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  1. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Just watched the final episode tonight. OMG it has to be the worst episode of a TV show I have every had the misfortune to watch, it just made no sense whatsoever. I seriously can't believe that someone actually read that script and thought it was worth shooting. I thought the last episode in the mirror universe was the worst episode I'd ever seen but somehow this managed to make that look good.
  2. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Thanks for the offer @Gorf King but I think I’ll stick with the Xbox if there aren’t a number regulars on the PS4 either, plus I’m too used to the setup I have with the paddles on my elite controller to want to swap. This really has got it’s hooks in me now. I’ve got my Excalibur and starting weapons up to lvl 30 and and making my way there with new primary/secondary/melee weapons plus am building the Rhino Warframe and have just got the Gara blueprint (need the component blueprints now). It was weird as I’d played about 10 hours and had drifted away before Christmas but decided to give it another go and can’t put it down. There is just always so many options of things to do, and now I’m getting a handle on the movement it just flows beautifully.
  3. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Is anyone playing this regularly on Xbox? I've just got my Excalibur up to 30 and am now trying to get the parts to craft a Rhino (although I have a far load of planets to open up before I can get to the void where I seem to need some mats from). Currently on Mars and really enjoyed the 24 hours I put into it so far, just feel it would be a bit more fun with others. I've stayed away from buying anything but those Prime packs do look enticing and I don't mind giving money to the devs considering how much I've played already. All depends on how much they are though.
  4. PlayStation VR

    Statik is excellent, and it's a game that wouldn't work without it being in VR.
  5. PlayStation VR

    Got a link to that?
  6. PlayStation VR

    I was a bit wary of picking up Ultrawings as the trailers hadn't really done anything for me however there seemed to be a lot of love for it in the thread and @dumpster's post finally pushed me over the edge and I picked it up last night. I am seriously pleased that I did, it's just so so charming and such a joy. The attention to detail and little touches before you even get into a plane are fantastic. I love how it rejects the notion of traditional menus and pretty much does it all in game. The fact that the cork board on the wall has photos on it which are your options and you move a post it note between then to change the options is genius. I love how when you 'press' the computer screen the laptop moves. I love the fact that all the instructions come out of the speaker up on the wall with great positional audio. The way you change the sound effect and music mix by twisting the knobs on the radio to your side. Then you finally get into the plane and it feels great to fly, opening the fuel, starting the engine (which of course you can hear splutter to life behind you) and then opening up the throttle and taking to those fantastic blue skies. Flying over the ocean and seeing ships beneath you and planes flying above you, wow it's just sooooooo lovely. I like it! If you have moves then this is a must have title. The good thing is that it also doesn't require much space (unlike Superhot VR) as essentially you are just supposed to be sat in a cockpit.
  7. PlayStation VR

    It's always looked far too terrifying for me to consider getting it.
  8. PlayStation VR

    Throwing is a bit weird, I spent ages thinking you made a throwing motion and then clicked the move button when you are ready to release. In reality what you need to do it pick up the object (with T) then when ready hold the move button and make your throwing motion (in reality a push motion is better) and then let go of the move button just as you are at the end of your motion. Once you get the hang of it you can be really accurate (especially if you just 'push' in the right direction).
  9. Outcast (1999) is reborn!

    Having said I was going to buy this I never did. Did anyone else? Is it any good?
  10. Tom Clancy's The Division

    That's almost the opposite reaction to the one I just posted (although I'm well past that point). I can't remember if there is a recommended level for playing the missions, it might be that you are just too under-powered. Other option is to see if you can matchmake that level.
  11. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Played a lot of this over the weekend and I was pretty shocked at how much I enjoyed it. At launch I enjoyed playing through the campaign however once I hit the end game I bounced off it pretty hard. It just seemed like a mess of yellow barred shot gunners running at you and one shoting you while shrugging of a hail of bullets that totally undermined the excellent cover based shooter mechanics. They seem to have really changed this now, and while it's still thematically a bit weird to be pouring entire clips of lead into someone just wearing a hoodie the balance seems to be much better. While you can get overwhelmed you do feel like it's more down to a tactical error on your part as opposed to before when it just felt totally unfair. Now it maybe that I'm back in a honeymoon period as I quickly made my way up from tier 1 (had a gear score of 179) to where I am now in tier 5 with a gear score of 268, but it knows how to reward you properly. I'm getting lots of interesting drops for high end and set gear and it's just fun to play, and it just feels really really deep with so much scope for customisation (which does feel a little overwhelming, and isn't help by some horrible interface design). I've also hardly touched any of the content in the expansions yet, just enjoying playing through the dailies (which again seem to be much better balanced) and really enjoying encounters out and about in the world. Also it's still a stunning looking game. To be honest I bought the game for 24 quid with all the expansions at launch from Argentina store, so while I didn't like the end game I did feel I'd got value for money having played 48 hours of it. I put another 10 in over the weekend and can see me coming back for so much more, so that value is only going to get better and better. Massive respect to Ubisoft and the developers for continuing to support it.
  12. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Ah that would explain it then! I did wonder if that was the case.
  13. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Getting back into this after watching SkillUps review, there are things that still really annoy me about it, however what it does right it does really well. It also seems massively improved since I jacked it in pretty soon after reaching the end game. The one question I do have is where has the mod vendor gone? All the guides online say that he is in the main base of operations next to the gear and weapons vendors but I'm seeing the Reward Vendor there.
  14. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    How are you playing it? I was fine with moves and snap turning but free motion on the DS4 made me feel sick after about 30 mns and I’m pretty insensitive to VR sickness. Interestingly moves with free turn (when it was patched in) I’ve also be fine with. If you have the opportunity definitely plat it with moves.
  15. PlayStation VR

    Skyrim doesn’t do well if you aim the bow at the camera, which causes blocking. If I want to use the bow I always shift the angle and turn towards where I want to aim so that I am more towards a right angle with the camera, works brilliantly then.

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