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  1. Nah, it’s just a very promising game that just released a great demo. I’ve never played RE2 and the remake is my most anticipated game at the moment (and has been for months).
  2. Average Framerate XB1X: 59.4 fps PRO: 59.0 fps PS4: 48.4 fps XB1: 40.2 fps Resolution: XB1X & Pro: Reconstructed to 1620p PS4: Native 1080p XB1: Reconstructed to 1080p Framerate is the main reason to ugpgrade imo. That said, the PS4 does hold up a lot better than the base Xbox One.
  3. Radish

    Gaming Podcasts

    Gav, Kruper and Rory have announced their new thing:
  4. That's absurdly expensive. It's funny how greed can instantly make you stop feeling sorry for a developer.
  5. It's clearly not even close to the same thing though, is it?
  6. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Brads opinion is hardly balanced either. Unrelated, but Brandon from Easy Allies literally said he’s grateful to Rockstar for releasing RDR2. The reaction from some people has been insanely over the top and it really grates. I more meant that both Alex and Brad refused to accept any criticism of RDR2 and were being incredibly stubborn about including it on the list. Brad even asked for a vote, then when it surprised him by going the other way he said voting doesn’t matter as its not a democracy. Alex tried the tactic of latching onto other games to try and make them sound more disappointing, but both Jeff and Vinny called him out on that bullshit thankfully.
  7. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I think Alex took the “most obnoxious” award during the most disappointing category. You know you’ve fucked up when Vinny calls you out on it. Generally though I really liked this years content. It was much better than last years, other than Brad intentionally spoiling their Christmas Mario Party stream before it had even aired and then being petty about it afterwards. Abby had her moments, but she was far from the only one (and not even the worst). Alex and Brad were the most frustrating for sure.
  8. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Nah, just sometime in Summer 2019.
  9. Radish

    Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    The TV show is brilliant, easily one of the best things on Netflix. Haven’t read the book fully, as about half way through it just seemed too familiar so I gave up. Really excited for season 2.
  10. Radish

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yeah, I was hoping the google results were wrong It seems really bizarre to have a huge variety of annoying sound effects on literally everything you do, but not let you turn any of them off.
  11. Radish

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Slightly random question: is it possible to disable all the system sound effects? They're driving me mad.
  12. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    So far I'm not really a huge fan of the new format. As someone that is really bothered by spoilers of games I have even the slightest chance of playing, it makes this really frustrating to listen to. They went out of their way to discuss late game spoilers about Subnautica, and then unanimously agreed that it didn't deserve to be on any of their lists and promptly moved on. Why bother spoiling it then? All that did is put me on edge for every single other game on their list. For instance, God of War is completely spoiled in every single way, so avoid that discussion if you haven't played it yet.
  13. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    To me that sounded really insincere. I don't think she really feels that way and was trying to find more "evidence" to support her view point (that God of War is a sexist game without any redeemable female characters). I could be wrong of course, but as you say it came out of nowhere and it's not something I've ever heard mentioned elsewhere. To me, complaining because the valkyries are "begging a man to kill them and thanking him for it" is just a bizarre take. It has nothing to do with gender or personality, it's just because they've been corrupted and seek release - by anyone, man or woman. It also seems to me like her opinions are just parroting something she has read online, like the refrigerator bit - it's pretty clear that nobody else there knew what she was talking about (I didn't either), but when they asked her to explain it she was completely unable to do so and just became really flustered by the whole thing (which is why I think she ultimately was rude and shitty towards Vinny). I don't think she's a rude person, I usually quite like her. It just seems clear that she's completely out of her depth here (or possibly trying too hard? I don't know).
  14. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Abby: "When there's violence against women I'm going to have a fucking problem with it" Vinny: "He does kill everyone to be fair" Abby: "Sure, whatever, but I don't fucking care" Great discussion between Abby and Vinny on the latest episode (in the God of War section). Vinny does really well in that discussion, he's very patient with Abby's rude and dismissive attitude, but as a father he probably has experience at dealing with children acting shitty.

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