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  1. lulz, there's probably some 45 year olds out there trying to remember their gamefaqs passwords so they can do updates.
  2. nobody wants to do these Sprint races. Everyone wants to be spinning around in the car meet instead I noticed that when you are in your Nightclub office the controller vibrates to represent the bass coming from the dancefloor. Classy.
  3. fuckin Pantera and Extreme had a fight at mardi-gras and a load of time-signatures got involved
  4. Skate probably had the best demo ever. Great tutorial to show how the controls worked and then a good amount of time to play around with it in the tightest area in the game (and also outside of it via glitches). They even let you upload your clips from the demo. Die Hard Trilogy had a great demo as well, a huge chunk of the DH2 airport light gun level where you can shoot the roof tiles onto people's heads and they get red misted The Wheelman also had a good one. I think it sold it to a lot of folk on here. MGS2 obviously, although I'm not convinced it wasn't partly responsible for people's reaction to the full game.
  5. ha it looks like you've been grinding it like a skateboard. I like it
  6. ‘Mon the french https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/28/arts/france-culture-pass.html?referringSource=articleShare
  7. I was so disappointed by darksiders 3. Painful bad compared to the first 2.
  8. Such a fanny done all the new missions now, mostly alone. Good fun in the most, anything involving the trains makes me happy.
  9. this is such a stone cold steve banger. The end is amazing
  10. gah wish I'd known that before dropping a load of gtabux on it. None of the phonecall dialog from Moodymann (he's such a fanny) and his girl is loading in my game. What a shame This reminded me of GTAO https://i.imgur.com/qSq5DD1.mp4
  11. favourite-misheard-metal-lyrics-goooooo
  12. I only just found out you can eat sweets to refill your life and keep topping up your body armour in GTA Online. Would have been helpful at various points in the last decade or so
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