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  1. Sonic Robo Blast 2 - On the whole I thought this was pretty impressive considering it's a Doom mod. It shows that large explorable classic style levels with multiple routes in 3D can work, and shows up Sonic Teams' slow devolution into "on rails paths in the sky" - I know deriding developers is for the uninformed, but they have one game they make, they're the only developer who's ever made it, and somehow they're still really bad at it and everyone else is better. Level themes and music are all on point and feature fun imaginative mechanics and setpieces, boss fights are inventive, and feel fairer than Sonic Mania, but enemies tend to be a bit on the annoying side. The only problem is when you have to combine speed with precision platforming, a late-game race must have taken me nearly 150 attempts, despite only being 90 seconds long, simply because jumping over three equally spaced platforms when you have a rapid acceleration curve is ridiculously hard. The rest of the game had level design that alternated between speed and slower paced platforming, and it worked well, so this is really an inherent problem to Sonic that you just need to design around to avoid.
  2. There's nothing really crazy in here, people are having a good and civil discussion - on a discussion forum, no less. Wild!
  3. They've shown Xbox One X games via BC with enhancements that couldn't run on Xbox One X. Not having exclusives doesn't mean games won't have differences due to power.
  4. Sure, but "taking advantage of the additional power of next gen in an unoptimised way" is still a next-gen only thing. It's correct that it's not going to be as impressive as something made natively, but it still feels like splitting hairs.
  5. I mean yeah it's enhanced BC, but it's the current generation being "enhanced", that's sort of the definition of something the current gen can't do and next-gen can, surely? Like if there was power spare for current gen games to run in 4k with ray tracing, they'd be doing it? Am I missing something?
  6. Source for users with SSD's being only 20% of Steam users? Source for the last thing you claimed Revival? Not seeing a lot of evidence here, just someone with a chip on their shoulder about PC's.
  7. I dunno, those Flight Sim/Halo Infinite videos looked like they were a bit beyond the current gen (which obviously they'll be on too) considering they were running in 4k, but that's obviously hard to say for sure because Microsoft have PC in the mix too. Isn't the whole "series X won't get exclusives in first year" thing saying they're explicitly not abandoning this gen and they've got major releases still to come this year, like those mentioned above, and more unannounced throughout 2021? It feels like you can't use both "no next gen exclusives" and "abandoning current gen" as criticisms as they're contradictory. Which is it?
  8. Yeah I'm seriously doubting that you could pick up a pre-built PC without SSD five years ago, let along these days. Care to link some, Revival? Mine was pre-built because I decided I didn't want to faff around and it didn't come with any old HDDs.
  9. The original post was in response to Revival saying HDDs still being standard in PCs.
  10. Because it had been around for five years already? Convenience is only taking a step back because they’re going straight to the second gen drives which are still new and expensive per TB, they could have done SATA ones in 2013 easy.
  11. Dirt Rally is fucking great, but also fucking hard. Recommended
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