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  1. I think you are on to something there. First week after coming back the daily roulette was very kind with the Amuse Honda S2000, Lambo Veneno, the Aston Martin Valkyrie and a handful of Gt3 cars that i didn't own yet (or actually wanted a dupe of for liveries) but since then it has not been much. Got a gr3 Ferrari yesterday though which was nice. Still don't have the Atenza unfortunately.
  2. Cheers for uploading that vid @beenabadbunny will see if i can translate that knowledge into time gains. Tried the TT in my Lexus RCF '16 but couldn't control it on TC1 and could feel me eating my own tires (and any momentum) at TC 2. Spent a good 30 mins but couldn't get anything below 45 secs. Slightly rattled i checked the leaderboards. Downloaded the top NSX replays and then the fastest RCF time. Amazing to see how much smoother the NSX runs this track. Despite also setting a lap in the mid 40's the RCF was all over the place, nearly spending as much time on the curbs and grass as it did on the tarmac. No way i can (or want to) try and replicate that so i bought a new gr2 machine. Instead of going for something competitive like the NSX i went for the LC430 '08...... just really like the look of it i guess Three laps in and i'm at 42.6 which is nearly 3 secs faster then in the newer, more powerful machine. Nice surprise and more confident i can find a little bit more over the next few days. Impressive time in the little Fiat @Junker considering no drafts or mild taps to the rear to help you boost the time in TT. Kudos and thanks for posting the times.
  3. Guess Hawthorne Bend will have to wait for me to mess up it's gravel traps. Watched the second race in the FIA cup and for some reason i really enjoy watching these kids and their e-sport efforts. Presentation from Red Bull Hangar was top notch. Looking fwd to see what will happen tonight.
  4. That was amazing stuff. Great track for the bikes as well. Looked like Red Bull payed for some fresh paint, i was surprised how good the track looked on the vid i watched. Imsa round this weekend, will try to catch some of it. Maybe the september setting will shine a more flattering light on the track. Maybe they've spent some money in the meantime. Let's hope for more of this (2009 ALMS series)): If i remember correctly tv had mainly focussed on a similarly great battle in the prototype class until that race got 'decided' due to strategy about 10 mins before the end. TV then switched to this GT battle for some icing on the cake. Apart from pit stops these two had been bumper to bumper for the full 4hrs.
  5. Delta would be a bit more action packed and feels like it's scrolling slightly quicker. Level design is a bit more vibrant and dense. Generally there's more stuff going on at any given time. Final is a melancholic trip through time and history, R-Type's ship history being the focus. The graphics are understandably cleaner, music is still great, gameplay is the same and there's a ton more secrets, levels and stuff to unlock. There's a R-Type museum and Bydo Catalogue with a little bit of info on every ship and any Bydo you ever came across. I love them both really, if i was a critic i' might say Delta was 'better' but as a fan of the series, Final is just a wholesome collection of joy. Seriously, the only thing holding it down in my book is the omission of the diagonal Force type from Last Resort. Understandable from a design perspective, could have been an awesome mini-game though
  6. Tried out race A for some laughs and it delivered. I use behind the car cam and it drops exceptionally low on these little Fiats. Don't know if it's intentional but i guess you can look through the back window, through the front window.. onto the track Had a blistering start and bolted from 8th to 2nd before being spun back to 11th on the last corner. GT Roulette. Not recommended if you cherish your Sportsmanship Rating though. New TT's are Tokyo Yamagiwa with the Mitsubishi GTO and Brands Hatch with gr 2 cars. Probably going to focus on the gr2 TT on Brands Hatch. Good way of getting to grips with the car a bit more and memorising my turn in point on that annoying right hander. Still have a sizeable car wish list so was looking for the quickest time vs credits races in the 'single player' section and found that doing the N1000 race in pro league with the Amuse Honda S2000 gets me around 190k credits in about 15 mins of racing. 100k prize +90% bonus for being in a car with less hp. These races still feature questionable AI but some drive with good looking liveries (surprised me) and i was literally laughing out loud when i caught up with the leading LaFerrari on St. Croix and saw it drifting around all the corners like it was the star of a D1 grand prix.
  7. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. That's how i'll remember it. Youtube thought i might be interested in the 8hrs of California from earlier this year, a round in the intercontinental GT cup/challenge. I was. Last time i watched a race from Laguna Seca had been a few years ago so i was pretty shocked to see the sorry state of the track/buildings. Mazda no longer an official sponsor and i heard rumours of real estate projects closing in on the track and noise complaints from (the new) residents allowing for less and less trackdays. Less track days = less income and things go from bad to worse quickly. Are 'we' letting this 'all time great' track die slowly ? Is Willow Springs the new defacto desert track ?
  8. Energy particles gathering around the Force as you charge it look absolutely beautiful. I hope kids mode will let me play at this exact scrolling speed so i can take in all the eye candy at a leisurely pace.
  9. This is what Twitch is made for. Enjoy games you are interested in but have no desire to play through yourself be it due to time constraints or knowing it's gameplay systems will tick you off. Whatever reason really. After GTA V i decided that Rockstar's game engine isn't that fun for me anymore (on foot character control way too wobbly and imprecise for my liking). Had great fun watching a streamer play through parts of RDR2 and felt like i got my fix that way. Really enjoyed Sea of Thieves and the Resident Evil 2 remake this way as well. Need to find a good streamer that isn't a snotty teenager/retired pornstar looking for followers though.
  10. Thanks for uploading @fretnoise, personally want to forget Monza ever happened but luckily some of you had some nice close racing. For Le Mans, i randomly picked the older Audi R18 from my garage and was surprised how much easier it was to handle compared to the Peugeot 908 i drove in Circuit Experience. Didn't stop me from missing my braking points unfortunately.... From what i saw @PeteBrant handled the 908 pretty much like it was his daily driver for all four laps. Kudos. Haven't driven any others in the class yet so couldn't really gauge the level of heroics going on but imagine the old Mazda and Sauber have their quirks... From lap 3 onwards gaps seemed to stop growing which make all the early cock ups a bit extra painful. Really enjoyed it though !
  11. Thanks for the correction and clarifying that quickly Joe! Last nights Le Mans race had me fantasising about a multi class endurance race a bit. Maybe 1-2 hrs with the faster guys in LMP's and the slower guys in gt3 cars ? Probably need more participants to prevent boredom for those who can race the fast cars with minimal effort though...
  12. There's no way anybody could have overtaken me without it...... I'm 90 % sure they do but could be just the formula cars (starting to doubt now)
  13. Sitting at my desk and i suddenly remember these LMP cars have a boost/ overtake button. Totally forgot about that last night
  14. Didn't feel it last night and it showed. Good thing about the S2000 is that even when you lose it you can keep it sliding in the right direction. Still having many problems with the sweeping right hander on Brands Hatch and the right hander after the second chicane on Monza. Less livery doodles and more practise is needed. Highlight was a near perfect third lap on Le Mans and not losing any more time on the lead pack. Scariest moment was leading on the first lap entering the long straight and checking my mirror. Six hungry LMP monsters right on my bumper and a group C car that shot past me like i was standing still. Amazing. Cheers for hosting Pete and thanks for the races everyone.
  15. Dobkeratops Alien edition. I thought stage 5 would be a shoe in for a remake but the voters continue to surprise me. Playable alpha at TGS ? Anyone going ?
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