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  1. This must be set in an alternative reality of Britain where there's significantly more than 7 guns in the entire country.
  2. It's Weird Fishes, definitely. 100%. Or National Anthem.
  3. Art Vandelay


    Smith-Rowe reminds me a lot of watching Merson. His body movement and touch is just really reminiscent and he also always seems to win you something like a throw or a corner. Keep him off the chop and out of the casinos and we'll be laughing.
  4. Art Vandelay


    We're somehow only seven points behind champions elect Liverpool too. The season is mad, but I have a feeling it will settle into a comforting normality now with Man City winning 14 on the bounce and then getting dumped out of Europe by someone shit.
  5. Rooney arrived and was just a feral wild man raised by viscous animals they'd discovered in a Cheshire thicket and chucked on a football field. He'd be smashing into people and going on mad dribbles and scoring from all over the place. I don't ever remember a player arriving and looking so ridiculously exciting as he did. You can't keep that up forever though, and players that try never amount to much in the end. I think Ferguson just channeled that energy into being a player with a pretty unrivalled will to win. I remember that game against Hull (think it was 4-3?) and there was a drop ball d
  6. Breaking Bad probably didn’t have a grand overarching plan, but each series and the finale conclude everything so beautifully you could be convinced it did. It was so good in fact that the really amazing epilogue they did was a bit pointless in the end. I liked the meth nazis as they felt really intimidating and contained a really complex baddie I absolutely hated.
  7. I’ve been enjoying Night Call today. Very atmospheric cabbie whodunnit set in Paris with overt noire tones and a lot of reading. Not a huge amount of game in there but it’s really involving. Good Sunday afternoon with a brew tackle.
  8. It’s on a Larry Levan live at the Paradise Garage mix that was posted a few pages ago that’s well worth a listen if you’ve not heard it. It’s such a brilliant track that has been criminally ruined in the public consciousness by that awful Sophie Ellis Bextor cover! Can’t knock Cher for that outfit too.
  9. People Just Do Nothing is the best thing BBC comedy have done since The Office. It’s got the same producer which probably explains it. Think you need a passing appreciation of UK Garage to get the most out of it though.
  10. Yeah agreed. The two long form ones that stand out are definitely Making a Murderer and The Staircase, which are both incredible entertainment and good character portraits too. As a shorter series, The Innocence Files is a genuinely brilliant, thought provoking series of stories but the rest of them are average to rubbish. The stupid cat one is especially mind bendingly trashy and proper C&I channel level dreck. This is just OK. The case is a doozy and doesn’t need quite so much razzle dazzle to make it interesting. Tone down the colour grading and screeching ominous tones and it would be
  11. I was just going off on one. I think it was just everyone taking turns to do those niggly fouls you get away with if you only do a couple after about 70 minutes when they’d settled for a draw. It’s not dirty at all, just not conducive to watching entertaining football. It happens I guess. Luiz did go right through the back of Zaha which is probably why he had the hump.
  12. Night Stalker is pretty good if a little over-egged. Some nice visual bits and pieces, but lots of needlessly lingering shots of rats and bloody hammers falling in slow motion to constantly remind you they're talking about unpleasant subject matter. Also, seems to have quite a flattering portrayal of the jolly fat detective and his hard boiled partner considering what a notoriously bungled investigation it was. Still, passes the time doesn't it.
  13. Going to buck this thread's trend of being magnanimous and say that Palace's rotational fouling and Zaha's face can do one. What a bloody awful game of football.
  14. That Marta Acuna track is a vocal version of Universal Robot Band’s ‘Thyme’ which is worth checking out too. Think Marta definitely improves it though. That’s a killer Kool & The Gang track. Had this album on the other day which is great from back to front. This is a stand out.
  15. Art Vandelay


    It would be a shame, but he could just as easily turn into a Lupoli situation. There's no guarantee he'll develop into a world beater, although he does look good in the snippets I've seen him. Even someone like Nketiah who is prodigiously talented and scored millions of goals at all ages has struggled to convert that into performances at the top level. I'd like to find out of he's the real deal at Arsenal though rather that watch him dry bum us in a future European tie.
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