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  1. the Doomguy's spikey new arms are properly cringe Still looks fucking awsome though
  2. They should celebrate the launch of the XSX with a new SSX TRICKY TRICKY TRICKY TRRRRICKY
  3. They can just dump the various components in one of those brown trays they deliver bread in. 100% of their efforts should be on a pad where the battery lasts more than 3 hours
  4. I didn't even know that rat game had come out .
  5. it's like when MS launched the surface and everyone thought it was a cool keyboard/case for ipads
  6. I must be the only person who hasn't been tricked by the Marvel movies. RDJ is bad and everyone should feel bad. I actually saw the Eddie Murphy version at the cinema twice but I can't remember why. I was too old to have been dragged there by adults and too young to think it was fun to go see stoned.
  7. Even worse, Game will probably have bundles for both consoles with exactly the same games. Various kids will go blind having to play Gears 9 in patchwork 4k instead of real 4k and it'll be all MS's fault.
  8. I just want to be able to hit thousands of chinese lads at once in the next Dynasty Warriors
  9. No terrifying gooch shots in this weeks Batman . I’m almost dissapointed
  10. They probably won't even do the spinning reaction shot
  11. they can do one of those 'how do you share games?' videos like Sony did last time. With a bro playing Cyberpunk, taking it out of his Xbone and putting it into his Xbox SX and continuing happily. Whereas the Sonyprole goes out to a shop to buy a PS5 copy of the game and gets eaten by bears. I doubt many third party publishers will want to give up all that sweet 'buy this game again, asshole' money though.
  12. they should end it when you come accross that big fucking snake that sephiroff crucified with the lightning in the background. Proper badass
  13. I just found out that it's not a Michael Bay movie. Devestated
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