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  1. *wonders how big the biggests ever birds were* if that was a goose we'd be fucked
  2. is it fuck. Xoxic Robothead CausX maybe
  3. what happens if you scrape away the plastic so it can be jammed into a dock?
  4. See, the ladders are already there, now all they need is the SNAAAAAAAAAKE
  5. Started reading Assasination Classroom, for some reason I thought it was some horrible rapey shitshow (must have got it mixed up with something else) but it's actually good fun. Kinda like GTO if the O stood for OCTOPUSS
  6. Although not today, since they've cancelled it
  7. I miss the days when a preview of a game was a couple of pages of text and some screenshots, or just 1 really good gif. Fuck this 90 minutes youtube shite.
  8. imagine if you play as the walking dead guy for like 2 hours and then it switches to SOLID FUCKING SNAKE and the Konami logo appears and it's all like SWERVE BITCHES IT WAS MGS6 ALL ALONG AUSTIN AH SONOFABITCH!!!
  9. Probably not. Could always take a trip somewhere bigger for one of the wednesday raid hours
  10. Watch End of Evangelion, you can skip Death/Rebirth etc o/
  11. I *think* shinies can't run away unless you miss every throw. Imagine how furious you'd be
  12. any recommendations for a clip thing to attach my phone to the top of a PS4 pad? Actually, does it support the Switch Pro pad? with its fantastic battery life
  13. I'd have put Louie on there even after he got deleted. That Duckling episode
  14. On that note I'm still free to write one about The Wheelman whenever Edge has a free month
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