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  1. I don't understand people who think a disc drive costs £100
  2. So it makes perfect sense to destroy a Galactic Civilisation you've spent your entire life building because you've got a shit HR department, even though you won't have to deal with them after you're dead anyway? It's not really a bizarre thing to focus on, is it? Licensed tie-ins would have had little information about the actual new plot or characters, which were in flux at that time anyway, so focusing on the post RotJ period where you can do your own thing without stepping on the toes of the people higher up the chain is like, obvious.
  3. Er, that doesn't resolve the contradiction. Why do you need "your old turf weakened and ready for him to take over again" when you can just skip the "destroy everything in a post-death tantrum" stage and return to power? The "Villain goes and visits their mysterious leader to be revisited in more depth in a future movie" scene was like, already done in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2012. I think given how closely Abrams movies cling to the zeitgeist that that was totally what he was going for, yeah, especially when people were talking of Marvel being the model for Disney buying Star Wars.
  4. RubberJohnny

    Halo 5: Guardians - Splitscreen inbound?

    Looks like they responded on reddit
  5. And the 3D audio stuff is where there's lots of focus for VR at the moment, using Head Related Transfer Functions to model how sound moves and hits each ear at slightly different times like in real life. Although it's mostly designed for headphones. Tbh that pitch was a bit "we will have all of the current hot things", like other people say, I doubt you're going to see most of the games support all this stuff.
  6. RubberJohnny

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Sniper Elite 4 - I really loved this, and it's not due to the X-Ray gore cam - it's a really fun sandbox, with a tense surveil, attack and relocate loop that I just loved. This is the bigger better version of the previous game, the levels are massive and gorgeous and must be staffed with a hundred enemies or more, the only problem is you've probably depopulated them by the time you reach them, so you're running around these vacant combat playgrounds some poor dev must have spent ages on. Honestly I might go through it again, there's some great levels there.
  7. Shows how little I know about the current gen consoles that I thought they both had SSDs already. Bit odd to market tech that's been around for decades as a massive generation defining upgrade, but I guess if you're still on loud mechanical drives it probably will feel like one. Been umming and ahing about picking up a PS4 or Pro and its back catalogue at the end of the gen, but if this is backwards compatible and has Death Stranding as a launch game, well, might just get this instead. PC gaming is so rough on my eyes and my joints these days.
  8. RubberJohnny

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    Everyone saw that Nintendo retro hardware at "you've got to be kidding" prices and wants in. This is where your nostalgia obsession gets us guys, shame!
  9. I watched that hour of drivel before the trailer and Kennedy is like the most corporate on-message drone imaginable, like JJ and the others were at least trying to answer questions while avoiding spoilers, while they were just sliding off a wall of buzzwords and the least genuine sounding PR puffery whenever they were addressed to Kennedy. Which is a longwinded way of saying I don't believe this in the slightest. This stuff was setting up a (ditched) backstory for Snoke and that Palpatine was aware of him (he had all these Observatories set up around the rim of the Galaxy), it's absolutely not setting up what you think it's setting up. The same pieces of media that set this stuff up explicitly say Palpatine is dead because he wants the Empire to destroy itself and not outlive him! I thought Andy Serkis gave a great performance, much better than any of Ian McDiarmids scenes.
  10. RubberJohnny

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    Kevvy Mental literally said disliking the film made people racists and misogynists.
  11. Slow motion isn't really a part of Star Wars cinematography. And it's exactly the sort of "Matrix kung fu bullshit" people mockingly said the TLJ critics wanted.
  12. Most of the running time of TLJ is taken up with character "lesson" stories that do nothing to move the larger plot along and also fail to be satisfying on their own. Watching the behind the scenes stuff, even the director seemed completely uninterested in them, focusing almost entirely on his Reylo shipping. And the Jedi training stuff seems a bit pointless now she's apparently become a Kwisatz Haderach between films.
  13. RubberJohnny

    Why are all adventure games now made by Germans?

    Isn't it just that the adventure game has changed? The "modern" adventure game is a bit more of a narrative and choice focus, less arcane puzzles about cat hair moustaches? The sort of Telltale/Quantic Dream/Supermassive stuff on the high-end, then there's a burgeoning mid-tier of stuff like Oxenfree or Late Shift on phones and consoles, seems it's pretty healthy. Are you just playing the most throwback nostalgia bit of the genre and wondering why it's dying?
  14. RubberJohnny

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    mushashi copies all his posts from reddit and they can't stop being racist against China. Didn't expect the doubling down though.
  15. Palpatine surviving means Rear Windu can be canon.

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