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  1. Yes, it's bollocks, mostly stuff we knew from existing sources (i.e Crait being moved to the end of the film), and some fan-pandering fake insider stuff like all these stupid Snyder cut bullshit conspiracy things are. The bit about Coruscant having a big role is the giveaway, the people who really didn't like Disney Star Wars are heavily prequel fans, so all of these sorts of posts has to have one bit where they namedrop or insist that something from the prequels would feature heavily but evil Disney stopped it. It's never actually something that would fix the problems of the film,
  2. The problem is this is wrong, and also a lie due to reasons I pointed out. You don't get to just ignore the contradictions and restate an incorrect position. Key selling isn't illegal, keys are officially supported on the Microsoft Store page, do you think you're hacking into the Gibson to redeem them? It's no different to buying second hand games, which is your solution as to how Unirally was not legally "lost".
  3. I don't understand this post, this Forza Horizon 3 DLC is lost because new people can't buy a copy, but Unirally isn't because new people can't buy a copy. You say there's no way to acquire a real copy of this DLC except a buy a copy from someone who has one, unlike Unirally, where there's no way to acquire a copy except buy a copy from someone who has one. Like, what am I missing here, each of these lines is contradicting its own point - it's exactly the same? And some of your points are just wrong, you can still acquire it legally by redeeming codes on the store, and
  4. My understanding is most reviews have been digital only for a while, it's download codes or just making it digitally available on press accounts, I don't think the pandemic would have affected that. Outriders just came out and had previews eight months before release, in the middle of the pandemic.
  5. Timeframe? Worth noting about ten years ago I was pretty critical of the way things were going, AAA games were becoming more homogenous, genres were disappearing as no longer financially viable. Hundreds of studios closed down, struggling to keep the lights on. Loads of old big-name creators abandoned the industry to make Farmville clones (Kojima being basically the only one who didn't), mobile was still early stuff like fake beer glass or fart apps, and indie, at least on consoles, was basically being taken over by AAA with daft tie-ins like Dead Space branded puz
  6. I recall the JoJo anime actually tones the original manga's absurd musclemen down considerably to make it fit better in with the later series artstyle. God knows why 80s Japan had such a hard on for roided up bodybuilders. Actually it was probably Schwarzenegger, wasn't it?
  7. This came up in a bit in the Nintendo games thread, and a lot of people feel the same way, but I actually think it's good. I realised every series I think is tired, or is on a downward trend (Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Pokemon, etc) is a series that's stuck on a 1-2 year release cycle and suffering as a result of it, whereas every series I'm still interested in the next entry of is pretty much like your list - GTA, Elder Scrolls, KojiPro's next project, etc - games that only get one a generation. I get the thinking - people go "wow that was a great game, couldn't I g
  8. That France, Netherlands and Belgium update came out yesterday, enjoy another lovely trailer.
  9. Yeah, I think it's a real stretch to insist there's nothing good in terms of story now, like I'd suggest games were howlingly embarrassing awful in terms of story for decades (all plot and lore and thinking twists were the greatest thing in the world, no characterisation and the worse voice acting known to man) and only recently have started to put some effort in. You can literally see the difference in something like RE2make where they added in a very 'modern gaming sad dad scene' and then immediately whiplash back to hoary old schlock about a superspy, with characters throwing ar
  10. Yeah, is there a reason this still has absolutely no previews only two weeks from release? Absolutely every bit of material is from an official outlet, combined with the fawning over it in here it all comes off as a bit shady.
  11. Not sure going "but all the series with nostalgia remasters are getting sequels too" is really going to address his argument that there's little creatively, tbh. You were better off with the first post.
  12. LOL I'm the guy who hates all the remasters, re-releases and remakes as examples of being creatively hidebound, so quite amused by the post assuming I'm a big defender. But it's also 100% an audience problem, old sad fucks love their nostalgia and being cynically pandered to. And companies aren't going to turn down the free-est, easiest money around of reselling games they've already made for silly money to millions of people.
  13. I usually mentally file them as either "I'm old and want to have a moan" or "I'm currently depressed and none of my old hobbies are entertaining me anymore". There's nothing people can really say to those to help or to stop having to hear them, they're the definition of a you problem.
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