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  1. 12 episodes of Jeff Goldblum teaching kids (and adults) about stuff is worth a years subscription of this on its own at the moment.
  2. There are loads and loads of extras on certain films. End Game has loads of stuff including commentary, etc.
  3. Extend this again for another week as I haven’t thought about it alone week. Mental busy in work on top of the other thing going on. May be a nice distraction to vote or write about films.
  4. The last two episodes of series 7 where they are filming Seinfeld are so funny I think if I’m carrying Covid-19 then I’ve just laughed it to death.
  5. My two boys have fallen in love with this very quickly. Just cracking up for the last hour as they ran around the island together going into the other resident's tents, sleeping in their beds and driving them mental with questions. The perfect game at the end of a very strange (last day of school) day.
  6. Was wondering that to. Rady for me to pick up at post office now. Do I create island before kids get home then let them set themselves up as extra players or do we do it together?
  7. I’m rewatching from Series 6 and it’s a great tonic especially as it’s the introduction of Leon.
  8. This this, this. What the hell is all this “hope the cinemas die” stuff. If it’s because people don’t want to wait for films they want to see to come out for home release then They’ll have a shock when half those films no longer get made. I’m gutted I can’t use my Cineworld card to watch 1 or 2 films on my mid week day off. Gutted I can’t go and see some action film with a mate and gutted I can’t take the kids to see anything. If you don’t like the cinema then don’t go, but don’t wish it’s death to deprive those that do want to go.
  9. Have a look at some of these goals. Amazing stuff
  10. After speculation (and actual reporting that it has happened even though it hadn't), Peter Whittingham has been confirmed to have died at 35. Might not be a player familiar to everyone, but he started out at Villa playing in the Premier League, before he spent 10 years at Cardiff. I suspect, any fans of other Championship clubs will have been impressed by him and probably on the wrong end of at least one of the 96 goals he scored for the club - a lot of which were crackers. Every week this season they've showed a top 5 goals against the team we are playing and at least 2 a game are from Whittingham, A player that was instrumental in our crazy few seasons as we reached the FA Cup final, battled for promotion from the Championship for a good few seasons including a play off final loss and then another trip to Wembley to lose the Carling Cup final. A member of the team that finally got promoted during the 'red birds period' and he continued to play for the club after we went back down and turned back Blue. But it was those earlier seasons where he was something very very special. I'd say the best Championship midfielder to never get a proper run in the Premier League. He scored 3 of the goals in our FA Cup run to the final and 20! in the season that we lost to Blackpool in the play-off final (as good as Charlie Adam was that season - I'd say Whitts was better). The team that year and the one after was the best I've ever seen at Cardiff and I still don't know how we didn't get promoted. The season after the play off final loss as one point we had a midfield of Whittingham, Bellamy and Aaron Ramsey (back on loan) which is ridiculous for the Championship. He was in numerous EFL teams of the season, in the EFL team of the decade and was basically magic and unplayable at times. He is a true Cardiff legend and on a personal note a player who bridged the gap between watching Cardiff with my Dad and then my son. My Dad mainly stopped going after 20+ years of watching the Bluebirds after we moved from Ninian but watched the first couple of full seasons of Whitts terrorising opposition teams while we were still at the old ground. Sadly, he died before I took my oldest son to a game, but that game saw Whittingham score a last minute penalty as we won 2-1 against Bolton. I'm gutted, I'm sure all Cardiff fans are gutted (and Villa fans) and to make it worse for everyone we can't honour him on Saturday against Charlton because it won't be played and it looks like it will be a long time before we get to chant his name.
  11. Whittingham has now died - confirmed
  12. Anyone ordered from Very (I took advantage of another of their generous discount codes to try and lock you into interest repayments)? No shipping news yet and I went for click and collect somhoping it doesn’t end up stuck somewhere I can’t get to. Trivial in the grand scheme of things, but kids are excited and would like them to have something nice to kick of the schools closing.
  13. No confirmation yet. Seems unlikely this is now just an out of control rumour, but someone has started a build a statue of him in Cardiff on change.org
  14. I heard about this earlier, but not 100% confirmed yet so haven’t put down my lengthy thoughts on him yet, but and then some. Edit - some doubt if it is correct. It looks like he is/was in intensive care, but no official confirmation that the worst has happened.
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