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  1. Nice to see the visitors, thanks!
  2. Gates are open if some wants to visit and grab peaches, oranges or pears. Everything spare is going in the iron and brick walled off setting to the right when you arrive. I'm still doing island admin so there will be more fruit in there soon so please don't take things directly from trees or my rocks. I've bought what I want from the shop so there's still a mama panda stuffed toy thing if you really want one (I've got one already. House is on the left on the beach. Come have a look around! I want to do some visiting myself after I've done all my bits too so come first and place some orders :p dodo code is GYG3G
  3. Thanks for the visits, let me know about anything you want me to order. I'll visit back soon for a nose about @moosegrinderthe mirror is unlimited today so you're more than welcome
  4. I'm going to close my gates soon unless anyone wants a visit @moosegrinderyou want to grab the amp and enable me to mail any other musical stuff I get?
  5. Just opened my gates, help yourself to any oranges and pears as well as any of the stuff outside the airport (aside from the flowers, obvs) and if there's anything in my house or island you like I'll send it to you. I've just built a mini-henge, come marvel at it I'll try and remember to nudge the controller so it doesn't go to sleep as I won't be playing. Code is 30TGY Thanks much!
  6. One of us has to go to the other's island before we can post to each other. Cheers @Stejayfor the mail and gifts and@bradigorthe test did work
  7. The amp and electric guitar is yellow/ orange and the acoustic is definitely customisable but otherwise comes in wood. I can open gates so you can visit and pick it up, or then I can just send it to you, or I can visit and drop off somewhere.
  8. I've got an electric and acoustic guitar as well as an amp?
  9. PSA: for the noobs; if you see the glowing crack in the floor and dig up bells, replant the 1000 bells you get to make a money tree! I'm not sure if this was included in the tips post a few days ago but we might need to update the OP for some of these things that have remained since ac on the cube but if you don't know them, it just try weird stuff, the game doesn't tell you.
  10. Gotcha. That's what I did, have you been given the app by the airport bird (iirc)? If you haven't been back to the postcard stand since travelling, that might be it?
  11. It's a crazy DIY recipe, I can't make it myself yet. I need golden armour for one thing I can't duplicate recipes either but if I get a dupe in the shop (or make it any time soon) I'll send it over. I did send you some stuff by the way, has it arrived?
  12. You just need to visit, we're already friends on the switch. Then you can just send cards with gifts attached at the airport. Edit: you'll get a new app on your phone and some other blah from the characters but that's essentially it.
  13. My gate is still open if you want to come over to register mail ability code is GD8XV
  14. There's always one on the islands but it's worth having one in your house or somewhere handy on the island. I've got one next to nook's cranny
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