some willpower not to have a gone once I get home.
  4. Ditto i can purchase one more game as I cancelled everybody’s golf on PSVR after seeing some reviews
  5. woo hoo my man. I just looked at Argos and my local one has it from 4pm but one a bit further away has it for collection now! BINGO, bye bye Amazon
  6. Too any games, i've added the demo's to my wishlist. by the time i get my Quest there should be lots of impressions on what is essential to buy as i could easily spend a small fortune.
  7. Ahh i feel so much better now Time to sell my spare PSVR headset and unopened games i've had for about 6 months
  8. oh bollocks i've just ordered a Quest (64gb) from Amazon to be delivered on the 23rd apparently. A birthday (Saturday)present to myself. You're only 51 once
  9. Wow, if that's the case for the Quest as well then i'm in. Can't get one now though lol. I'll just have to get one on reserve and cry into my beer when i read all the love on the forum.
  10. yes another gripe for me is that it's digital only. I know this is the way of the world but not being able to sell on games you've completed or don't like is a bummer. I hope they provide lots of demo's for the new games
  11. After a bottle of Prosseco last night i've almost talked myself into trading in my spare PSVR set, SuperHot, Astrobot at Game and putting the proceeds towards a Quest.I need a voice of reason
  12. sorry i'm being a bit thick her but what advantage is the room scale thingy over normal VR? I just watched the guy on Upload VR play Creed. I thought he'd be able to use his feet to control the movement of the boxer making it a better game but it looked like the same control scheme as the PSVR. What am i missing?
  13. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    yes for 999 Yen. i'm trying to get a decent priced Japanese eShop card. Play Asia are about £10.50 which is a bit pricey.
  14. boybrown

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    the 3.0 update is live! in the UK
  15. boybrown

    Nintendo Switch

    seems this is digital only. £24.99 on UK store or 319 Rand on South African store which is about £17.50. Always fancied this. Very tempted at that price.

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