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  1. I'm generally with rich in regards to the fact the story was over with return of the jedi. I don't want to derail into the same polarised views on last jedi but I do think how they setup the world after the fall of the empire didn't make any sense at all with the first order etc. Although it wasn't that good really, the Thrawn stories in the early 90s would have been better than the prequels or even the mish mash they've gone into with this sequel trilogy. I'd almost have enjoyed the story about the whills and the symbiotic relationship thing Lucas intended for the sequels just for the lolz.
  2. I still don't agree that "not being able to predict what happens" is a reason last jedi is bad. You could arguably level that same sort of criticism at empire in regards to "I don't know what's going to happen, what are they going to do? (rescue han and ) kill the bad guy. They've got less rebels, that's something I guess". Evil ewoks looking after the emperor is great though. Edit: and while we're here, my prediction is still that rey is flipping on to the ship to team up with kylo, rather than to fight him.
  3. I saw it at a piece of shit 'studio's cinema with a screen that has a smaller viewing size than my home telly given the seats we had so I actually missed quite a few of the finer details I'm sure and i still enjoyed it. To be honest, you're probably better off watching it at home for less distractions and package rustling if your tv/ sound system is good
  4. I liked this but it helps that the majority of horror I've watched recently is jump scare bullshit. It isn't a "horror " and obvs like wicker man but had that creepiness of something like Jacobs ladder as it's more about the relationship and her life than some sort of spooooooky ghost. It's undeniably pretty 'wanky' but I love me a bit of mis-en-scene and symbolism blah blah which i enjoyed a lot although i can totally get why people might be bored.
  5. It's still a disappointingly large amount of smoke and mirrors and some bits just are plain stupid filler. It's very nearly great though but it needs more VLR / 999 type stuff, it's still not enough of a game that knows it's a game and is instead on the interactive movie side of things which means it's still quite simple in it's branching storytelling.
  6. I want to know what's just on the left they're all looking at.
  7. After his previous turn as a CIA/ KGB triple crossing agent in indy 4, it can only go well.
  8. Very true, I was being a bit hyperbolic really. Little shop is a classic and I'll always love bugsy malone.
  9. It's probably the only "musical" I've got any time for. It's bloody great. Then I got to see the sequel at a press preview when I briefly reviewed films on TV during college, so excited!
  10. I'm stuck trying to get out of the club without killing anyone. I didn't think that was a spoiler but will do if so. Am I just being shit? It's the bit outside, the timing doesn't seem to work.
  11. I'm claiming that's what I meant either way, cheers It must have been though because as I was writing that I thought it sounded odd... 'but bahamuts were the big dragon things and there wasn't some sort of dragon-fish... wasn't it a robot? Oh fuck it, bahamut will do. Nurse!'
  12. I apparently know this game better than vii but clearly don't know either well so I'll enjoy playing both.
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