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  1. Maybe I'm just being dumb but a heads up for this in game would have been great. Started offline because the servers were down, never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to switch to online later
  2. It's had a few decent sales over the last couple of years so it's about the most expensive I've ever seen it at the moment. It will get an official price increase after it goes live tomorrow though, I think by $15.
  3. Yeah, there’s very little horror in this so far. It just seems kind of flat; lots of wild shit is happening but nobody seems especially fussed by it. The teen school stuff seems massively at odds with everything else. Definitely agree about the children though, they’ve clearly been affected by the family tragedy so claiming otherwise is a bit of a weird take. I might just read the graphic novel (it’s ok Kindle Unlimited) and give up on the series.
  4. Radish

    Warcraft 3 Love-in

    I mean, you do know that they backtracked and didn’t make any of those changes that they originally advertised, right?
  5. Sex Education is great - much better than Riverdale. No idea about The Stranger.
  6. £50 deposit is mental, especially when in the same tweet they’re advertising the fact that it’ll sell out and be hard to find, so they wouldn’t even lose out if you cancelled your pre order because someone else would just buy it instead.
  7. Not sure if this is a dumb idea or not but I’d love a dedicated quick save button. It’s probably the thing from PC gaming that I miss the most when playing a console game.
  8. I think that the only “real” problem with Ben is how prominent he is in GB West’s content. He has a very divisive sense of humour and mannerisms but that’s ok, people aren’t perfect and when you hear or watch someone for hours a week there are bound to be things that annoy you. The problem is when he’s in 90% of their content doing the exact same thing every time, there’s just no respite. You either watch Ben or you stop watching GB West. There’s basically no middle ground and that’s a bit frustrating. Especially in contrast to GB East who are fantastic (although I think they’ll be hurt by Dan leaving).
  9. Radish

    Edge #342

    Edge should change from being multi platform to only the platforms I’m interested in.
  10. Radish

    Xbox Game Pass

    Great, I've been desperate to play A Plague Tale but I've been holding out because it just seemed like a shoe in for Game Pass. Definitely feel like GP has altered my buying habits.
  11. Phil Spencer said in an interview recently that it was - I think them denying it is just to try and reduce the impact that “announcement” will have on game sales. It’s possible that Phil was just mistaken but with the DLC coming next year it would make sense for it to appear on Game Pass.
  12. Radish

    Now TV

    You’d think that £3 a month extra would get you 4K, not 1080p. That really should be standard - NowTV isn’t exactly cheap.
  13. Class design and the entire story and writing.
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