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  1. Art Vandelay


    There’s got to be more to the process of making the album cover than slapping a load of shit together from Prince’s house at short notice. For my sanity, there’s got to be.
  2. They did a lovely line in mid-tempo groovers in the 80s. And here's a lovely video of Brazil's preeminent bongo butler, Airto Moreira talking about percussion.
  3. I agree, I think this is better though. I liked the crusty ESG sound they have, but this is fuller and perhaps a bit more polished than before. I think it'll get attention because it's socially very current and relevant, and that's great obviously, but there's so many ideas flying about on it it's an incredible musical achievement too. I preferred my second listen through.
  4. That album is great. I feel the bald adult son was definitely the person behind that cover. If we're chatting Brazilian boogie, it's hard to top this horn flecked beauty.
  5. He seems a right radgy bastard too, which I think immediately makes him difficult to like. I will give him that though, that save against Columbia was great. Airbrush from history that we conceded off the resulting corner and it's even better. The debate on Talksport was great this morning. Who's the Shittest? Kepa, Karius or Pickford? Phone in and eventually get to the point where you tell us what you think!
  6. I think it was intellectual and noted orator Jamie O'Hara on Talksport this morning that was defending him, and repeatedly cited 'worldies' as his key strength.
  7. Grab your Kangol and square of lino. https://rave.dj/1wf-hTPKJv8rFQ
  8. My dad bequeathed me that album, which was good of him. God I love Joe Sample. You know the dude must've had deep pockets when he wheels in Flora Purim and Paulinho da Costa as session musicians. Talking of jazz-funk supergroups, Fuse One were decent. Think Paulinho is knocking the bongos on this too.
  9. If anything better than the new SAULT album comes out this year I would be flabbergasted.
  10. Now I feel bad about making bum jokes.
  11. What's going on with Mario Gotze? Feels like as a free agent he'd be being pulled in all directions. Unless his stats have been forcefully prized apart and people don't like the look of what's been exposed. Always looked comfortable making things happen in the hole etc.
  12. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    This UK jazz-dance holy grail has just got a re-release on Jazz Room. One for the latin fans.
  13. I've been trying to mix covers and samples together with precisely zero success, but then this happened which is nice. https://rave.dj/8RODHvFK0ldTSw
  14. It'd be interesting to do a Bond where he's the baddie. You'd barely need to change the character. A dusty, womanising, vodka swilling relic of an imperial age that murders to uphold the control of a fading western power and the person who tries to stop him. You get to update the franchise into something more palatable to a modern audience whilst keeping the main character as close to the arsehole with the borderline personality disorder from the books as you desire. Everyone wins!
  15. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    Greg Foat is so prolifically brilliant it blows my mind. Think this is a couple of months old now, but highly recommended if you haven't heard it yet. Some beautiful pieces and a real range of styles on display. Seems to cover off some nice Brazilian influenced bits, that UK dance floor influenced improvised sound, experimental interludes, spiritual jazz, you name it. A proper journey of an album.
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