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  1. i assume this has to be sideloaded? I’ve got the sideload software on my pc as I used my quest 2 for wireless gaming via virtual desktop. I’ve never dabbled with sideloading besides setting it up for virtual desktop. To sideload software do I have to plug in the headset to the pc using the link cable and just press install to headset or can they be installed wirelessly? Sorry to lazy to look this up
  2. wow that’s annoying. Also their attitude to backwards compatibility is shit because they probably want to repackage and resell a game on their latest hardware. Although I could be wrong wasn’t virtual console discontinued on subsequent consoles, especially for those of us that had bought a load of games which are locked onto the wii hardware.
  3. My god that Gryzor cassette tape cover art brings back memories I remember trading in my zx spectrum with 3 carrier bags full of tapes for a C64 and a handful of games. It was a crap deal and I rightly got told off for it by my mum. I didn’t care at the time as it was my first ‘full colour’ gaming experience. When I first heard The Last Ninja’s loading music I was blown away. Paradroid I think was my most played game. May play emulated versions this week to see how they hold up today.
  4. I was going to say I've got this cheap silicone face cover from Aliexpress. I find the standard foam face cover irritates my skin so the silicone one is easy to clean. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001665558276.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.40694c4dSLwDNH This is what it looks like on mine
  5. I’m sad gyro aiming has never taken off as well as I’d like it to and become standard. I’m trying to figure out whether Nintendo was the first ones bring us gyro aiming.
  6. I really need to get round to playing Resident 7. I was waiting for a PC VR release damn you Capcom *shakes fist*
  7. I was going to mention AM2R but you beat me to it, despite Nintendo’s efforts it’s still easy to obtain and the community are still adding to it, there’s even a dedicated launcher. Ive been getting massively into emulation recently and again despite Nintendo’s legal action it is very easy to build a collection. Ive been playing on emulators such Nestopia, Snes9x, Dolphin and Cemu to name a few which have come a long way and enable features beyond vanilla versions which has helped rekindle my love for Nintendo so much so I’ve bought wii motes and GameCube controllers to enable better experie
  8. I'm still enjoying my Legendary Halo CE run. I'm making steady progress but hit a few brick walls along the way. I'm up to the silent Cartographer level, one of the best levels in a game ever. There's been loads of skirmishes where I've taken down a battalions of covenant with a couple of health bars and a slither of my shield left, and I'd take a breather with my heart beating and shaking hands. I'd view the aftermath of bodies, weapons, bullet holes and grenade scorch marks and think how the fuck did I get through that. Best gaming moments #
  9. Playing this in VR with the Idle Hands and Kabuto VR mods. Love it. Bit confused about power armour though. The fusion core has run out of charge. I can still use the power armour but eventually my walking speed goes to a crawl. I can exit the power armour and go back in then I get walking speed back for a while. Not sure if that supposed to happen but it got to a point where I could not get back into the armour at all so I've abandoned the armour for now.
  10. Mind blown. I never thought to do this. I do wonder if it would work going from one level to another
  11. Most probably old news but this VR mod looks incredible. GTA V single player campaign fully playable in VR
  12. I've only played PC VR games via Virtual desktop which has been glorious so far, which has made me retire by Original Vive wireless adapter setup which is clunky by comparison to my Wireless setup Quest 2. With the Vive I had to carry a battery pack in my pocket and the headset is more heavier and bulkier. Anyway, I'll prefer to play PC VR versions of games where possible but what are the standout native Quest only games?
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