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  1. Sorry - trying to get back into stupid reality after long Christmas break. Updates this week - promise!
  2. Turns out it was a pretty entertaining 0-0. Could have gone either way.
  3. I found a different shit Guardian review to the Bradshaw one. Moaning about Rockwell’s character https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/sep/09/jojo-rabbit-review-scarlett-johansson-lifts-smug-hitler-comedy
  4. Not looking forward to derby day tomorrow - Jacks won in Swansea, neither team has ever done a league double so pressure is all on us at home and we are playing rubbish. I’d happily take a terrible 0-0 draw right now, but I’m having visions of their new Liverpool loan wonder kid tearing us to shreds. And I’m in the bloody family stand so I can’t relive the stress with foul mouthed shouting.
  5. Just saw this - first class by every measurement. Brilliantly balanced mixture of comedy, absurdity, friendship, love, sadness and the horror of the Nazi regime. Everyone in it is outstanding, it’s brilliantly directed, looks fantastic. Can’t fault it.
  6. Haven’t forgotten about this - working through it, but Christmas holidays, new Xbox, etc means I’ll crack back on in a week or so although maybe able to get 95 done before then.
  7. Yeah - I was waiting post Christmas to start the first half 2010 to 2014 (and finish writing up 95-99). Technically - everyone gets 30 picks although appreciate some might want 5 picks for one year and none from another, but I think the the polls have collectively highlighted the best films of each year for the most part. There hasn’t been many suprises films that haven’t got any votes at all. And once it was all done planning some sort of tournament or something.
  8. Of course we are 2-0 up at Sheff Wednesday after playing like complete shit at home in the last two games.
  9. Also it is ludicrous to think that Disney just let a director who had made three films (none of which were box office hits that would give him any clout) do whatever he wanted with their massive flagship franchise without any oversight of the script/storyline/portrayal of the characters nor any pushback once the film was finished. I'm still not clear what crimes he commited anyway: Is this the list of gripes? Made Luke grumpy and flawed then killed him off? Made Rey not have parents related to anyone in the original films? Made Finn have an adventure with a new character which could be a possible love interest. Killed the mysterious Snoke who appeared as a big hologram in the first film that everyone thought looked a bit sh*t in possibly the best scene in the new trilogy? Decided Leia can fly? I'm ignoring stuff like Horse CGI Casino planet tyoe stuff as while that is just a bad scene - I assume that isn't on the list of why some people think he ruined Star Wars.
  10. And, not that I'm a fan of Lucas' poetry it rhymes nonsense - it is what happened with Obi Wan as well although it played out backwards for the viewer. Adventure loving Jedi who turns into a Hermit after his apprentice turned out to be a lunatic who helped murder all his friends (and some kids) so he was forced to mutilate him on a lava planet.
  11. I'm writing up the second half of the 90s poll now and was then planning on doing part one of 2010 - 2019 at some point in the new year. Is it treading on anyone's toes if I do a film of the year 2019 top ten poll first? I can write that up and incoprorate into the decade poll afterwards, but wondering if a top ten for this year would give us more recomendations first?
  12. Of all the nitpicking and criticism of this film - I think ‘why is some actor in it from other films or TV series that I’ve seen’ is the weirdest one.
  13. I’m surprised how negative a reaction this is getting. I enjoyed it a lot Thursday night despite being distracted for the first ten minutes trying to convince the people next to me that it wasn’t the time to transfer data between their phones and I think watching it in 4DX wasn’t the way to go. Watched it again this morning in 2D and upgraded from really liked it to loved it. Yeah - it’s McGuffin heavy and a bit unfocused at times, but I enjoyed the new characters all sticking together for their treasure hunt; I thought Daisy Ridley was awesome despite not being 100% sold on her in the past. The rest of the main cast all got some decent time; there was the right amount of fan service and the Rey/Ren battles were great. I don’t think it had a real stand out scene, like the Throne Room in TLJ, but equally it didn’t have anything terrible like the Casino/CGI horse thing section. I didn’t really go in with massive expectation. I enjoyed TFA, I enjoyed TLJ (although I think it’s a mix of great and ocassionly bad), but I went in feeling I wasn’t that excited to see the fate of Rey and Ren - but I quickly got sucked in on both viewings and really enjoyed it. I do think the trilogy would have been better served by a single director, if nothing else because I’ve never been convinced that Johnson just ripped up JJ’s plans and that JJ has now reversed it all. They should have had a more coherent plan anyway, but one director might have dampened down this tribalism around the different movies??
  14. I forgot that I really liked it, but more thoughts after I’ve seen it again in the morning.
  15. Can’t do midnight screening which will be the first I haven’t done of the Disney era. Going to be a long day tomorrow trying to ensure some loud mouth pollock doesnt ruin it in the office or on the train.
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