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  1. I like how the patches you earn in the challenge mode carry into the main game and appear on Deake’s jacket
  2. Warn everyone about the bat soup! With the kanto event it's pretty much the same this week as it was back then....
  3. yeah, his name is Mario Di Pepperoni or something similar.
  4. I know it's Robert fucking De Niro but Bean should have had a quick word :lol;
  5. Definitely. Although Jason Bourne never ambushed anyone with a cup of coffee
  6. (Action Park sounds completely ridiculous) You Were Never Really Here Brilliant nasty wee thriller. Going from chunky Joe to emaciated Joe-ker in a couple of years couldn't have been healthy 5/5 Sorry To Bother You horsecock! Some proper laugh out loud moments. Good satire and escalation of insanity as it goes on. 4/5 Nightcrawler Loved this, one thing that stuck out to me was the triumphant music, like it's the main characters internal score celebrating all his success at being a sociopath 5/5
  7. Presumably he means to rotate the d-pad input so right is up etc. like Tate mode PSP games
  8. every slightly alt girl I went to school with just shat themselves at this news
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