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  1. I'm so torn. I'm really tempted to pick up the Ultimate Edition for NG+, but I can't help wondering if they'll release another enhanced version down the line (like Golden). Does it sound like there's any chance of this happening?
  2. Radish

    Trials Rising

    45gb? It's 19.97gb on the PC.
  3. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Isn't it obviously the result of 4 difficulties rather than 2?
  4. Radish

    Nintendo Switch

    That's a really weak reason to disable something as useful as cloud saving.
  5. Didn't they only reveal the PC requirements a few days ago? Might have just read speculation. I went for Spider-Man over this and I'm regretting it slightly at the moment But I'm hoping that someone will mod in the orchestrated sound track and make waiting for it a good idea.
  6. Radish

    Two Point Hospital

    For anyone concerned, Voidu are listed on Sega’s website as an approved partner. Crazy since it’s nearly £10 cheaper than on Steam.
  7. Radish

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    The 11 hours for Easy Allies was just one video - it took several different streams to complete, probably over 30 hours in total.
  8. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    I don't know what they are tied behind, but it's definitely not a case of having to do all the zone quests. I barely touched Zuldazar and still had loads of WQs pop up when I was 120.
  9. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    It has the same cost method as respeccing back in the day. It increases each time you do it (globally, not just for that one armour piece) and resets after a few days (I think). The vendor is in the transmog area of your new capital city.
  10. I see Cliff is busy writing his memoir.
  11. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Not all zones are equal, though. Some have a better (faster) distribution of quests. I have no idea about old zones, but apparently in BFA some of the areas are harder than others even with level scaling.
  12. Motion Twin confirmed that they knew the Switch version's frame rate dropped to the 40s before releasing it, but didn't want to delay the Switch release. A patch is coming but it'll be November at the absolute earliest.
  13. Yes! I struggled to get to the first boss a few times and could never beat him. I then found a good combination of items, went full purple and just utterly destroyed everything. I made it to the second boss and on my first ever attempt killed him in <10 seconds. It's ridiculous how OP you can become (which feels like the point when everything you have has perfect syngery). I had a yellow whip which set enemies on fire and both Crossb-o-matic skills did 100% extra damage to enemies on fire (and had a 2.9 sec cd!) Still doesn't feel anything like Bloodborne though
  14. Other than the brief window you get when you take damage to hit back and some lost health, I don't really understand the comparison to Bloodborne. Do people think Rogue Legacy is like Bloodborne too? Dead Cells doesn't remind me of it at all.

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