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  1. Yes PSVR is 900x1080 per eye whereas Quest is 2880x1600.
  2. Well this really is lovely and such a fantastic concept. But my goodness it’s hard and unforgiving. Keep making stupid mistakes, think I need to pause occasionally rather than always moving.
  3. Has anyone here tried OrbusVR Reborn? Quite tempted to give it a go, although not sure I really have the time for a MMORPG.
  4. Hmm, can’t really decide what I thought of this. My wife and I have both read the book and really enjoyed it, but we found this lacking, the humour didn’t really translate from the book. Having seen all of it now I think all I can say is that it was inoffensive and passed the time. If I didn’t have an attachment to it via the book I don’t think I would have bothered continuing after the second episode, which is a shame. My physical copy of the book is really battered as I have lent it to loads of people after telling them how great it is. I don’t think I’d bother recommending the TV series.
  5. Horrible crash by the sounds of it. Although he’s seemingly woken up to the news that he might now be a 7 time grand tour winner as Cobo has been disqualified from the 2011 Vuelta he won by 17 seconds from Froome after the UCI have said his biological passport has abnormalities, and rules all Cobo’s results from 2009 to 2011 ineligible.
  6. Since finishing Shadow Point (it's excellent everyone should buy it), I've been playing Journey of the Gods. I can't decide what I think of it. I'm mostly enjoying it but I think that I'd find it hard to recommend. It does a lot of things right, and I think it looks lovely. But it's all a bit empty and while the cross bow is excellently implemented I'm not finding the meat of the combat very satisfying. It has lot of little nods to Zelda here and there (especially some of the sound effects), but fundamentally it misses out on what makes those games great by being so empty and not having dugeons or any real puzzles. Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity as the engine and some of the god power ideas are neat. Having said that I do love that the Quest has got me playing games again. Partly that is because it's new and I want to make use of it, but it's just so immediate, stick on the headset and grab the controllers and you are in the world. None of this grab a controller, find the TV remote and amp remote, turn it all on, wait for the thing to boot, finally get to pick your game that you have with the PS4 and xbox.
  7. To be honest I think the reason is that I hold the controllers slightly differently than is obvious for Beat Saber. I actually found then a bit weird to keep hold of coming from PSVR so in game I actually tend to depress the grip and trigger buttons slightly as I find this gives me a better grip. As they aren’t used during a song this isn’t a problem and I feel like I have a much better grip. It also means that I’m not putting much if any pressure on the battery cover. I guess mostly people are gripping between 3rd and 4th fingers and their palm which is against the battery cover. This to me just felt all kinds of wrong. I think the less powerful rumble is probably a battery saving thing now that it uses aa batteries as opposed to a rechargeable one. I can’t say I noticed it being that different from the move controllers but I haven’t tried the CV1 controllers.
  8. When you say they don’t have satisfying rumble are you saying there is none (there should be) or that you feel it’s not strong enough? Also I don’t know what you guys are playing at holding these controllers. I’ve played many hours on the Quest and I think I’ve only once noticed the battery cover slide a tiny amount (and then snap right back in) playing Beat Saber on Expert
  9. Here is the round up from UploadVR confirming the platforms for each game and including links to their write ups and videos. (Really happy to see Pistol Whip confirmed for Quest as I wasn’t 100% sure in the showcase) https://uploadvr.com/e3-vr-showcase-roundup/
  10. Thought Acorn looked nice. Asgarth’s wrath looked cool. Interested in Echo Arena and I really enjoyed I Expect You to Die, so some more of that is welcome. And that Espire 1 did look excellent. Pistol Whip was the stand out for me, looked incredible.
  11. They also seem to be pretty popular with the Beat Saber community as a number of their songs have been mapped as custom songs. I’ve only ever heard them on the Alexa advert.
  12. Indeed, all based on this tweet Anyway we will know in just under 3 hours.
  13. Next set of DLC is out today with a release on all platforms scheduled for 5pm (BST) today. Still have no idea what it's going to include. While I appreciate the campaign I do think that the minimum and and maxium distance challenges are really misjudged, they just aren't fun and to my mind the example above as an example (basically hit 50k then just swing randomly for the next one and a half minutes of the song) aren't what the game is about. However some of the other stuff works really well and is in line with the core of what the game is (limited fails, battery not re enrgising etc.) Even disappearing arrows, while difficult is about getting you to learn the pattern for that song. In other news, having played a whole host of Custom Tracks now it does go to show you how good the maps that the developers have put together are, in that they all have a really nice flow, which a lot of the custom ones just don't have. A lot of them also tend to rely on the walls a bit too often, which I had thought were underused by the developers, but now having tried custom tracks that over use them I can understand why. An example of an custom track that is brilliantly done however is Gangnam style, they've managed to map it so that in the chorus you just need to kind of do the dance moves from the video, it's really clever.
  14. Astro Bot is an absolute must have game if you have PSVR. Personally I really didn't get on with Doom VFR, until I got an Aim controller at which point it's a lot of fun. If you don't have one then I wouldn't recommend it.
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