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  1. Nasty! There are a couple of extreme restorations by Perifractic and Retro Man Cave on YouTube you might want to check out, if haven't already?
  2. Treble

    NieR: Automata

    It's an odd bird. Just started this week, done about 4 hours so far and 70% of what I've been doing is traversal. The combat is really good fun and I'm impressed by the boss patterns and combat loops. The story and atmosphere are really intriguing, but it does feel like a sophomoric team's release with a professional, weapons grade combat system bolted on. It's strange to be playing something like this in 2018. It's so anachronistic. Fetch quest busywork, lots of wandering, repeated textures, simplistic upgrade system and fishing minigame(!) So at odds with the clever story and seamless combat engine. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, but it's definitely niche in the way Metal Gear Rising, No More Heroes and Killer is Dead are niche.
  3. Treble

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Currently listening to my nephew's band BrotherZ GriM. I think it's really good, but don't have a frame of reference as I know bugger all about hip hop - it could be completely original or ripped off! Be ace if you could take a listen and give some honest feedback. I particularly like Post Mortem. http://brotherzgrim.bandcamp.com/album/chapter-ii-black-mass-2018
  4. Treble

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    That reminds me, the mod of Quake to run on the Wii and use the wiimote. That was fantastic. I loved FPSs and shooters on Wii.
  5. Here's my CRT. As low resolutions and interlaced video don't play well with the refresh rates of modern digital cameras, you'll just have to trust me when I say this looks even better in person. So here we are, Halo 4 on an old telly! And it acquits itself rather well, considering. I'd have preferred to show a retro game on this, but the 360 is the only console I have left with a scart lead! That green band doesn't show in real life. Again, the questionable magic of unsynchronised refresh rates!
  6. Treble

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    As I've said a bunch of times, US box office is the first key metric of success. Venom has not yet passed its budget (although it will). It's made 89m stateside off a 100m budget so far. A Star is Born has made 50m off a 36m budget already, with a far lower advertising spend. It'll end up making a huge profit. And Venom seems like a strange hill to die on. Its meant to be a quirky, throwback B-movie, not some homogenous and entirely predictable tent pole thang.
  7. No, I got given it by a workmate as he knows I'm into retro and even though I don't rock the old tech these days, I still wanted it rescued from tip oblivion Postage would be about a tenner, maybe a little bit more. It's got a decent (full) RGB display via SCART. I'll grab some pics for you.
  8. I'm beginning to sound like a desperate pimp now, but you're welcome to the tiny 14" (possibly smaller) Bush TV I got, if you're not after a PVM. If you're interested I can crack it out and take some photos? It'd be yours for the cost of postage.
  9. Treble

    The Retro Import Enthusiasts Thread

    I used to import almost exclusively during the PS2 era, but now only intermittently. I did, however, order Sturmwind for Dreamcast a couple of weeks ago: I'll be playing it on ReDream rather than my actual Dreamcast, but wanted to support the devs
  10. Treble

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    Not sure you can class it as retro (although the engine's 11 years old now, so...) but the Call of the Fireflies mod for Crysis was amazing - it turned an FPS engine into one of the first 'Walking Simulators' Firmly in the retro camp these days, though, are Half-Life 2 mods. Two of the greatest: Transmissions: Element 120 Minerva: Metastasis
  11. Treble

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    What actually is it? I looked on his sales page and can't work out if it's just an adapter, has teh r0mz on it, is a Supergun replacement, or what. €400+ Euros though?!?!
  12. Fantastic post! Innovation has stagnated for quite a while in peripheral tech... not 100% sure why, but I guess the mass market seeing the Wii as a gimmick, the Wii U failing and Kinnect not living up to any expectations will have had an impact. Funnily enough, VR proves the worth (well, absolute essential need for) 'waggle' but in itself is just a halfway house. It does what it does fantastically well, but with enormous faff. VR's not the 8-track, but it's something like Laserdisc or Minidisc: better than what came before, but only a 1.5 version rather than a revolutionary 2.0. I still love it, though - it's worth having for WipEout Omega alone!
  13. Treble

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    Super cool it was an easy fix. I was going to say much the same as the above: check the contacts, check continuity etc. and after that you'd be looking at some of the tougher stuff like dry solder joints, corrosion on the chip pins and the like. I would definitely advise checking the board over and cleaning it. If sold as knackered, it may have an intermittent fault you haven't discovered yet. Hopefully not, but pays to be wary!
  14. The rules say no: However, I don't think anyone in here would mind. Perhaps put it in your sig, just to be compliant?
  15. Treble

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    He has the greatest arc of any character in any television show I've ever seen. He goes from: I've mentioned his final scene in the series before, as it's utterly amazing and heartbreaking, but I also think the scene where he: ...is absolutely amazing. A violent act, but it shows that Fred has made him connect - for the first time in his life - with his raw emotions. Having a set of writers who can develop that balance (over two shows, no less) is just fantastic. I put it above Jessie's arc in Breaking Bad as the greatest example of this in TV.

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