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  1. I spent ages trying to strip that guy naked (since there have been lots of hints about it popping up) without success. Lol'd into a cabbage when I won the fight.
  2. When I saw the headline on the beeb I selfishly thought 'Christ, I hope it's not kyoani'.
  3. that's how his fantastic four run worked as well. Except instead of being the foundation of the FF continuity they cancelled the books for like 3 years speaking of motherfuckers who don't finish their series Warren Ellis is doing a Batman run with Bryan Hitch. It sounds cheery.
  4. They should do it with stick figures and stuff, Evangelion style. Put it out in a nice Steelbook and fools will buy it. Hell, if they double it up with the Superman's Wopper Moustache Cut I'll pick up a copy myself.
  5. my main problem at the moment is my brain isn't quick enough to differentiate between a thrust and a sweep and relate that down to my thumb hitting X or Circle accurately.
  6. I laughed at the Beat one of the 7 Spears, the general at the top of the stairs and the Dojo Guy. Butterfly woman killed me again but she's clearly do-able. One-armed Ninja bloke is tough and the lock-on camera goes nuts in that little space Not going anywhere near giant Bow-bro for the moment.
  7. Fifty D-pads? I only need the one, mate
  8. Hell of a cast, I'd quite like to see Fiennes and Dance in a fight
  9. Looks like a remake of Banana Blitz (the one on the wii, booooo) is coming out in October. No Buys. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201907/16179604.html
  10. Lock on and then run (hold down the run button, don't dash dash dash) to the left or right. Eventually it'll click when you are chasing him in circles rather than him you that most of the time he can't actually hit you and you can just slash him about the bum every so often until he's dead.
  11. I like smashing the big hat guys with the axe
  12. I like fighting these dojo guys. Their boss is an asshole though
  13. I hope she has a love interest, lets call him Plenty O'Girth, who she seduces and then gets killed.
  14. yeah I'm shocked that incel losers would be so drawn to the Bond franchise..
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