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  1. Quality 45min documentary here. Worth a watch for the nostalgia. https://kotaku.com/the-history-of-rainbow-road-speedrunning-is-filled-with-1836152386?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=kotaku_facebook&utm_campaign=top
  2. I wish the season would hurry up already.
  3. Reports say masvidal walked up to him with his hands behind his back. Edwards raised his hands so masvidal lit him up.
  4. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Ffs I was so nervous that whole run through. Thought it my tactics of exclusively levelling up my traps were working a little too well..
  5. Bump. Started playing this again whilst waiting for my friend pedro to download and I took it down on my first run through ! 1hr27min. I can't believe it. Absolutely gaming win for me tonight. I put 35 hours in when it came out and got to the final boss once but then got completely deflated by how easily he whooped me and didn't play it again. Very happy !
  6. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Well holy shit I just completed it on my first run through in 6+ months. First time too! Over to DC thread ..
  7. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Haven't played for months and having the run of my life.
  8. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Ha. Thanks guys just downloaded both. Also realised dead cells has dlc so have fired that up first... Oh dear.
  9. skittles

    Nintendo Switch

    Guys. What are these two recent switch games I'm thinking of. One you are on a skateboard and it's max Payne like. One is dead cels/japanese like with swords. Both 2d side scrollers. Can't find them on the switch store, nor the threads.
  10. Haha yep. Glad you enjoyed it though!
  11. This game definitely didn't receive enough love. Completed it last night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Was probably a little too easy in places but enjoyable none the less. I have one last purple chest to unlock and then i'm done. Super charming little game and a bit sad it's come to an end!
  12. How many hours? I swear you only started playing a couple of weeks ago! I still need to find the last memory (extra one) and then defeat Ganon. Haven't switched it on for a couple of months but my body is finally ready.
  13. Could you please share your links !
  14. This is the first time I am ever reading about Ganon armour! Pic?
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