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  1. Gail Simone was giving him shit on twitter last week. #boycotted
  2. I just leave the normal enemies running around the boss areas so I can kill them if I get downed, usually works. avoiding spammy EOA attacks probably isn't something they should put in a FPS though. Not with the sheer amount of shit onscreen.
  3. Tom Spurgeon died, until it was blocked at work I used to read the comics reporter every day. Seemed like a lovely bloke. Happy birthday from me to me. a BPRD page by Sebastian Fiumara
  4. Rekt looks a bit like Gripshift, that was a great wee game
  5. Adventure Time with Finn(cher) and Jake
  6. How many volumes will it be in total, 3? I'll have to check out the new colouring. Randomly the shop I play pinball in which never seems to stock any of the comics I want had a load of new longboxes with a few issues from that run in. Picked up a copy of Loving The Alien even though I've got it in TBP cos it's gloriously fucked up. A sci-fi horror series following the offspring of Swampy and that alien spacecraft would be so sweet, if DC are looking for more of Moore's bones to pick over
  7. I think it was during the olympics that someone on here compared the crushing inevitability of him playing Hey Jude to the heat death of the universe. I lol'd
  8. sex scenes with a terminator? does it have skin on? I still liked Terminator 3: Redemption
  9. speaking of shipping, was Cyclops, 'yes I have one person I love' meant to be them rejecting the idea that him, Wolverine and Jean are in a polyamourus relationship?
  10. I can understand the actors who were in the movie supporting this to get a cut of all the double dip blu-ray money. Not sure why Brotista cares.
  11. good community day on saturday, the squirrels in the botanic gardens were very friendly and british weezing was a nice surprise
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