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  1. I don't know why, but I'm always surprised at how few posts it takes for the usual bitter crowd to start making fun of people for enjoying something. "Sony not attending E3 in 2019" and 10 posts later we're back to slagging off people for being excited while watching a conference. Who cares that they enjoy video games? I'm pretty disappointed that Sony are skipping E3 (and not even releasing something at the same time). That said, it does make more sense to spread out the announcements over the year, and hopefully this means they'll do that. I'd still like to be able to tune in to something for an extended period of time though (more than just a press release and a trailer), so hopefully they'll at least do Directs.
  2. Radish

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Figured this was relevant enough to post here (given Austin and Patrick's connections): Vice is shrinking workforce 15% and collapsing some sites. It looks like Waypoint may be in trouble. There's a great post on Reddit summing up why Waypoint might be in trouble, whcih you can view in full here. A snippet:
  3. Ok.. I figured there was more to it, as the revelation that "Most people played a 6 year old game 6 years ago" is hardly worth posting.
  4. Radish

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Holy shit, that looks amazing. I do have one quibble though. How can anyone say, to Pikachu's face, "I don't need a Pokemon"?!
  5. Radish

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    My advice would be a multiplayer focused game. From what you said about Diablo, I get the feeling that with any single player game you might end up thinking “what’s the point?”, whereas with a MP game there’s always room to progress.
  6. Radish

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    I think you misunderstood - I took his post to mean the literal skills (abilities) that the characters have.
  7. I think "no random maps" is a negative for a lot of people, as are static mob types in those zones. 8 outdoor zones and 7 dungeons at launch. Where's the replayability? Where's Adventure mode? It just seems so weird to make this your big, headline Blizzcon announcement. As he says in the video, it's just clearly so far from being finished. There seem to be so many downsides to a Diablo fan, I can't see how they think this would appeal to them - and they do. At the end of the video he played an interview with the Blizzard co-founder Alan Adham, who said:
  8. Just through reading various interviews with Blizzard, it really sounds like NetEase are handling the development of the game (given their experience developing MMOARPGs on Mobile devices) and Blizzard are handling the lore. I can't find the exact quote I'm thinking of unfortuantely.
  9. Not sure how that's relevant.
  10. I clearly explained it was about Blizzard announcing an outsourced game to a Chinese company (relevant because that shows the market they're aiming for with this title, and their history of releasing mobile Blizzard-like games) at a Blizzard fan event, directly to Blizzard fans. And unlike 99% of the people posting here, I watched the panel live and it clearly had a strange vibe when the translators came on. It slows the discussion down and highlights just how diferent this game is to everything Blizzard has done before. You can read more into that if you like, but that's on you.
  11. Radish

    The Random WoW Thread

    Shard at the start when everybody tries Classic, drop it after a week or two when a lot of people give up and go back to LIve. Then you have a smaller number of more populated servers. Makes sense to me.
  12. Nobody said that, it's just your piss poor reading comprehension. But you're right, people with an opinion that you're too stupid to understand should "go fuck themselves". You really should go read that Kotaku preview based on hands-on impressions.
  13. Eurogamer explain the situation quite well. Maybe you'll be able to understand them, Nequests. Some quotes: Edit: And in the comments, Zootle's response is good too:
  14. I asked you to elaborate on what you meant and after thinking hard, that's the best you could come up with? As I said, someone to be ignored.

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