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  1. metallicfrodo

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    That’s weird, I’d say it’s one of the cleanest games in terms of image quality on PSVR (the art style is really well chosen).
  2. The Edge article on Kingdom Hearts III talks a lot about working closely with Disney and how much control they exert over their IP. I can imagine that is a pain when the world is set in stone as it was for the IPs that are used in KH3, as you say it would be a complete nightmare if the IP itself is in complete flux.
  3. metallicfrodo

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    I was on last night!! (To accept the invite). Thanks, set the key building and then did some defence missions on Hydron to start levelling Trinity Prime and Fang Prime after finishing levelling Mag and Cernos Prime
  4. metallicfrodo

    Borderlands 2 PSVR - Dec 14th

    What control method are you using? The mixed reviews put me off spending 50 quid on it.
  5. metallicfrodo

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Can I get an invite to the clan please?
  6. metallicfrodo

    PlayStation VR

    I have and it's really really good fun. I utterly hated it with dual motion controllers as the locomotion is fucked, and it's just weird playing with the dual shock with regards to aiming. At 9 quid in the sale I'd certainly recommend it if you have an aim It's not perfect with the aim (because of the weird disembodied grenade launcher weapon in your left hand) but it's so much better. It took a game I was really disappointed in and made it excellent once I'd got use to where the necessary buttons for everything were on the aim controller. I'd say you do need to have good VR legs though as you are going to be spinning that view around a lot!
  7. metallicfrodo

    The Wind Waker remake for WiiU - not just HD

    To be honest I’d miss having the inventory etc on the second screen if they ported it to switch (I still wish they hadn’t obviously ripped it from BOTW so the WiiU version wasn’t superior to the Switch version)
  8. metallicfrodo

    What’s your favourite final stage/level/boss?

    Atheon in Destiny’s Vault of Glass. (Hey it’s the last boss in the raid so surely sneaks in on a technicality) And obviously Vault of Glass as the best final ‘level’ (well it was the culmination of the end game...)
  9. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    He's technically right the dot shouldn't move if you don't change the camera as affixed to Leon, however your perspective over his shoulder would change, your view of the 'window' of that camera view would change. In reality I think it would be all kinds of confusing.
  10. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    What's most interesting about this video is how it looks 'flat' until the DS is tilted around at which point it appears to be 3D, as soon as they stop moving the screen it looks 'flat' again.
  11. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    Well that's because your brain is using relative sizes to relate everything. However once you put in the parallax motion your brain has another trigger to determine the size of the object, which potentially overrides how 'big' you would see it. i.e. its parallax is telling me it's 2m away so it can only be 20inches tall.
  12. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    That kind of comes to the point I was making about distance and size of your screen. I wonder if to get an decent effect you'd end up with everything appearing like it's a toy box. Which might be cute in some games, bit would just feel very weird in others.
  13. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    I don't know how as a developer you could determine how much of the 'play area' anyone would be seeing. If I sit 2m from my TV screen I would see less of the overall image than if I sat 1m away from it. You can even see this demonstrated in the video by the amount of the stadium he can see as he moves closer to the screen. To my mind to get the perspective to not look potentially warped you'd have to have an idea of the size of the screen, and work your view from that, but what if someone wants to sit a long way away, they suddenly can't see half of what is going on.
  14. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    That's not how it's working at all, it's using moving parallax. The way this works has nothing to do with you knowing how big things are. Also everything you are looking at in your room, unless your room is the size of an arena, your brain is going to be getting most of its triggers for depth from stereopsis
  15. metallicfrodo

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    Have you had any experience of this head-coupled perspective done like this in RL?

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