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  1. Yeah I've gone through quite a few PS4 pads. The dualsense better be less of a bag of shit
  2. I like when you are catching them and get a screen full of FACE every so often.
  3. NOFX did one of those split EP things (like the one with Rancid) with Frank Turner. It's fucking great
  4. 2 old Sony Ericsson phones in a bedpan, where can I pre-order?
  5. another combo successfully broken
  6. I'm not really digging what I've heard of S&M2 so far. Lars' drums are louder than the whole orchestra which sounds pretty watery. The first album sounded enormous in comparison.
  7. what's in that black binbag pouch in the Halo one?
  8. Mini Chedders Quite Nice Mingin', that same fake chemically jalapeno taste you get on some american crisps. Shite!
  9. Lord no, I feel like a mark just spending £50 on a game, let alone an extra hundo for a fivers worth of tat
  10. It's the music drops and transitions that make this the best, like when the baddies come out of their cells in the police station, or when you walk through the castle doors on the last level. Proper bangers. I really like these 3 dudes playing mahjong at the start of the chinatown level. Look at that big no-neck guy. I wish he was a playable character.
  11. I've still got a page from Fell up on my wall. Conflicted.... Atomic Robo as well, has a similar feel to the Goon and Hellboy.
  12. I thought the PS3 controllers still worked fine on the PS4, hence a forumite accidentally buying Fifa on the PS4 when they were playing a PS3 game at the same time
  13. I still don’t understand why they don’t like Abby,. What could be more American than getting swole AF, joining the army and getting out your rage from childhood trauma by killing shitloads of religious extremists?
  14. the lack of squid didn't bother me (uniting the world against Dr Manhatten is fine) but they completely botched the reveal. It should have been a legendary movie twist up there the sixth sense or whatever but it fell completely flat due to the bloodless and sterile nature way they did it. It's the one thing in the movie that SHOULD have been shockingly violent and it isn't. Useless the dude has killed MILLIONS of people and it has significantly less impact that a single guy getting his arm broke in a stupid action scene.
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