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  1. It reminds me of Maze of Kings, which was shiiiiiiite
  2. I thought it was fine, the side characters (her from the Walking Dead and the techie sister) were great as was KILLMONGER THE REAL HERO but BP himself was pretty dull. Also my niece destroyed it by noting the story is just the Lion King I wonder if that cunt Perlmutter made them change the 'foolish build barriers' line. They blatantly wanted to say walls instead with a big knowing look to camera.
  3. Anime

    Man, the last few eps of March Comes In Like a Lion were beautiful. Hopefully it'll get another season or 2.
  4. BC, another game killed by the curse of Edge
  5. New Doom movie (restrain expectations)

    I'd love to see an adaptation of the most recent Doom with a guy running around like an absolute mad cunt bellowing, smashing heads, ripping and tearing guts to a big dirty 8 string guitar soundtrack.
  6. https://kotaku.com/a-doom-mod-where-you-make-friends-with-demons-1825445400 Edge 8/10
  7. The Walking Dead!

    Ah, not king zeke, the younger guy
  8. The Walking Dead!

    Did dreadlocks guy ever die or did he just disappear?
  9. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Cpt Marvel's package was robbed
  10. Anime

    Looool the first ep of the new FMP series was disappointing. Felt really cheap and clunky and the new baddies are piiiish.
  11. Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    Hell fucking yes. I hope Vinnie and Rick are still around.
  12. Pokemon Go

    yaaas, I’ve enjoyed this event Pogo + / gotchas now disconnect after 3 hours rather than 1, pretty fucking sweet
  13. The worst crimes in music

    All Those shots of Anthony Kiedis’ gooch in the GiveItAway video
  14. Pokemon Go

    ! !
  15. Hilarious Starfire

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