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  1. Any indication if we eventually get the entire 30 for 30 archive as I watched a few old ones illegally in the past and having watched Flair and half way through Lance - I'm probably not going to want to watch anything else until I've binged them all.
  2. On top of everything else, I'm continuing to love the jumps from different sitcom styles across the decades. Still no real clue how this is going to fully play out in terms of conclusion and then exactly what it sets up. Trying to temper expectation. Couple of geeky/reference type questions. 1) Marvel 2) Film Reference
  3. Just watched the trailer and isn't most of the action footage just taken from the end when they fight Steppenwolf in the 'dome thing'(I can't temember whayt it was) except Steppenwolf has new CGI body (and maybe Cyborg as well). I thought Kevin Costner photo was going to be the stupidest bit, but then the ending................
  4. I'll assume like the Total Recall and Robocop remakes that, whatever else it is, it will be boring. Maybe they'll go completly fucking mental and it is a proper sequel where Castor didn't die somehow and its an aging Cage swapping faces with an aging Travolta. Or maybe we get a grown up Castor's son, who Archer adopted at the end of the first one, swapping faces with someone else. Casting question - which two actors would you go for as the 2020s equivilant of Travolta and Cage?
  5. Anyone else having issues with the February Quest. The top mission - Search on Bing for 5 days is stuck at 3/5 for me. Last couple of days I've done searches and its not updating.
  6. How can it be 4 hours of footage and nothing from Wheddon? As Wheddon took over because of Snyder’s family tragedy and the film can’t have been close to being done (otherwise why bring in another director to shoot 90 minutes plus of the finished film. Assuming they didn’t film that much new footage then at least 2 and a half hours of this must be garbage that Wheddon didn’t want to use?
  7. I saw this illegally last year, but I'm looking forward to watching again as it was great.
  8. I hope its really badly done and its clearly the two of them going back and forth on seperate zoom calls with them glitching in and out of the background.
  9. It is excellent even if you don't like football (my brother has no interest in football, but loved it), but if you do its even better.
  10. I agree - especially now where the big teams rarely put a full team out so there isn't that much excitement from drawing them early and then the 2 legged semi has always traditionally worked in the big clubs favour. Except of course when bloody Swansea upset Chelsea and Bradford upset Villa and then the Jacks won it. But - I suspect the Big Six clubs attitude is that the whole thing should go if they haven't got the time to play in it anymore.
  11. Regarldess of the value of the Man City League Cup in recent years - UEFA wanting it got rid of so 6 teams can cram in some more European fixtures where they will then cry because they have to play on a Saturday afterwards is a bit much especially when the League Cup games will usually be their second team whiile whatever this bloated European reformat league is will need their first team players (at least until they find themselves out of it/or already qualified for the next stage).
  12. I just came in to post the same thing!!!! My first ever Avengers comic! I was already geeking out because of that and then
  13. That was a great episode, but then I feel like I'm an outlier as I also liked the other 3 episodes. This thread is bonkers - you'd think the sitcom episodes were 90 minute long slogs or that they should have condensed the whole series into two episodes or there shouldn't be anything but sitcom or God knows what. Its good telly, its good Marvel, its got good performances and its not clear where/what is going to happen next plus the episodes are about 22 minutes long. What is not to love?
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