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  1. Interested in what Obsidian announce next, and maybe Rare if it isn’t some nostalgia thing.
  2. Yeah I think most people assumed the hardcore would be upset, but it wouldn’t dent reviews any, but the game just looks such a work of early access that now people expect it to get a poorer critical reception.
  3. This seems to be a bit of a shitshow looking online, they won’t even let you change the volume unless you visit an in-game NPC. The soundtrack is MIDI. And that quote about not having the time or resources to complete all the Pokemon seems to refer to the whole game, if they didn’t have a background finished for a location, battles take place in the placeholder void, and you see the placeholder void a lot. Somehow animations, polish and unique assets have actually taken a step back from the 3DS, it’s baffling. Just sounds like the dev team chafing under an annual release cycle that no one in the audience asked for.
  4. Yeah, that’s a Sonic. Still don’t care for the movie, but they managed to make it not grotesque.
  5. I've not had any of these issues, but you can tell the app is a work-in-progress, when I first downloaded it it wouldn't detect any free hard drive space above 128GB, and therefore wouldn't install games larger than that, I had to use the Windows Store app. BTW The Surge, Tyranny and Pony Island are leaving PC on the 15th.
  6. Audica completely flopped on release on PC, it's another stand-still-and-shoot game which is really overabundant in VR, and shooting doesn't lend itself to music as much as moving with it like in Beat Saber.
  7. Horror movie missing Halloween and getting a January dumping spot doesn’t inspire confidence
  8. I had the same after winging him, just kill him, it doesn't fail the quest.
  9. I mean gaming isn't trying to escape its kiddy reputation anymore, people here haven't been teenage edgelords for a few decades. Most of the time you see overt violence it feels retro, a throwback - DOOM, Mortal Kombat, etc, old franchises trading off of historic notoriety.
  10. Honestly at this point, the more nerd fanservice properties that die forever, the better. So many of these are just lifting lines or whole scenes from original movies verbatim, desperate to make us appreciate how much they love the originals instead of trying to be their own thing, a product designed for fanboys to gush over because it reminds of them of when they were younger and things were better, ahead of being a good film.
  11. Ori and the Blind Forest - I question the decision to make such a cutesy and wholesome platformer so masochistic, there's some clearly deliberate decisions to raise the skill floor that seem very questionable, like making health and energy resource conservation important, or making enemy damage scale up so you always die in 3 or less hits unless you're revisiting zones for secrets. That said, I did enjoy it and would play through the sequel, I'm just hoping it has a gentler difficulty curve. The Outer Worlds - I really enjoyed this, yes it's a bit safe and trodding well-worn ground, but I love games with the explore/quest/shoot/root around in boxes thing, that's why I've basically stuck 350 hours into Elder Scrolls: Online despite it having less going for it. And genuinely I'm impressed by how far only(!) $25 million can go these days, this looks the part and took me 20 hours to complete, and doesn't feel like there's any part of their vision where they ran out of money and had to cut corners. I will probably go through it again. Previously:
  12. I've been doing both of the main paths at once, which works quite well actually. but got up to the point where one of them had to end. I haven't been to Scylla yet.
  13. Numbers now it's gone F2P != numbers close to launch. I mean going from the biggest most anticipated blockbuster evar to F2P is a repositioning in itself.
  14. I mean Sega did actually make games for the whole of Phase 1, they just didn't sell much and stopped just before Avengers blew up and made everything that came after it twice as successful. Just their usual luck. Also games are much longer than films, so the point isn't even valid, yeah setting up like six characters and their arcs in 120 minutes might be a bit of an ask, but over 30 hours and you've basically just described any party-based RPG.
  15. I'm up for the gameplay, but the bit that worries me in the reviews is the sheer cutscene-ness of the experience, I was expecting something a bit more MGSV than MGS4 - I thought he'd learnt.
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