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  1. Thank you kind sir, now we just need Dan in Season 6.... I still miss shades
  2. Taunt! Joffo is there any way to buy the old CPT costumes? Started playing again and want the Guile on that Nuckle Du designed
  3. Good job they are still allowing showings of The Strawman
  4. To do that you’d have to do a full play through first stockpiling ammo and then learn all of the enemy positions so the answer is probably yes.
  5. andygt

    Nintendo Switch

    you can get double the capacity for £1.60 more on Amazon
  6. For anyone thinking of reading up on the Tate murders on Wikipedia before seeing this there is a now a fucking massive spoiler for the movie on that page.
  7. Has everyone forgotten that the first film was ‘good’ because of special effects and the other two were a load of old shit?
  8. You know what the westest thing is?
  9. How? It hit his chest and wasn’t deliberate
  10. Is Blue Ray mates with Black Beard?
  11. Considering you book fuckers are so impressed with your own reading skills then maybe you could read the thread title.
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