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  1. Hope it does well at the box office - quite quiet in my Saturday morning screening - hope it doesn't get lost in what seems to be a ridicously busy late November/December.
  2. When I saw it Saturday, at the start I thought we were in a 3d showing as some of the background animation looked off, but that went away/realised it was just one of the many animation styles they used.
  3. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Thank you to Wolves for their last minute winner as it keeps us top of the bottom third of the league. Doubt we will get higher than 14th this season and we've got a tough run of games again now and need to find a way to get points on the road - but home games are great at the moment and while we may well get battered, can't wait for Mourinho's visit in a fortnight.
  4. Ork1927

    The Jack Reacher Thread

    I did a re-read from the beginning and about half way through the series found one I'd never read before!!
  5. Saw this today with the kids. It is outstanding. The animation/visuals are fantastic, but alongside that it's a funny, engaging, sometimes sad, riveting superhero/coming of age/ocassionally slapstick comedy with real heart. Kids loved it as well and I'm probably going to try and find the time to see it again next week.
  6. Ork1927

    Have videogames turned you on to other things?

    I started drinking coffee after playing Gabriel Knight.
  7. Shit - UK release date is second week of Easter Holidays which means I will be planning any sort of family getaway around the ability to go and see this on Day 1 - might scupper midnight screening though.
  8. Discusses Trailer and Antman/Wasp
  9. The short version is I've never really forgiven my Mum for turning the electricity off at the mains when me and my brother were at level 96 on Bubble Bobble on the Spectrum with plenty of lives each.
  10. I'd pretty much agree with all of that. It felt very disjointed - there was some gaming stuff, the Disney stuff and the Internet stuff. The latter taking the bulk of the film and feeling pretty weak and already dated. It was better than the Emoji movie, but that's damning by very faint praise. There are some good bits and they'd be mental not to make some sort of Disney Princess ensemble film (or series on their new streaming site), but disappointing. They should have just concentrated on gaming as the going online aspect - mix the retro stuff and then online/modern games (which they do a bit) or just gone for 90 minutes of pure Disney/Staw Wars/Marvel mash up.
  11. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    You wont go down, but the battle at the bottom end is becoming a lot more interesting.
  12. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    That was a belting win - disappointed to not be down there, but my eldest boy enjoyed staying up to watch it on a stream. If, if we can beat Southampton next Saturday then we would be in pretty good shape going into Christmas Best of all we've hit 11 points so we can only be the joint worst team ever in the Prem now! https://youtube.com/watch?v=hGopgeRhdXY
  13. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    First for 6 years in the Prem. His 14th goal for us.
  14. Ork1927

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not sure we deserve to be behind here, but can see Wolves breaking and getting a second.

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