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  1. I've just come out of watching this and it's really, really weak. The first is quite good, the tv movie 2nd chapter is very odd in comparison to the 1st part but still, this is about as subtle as a brick through the window. There's loads of things in regards to "forgetting " what you used to be scared of as a kid which really isn't involved. The actual growth of the kids and their different perspectives is basically ignored, there's no "rules" as to what pennywise can and can't do, it's a fucking mess. I've seen a ton of bad films in my time but I'm genuinely amazed at the lack of any internal logic or relevance to the source material or even the first part. It's a bad movie. I've seen rom-coms that involve a leaning male protagonist on the poster which were more enjoyable purely because they made sense within the context of the film. It was unnecessarily long and yet seemed to miss scenes that would have explained motivation. Without wanting to sound like a movie snob, I've studied it and know my mis en scene from a coincidental framing or whatever and it really is a badly made film. I genuinely can't understand how McAvoy and Chastain got involved, bill hader, as much as I think he's very funny has been in some shit so I can only imagine they had a hell of a budget for casting. The recent child's play was better, if this was meant to be funny, it wasn't at all.
  2. I always pictured sybil as a bit like the farmers that French and Saunders used to play, the whole wearing wellies under previously expensive lavish dresses and her fire proof gear. Certainly not a slim woman that's being a vigilante in any way. All about how it's played and costume though really and I know those are all actor headshots but cheery doesn't look right either somehow. Then I doubt she'd start off as bearded with the whole "Bob" in blackadder type storyline either. As mentioned though, Charles Dance would be a good vetinari now rickman is no longer with us.
  3. Didn't they have a big falling out though? I might have imagined it, or it's just bollocks gossip though. I'm sure that's why there wasn't a sequel sooner. I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer though, looks fun.
  4. Hopefully there isn't a level about fixing an antenna/ aerial
  5. I kickstarted this and got it a few days early, just waiting to co-op it with my mate but it's gloriously... silly, but that isn't derogatory at all. The Intro song and sequence is delightful and they really have done a good job of capturing that "making up adventures" and the people you meet on weird summer holidays.
  6. This isn't meant to be rude but that reads really strangely? Wouldn't it be request it from? Requesting something to somebody sounds like you're giving them something? Sorry, totally ot and boring but I'm just curious.
  7. This looks bloody great. Excellent to see more crazy in games.
  8. Why is it so difficult to understand that a lot of guys are terrible creeps especially given a confessed grabber of the pussy is the US president and serial sexist cheater Johnson is our PM. Using that as a very simple baseline, why is it still the assumption that women lie about this? Even more so after #metoo and so on. I can't even think of a single situation where a woman has lied about a man abusing her but I can think of at least 20 cases of men being utter creepy scumbags just off the top of my head.
  9. FFS neg. What the fuck are those recent responses in this thread? Does it seem like reasonable things to say if you hear about loads of sexual assault? Even "in the pub" or amongst closest of friends those posts are amazingly ignorant to make. In this same thread when this whole thing started you even had an alleged moment of clarity about trying to be better etc and you're clearly full of shit.
  10. I still want them to have a force fight which looks like the magic battle in big trouble in little China. Throwing stuff at each other is boring and the emperor doesn't even use a lightsabre as it's a "jedi weapon". The prequels are so bad.
  11. I think we must have found similar files aside from a few by the sounds of it. I didn't get round to further investigation but I'm intrigued to find out more.
  12. Although I've voted how I've voted as it were, I'm all for the widening of available games more than anything else. I don't play anything online at all really and fps games (or any genre really) that is too spectacle driven is the bane of all games imho. I still think there's a lot of finding of feet going on and too many games not making anywhere near the most out of the particular medium. It's almost strange that you could arguably draw a smoother line between say dragon's lair and something like new tomb raider than original tomb raider or original 2d prince of Persia and assassins creed/ tomb raider. I also realise that it's different strokes for different folks so as long as that variety is still there, then long may it all continue and continue to grow.
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