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  1. simms


    Flower released on Steam yesterday https://store.steampowered.com/app/966330/Flower/
  2. This. Brillant game and completed it years ago but not something I wanted. Good treat for those that have not played it.
  3. Valve are supposed to be making 3 VR games but when they will release is anybody's guess https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-valve-still-committed-making-three-vr-full-games/ Also Valve have VR 'knuckles' controllers are in development which will track your fingers and play games in an open palm fashion https://www.roadtovr.com/valve-knuckles-dv-dev-kit-promotion/ VR games I recommend: Onward Pavlov Eleven: Table Tennis VR Fallout 4 Vr (need a good system for this) Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Redout (Wipeout clone) Raw Data Budget Cuts Arizona Sunshine Space Pirate Trainer The Brookhaven Experiment Sportsbar VR New Retro Arcade:Neon (relive the co op arcade days) Elite Dangerous
  4. simms

    Nintendo Switch

    Made me chuckle anyway
  5. simms


    Steam rule 1# . Never install any games because no one plays Steam games ever Best thing is to uninstall games you aren’t playing then it will not install the updates.
  6. simms

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Mind blown. A few weeks ago I finished Deux ex 1, and throughout my play through I never thought to use chairs in that way. On topic; VR has continually wowed me. Putting on the headset for the first time in The Lab was a turning point in my video game playing.
  7. Playing this at the moment. Am I the only one who had trouble working out the animal statue puzzle. For shame I had to google the answer and I feel shit for it
  8. Are you playing PS4 or Pc?
  9. cool I had it in my head as a Switch exclusive but its coming to Steam
  10. Fuck me that looks good. 10% off special promotion until 28th on Steam + Friday payday = Bought!!!
  11. The frame rate is all over the place on the base PS4 but if you're not bothered by such things then no problem.
  12. simms


    I've still got a 980ti in mine which still handles everything including VR. My cpu is the weak point - i5 4670K. Probably upgrade in a year or 2.
  13. simms

    Deus Ex

    Okay youve all convinced me to give IW a chance. I thought it was universally panned but I guess I should at least try it. That's what I love about the PC, I've got the whole Deux Ex series ready to play as well as many other game series.

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