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  1. Often you cant close the conversation quickly enough even if you want to, this is even more the case if talking to Sahara than with Tommy and Timmy We shouldn't need to, Nintendo really need to sort out their shit My worry is that its so clearly terrible that they must know this and that means they either don't care or its really hard to fix given how they have decided to build it
  2. Thanks for this What a shit show the online implementation of this game is
  3. Didnt @moosegrinder say that he was going to create a separate one of all the design stuff?
  4. mine is all a bit haphazard at the moment. Need to sort it out once I've done my trees
  5. nintendo are enforcing that with their terrible online setup!
  6. Awesome. I just picked 4 at random as hadn't bothered with a list plus the t rex skull as I want to display it out in the open. 2 of the 4 turned out to be ones i needed so happy with that.
  7. picked up the ones I had in my museum room and brought them over to @skittles Thanks! am sure I put a couple in storage too but cany find them. Anyone know what tab they appear in? Got a recipe from a villager and one from Celeste too, well chuffed with that
  8. I have half a dozen or so spares, will bring them over to swap
  9. We should probably have a separate designs thread so that awesome stuff like this does not get lost in a fast moving thread
  10. No Kid Cat at my campsite this morning, guess I invited him too late or it was because a new villager was moving in today. Hope he arrives tomorrow Profile says I have 75 hours already, almost all of that will be active too
  11. Hopefully he will be at my campsite in the morning
  12. Yep, its one of the options when you speak to her
  13. Am already starting to really like my new villager, Raymond Another good day in Nookington
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