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  1. I think they've done a decent enough job of giving a pretty large cast a chance to say farewell and the tying up of various loose ends. After such a dense and complex plot, it was always going to be difficult to do. Perhaps they should have done less fan service but people have invested a lot of time so I think they got the balance about right. We can probably expect most of them to die in the next episode. I'm wondering if Jon will tell Dany that he doesn't want the iron throne? I suspect the Battle of Winterfell is a loss, retreat to Iron Islands where Dany dies from her wounds and clears the way for Jon to turn up at Kings Landing as rightful heir and have his final showdown vs the NK and then Cersei. I have to say I didn't pick up that the Crypt was going to be an important plot point! I thought they were just making clear that's where the non-fighters would be. In hindsight though, it was repeated a bit too much. Maybe it just proves to be some kind of escape route when the battle is lost.
  2. El Geet

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Another one who tried Black Summer. It starts interesting enough but it feels super low budget...they seem to drive around and wander around the exact same streets and houses for at least the first couple of episodes. Shame to hear it doesn't focus on the outbreak and attempts to contain as that does seem to be an element the genre doesn't focus on much. I'll probably end up watching as I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff. I mean I watched two seasons of Van Helsing ffs which really was awful.
  3. El Geet

    A movie watchers blog

    Yeah I think it's those montages that give it that camp 80s reputation but it's not a bad movie at all.
  4. El Geet

    Solid little thrillers

    Pretty huge variety. A few that spring to mind including a couple of more recent ones: Tell No One (great French movie) The Firm (big guilty pleasure...whenever I come across it on tv I'll end up watching it) Primal Fear The Gift The Hand That Rocked the Cradle Wind River
  5. El Geet

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    You’re both right. It’s my problem not his!
  6. El Geet

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    My just turned 10 year old son has started to get into reading Marvel comics. I used to read loads of comics but never really read much US superhero stuff, more of a 2000ad fan. It’s bloody confusing. He’s started with Civil War and read 1 and 2 - the collected anthologies. Now he’s reading X-Men vs Avengers. He’s enjoying them but I wondered if he should be reading in any particular order?
  7. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    They’re decent. The Fall of Hyperion in particular. They’re just not as good as the first one. It’s been a while mind.
  8. El Geet


    Often a movie will still not be available here and the quality can vary significantly.
  9. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I knew someone would say that! Hate spiders.
  10. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Not into that sort of thing at all. The historical characters in SF settings I mean. The Commonwealth Saga is has some amazing ideas in it. I'd be lying if I didn't say I really enjoyed most of it. It verges on being a guilty pleasure at times despite going a bit Alastair Reynolds on the physics very occasionally.
  11. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Haha. That sounds about right. Is this a well documented thing with him then? Ian M Banks output always felt far more anarchic than PFH’s...from what I’ve read to date anyway. I’ve pretty much read all of Banks’ stuff obv.
  12. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I lost interest in 'Children of Time' and it's rare that I don't persevere with a book. Fantastic premise but I couldn't get on with the whole insect thing.
  13. El Geet

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Just recently read Peter F Hamilton's 'The Commonwealth Saga' books: 'Pandora's Star' and 'Judas Unchained'. Never read any of his stuff before and quite enjoyed it although there's something a little off about it. Really enjoyed the harder sci-fi elements and the story itself is pretty interesting. However, there seems to be a weird 'worshipping at the altar of capitalism' thing going on with it seeming fine for this galactic commonwealth to be largely ruled by unelected ultra rich people. There's also some sex stuff which is a bit, I dunno, nerd wish fulfilment? Anyway, still enjoyed both books (which are pretty weighty tomes) sufficiently to move on to 'The Void Trilogy' which continues in the same universe but over a thousand years later.
  14. El Geet


    Personally speaking, I don’t subscribe to Netflix for the films. I mainly subscribe for the original tv series and documentary stuff which is generally of a pretty high standard I would say. I also have NowTV for movies which I cancel periodically as the movie content is the same old crap. I tend to get it on a deal over Xmas for Xmas movies and eventually realise we just don’t use it. I’m still waiting for a paid-for movie service that works as well for me as the high seas in terms of quality, content and speed of delivery. And it’s not about it being free - which it’s technically not as I’m paying a usenet provider a monthly fee anyway. Of course, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
  15. El Geet

    Harry's Heroes - The Full English

    Yeah it was quite melancholic I feel. A couple of these guys have real issues. Poor old Merson. And Ruddock is a real mess.

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