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  1. @Indy @ S.E. Have sent the sinking painting to you
  2. DIY Workbench and Ironwood DIY Workbench are the other two. I've advertised dupes of the ironwood one a couple of times, am bound to get another I'm sure
  3. Just size and appearance, there is no functional difference between any of the workbenches in relation to using them for crafting
  4. I'll send you a sinking painting later on, think I've got a couple of dupes of that
  5. @rickyblaze have sent both those recipe cards to you
  6. Apologies I forgot to post this earlier on but have now sent it
  7. I have the following recipe cards available if anyone wants them shell rug iceberg wall wooden mosaic wall big festive tree festive tree deer scare ironwood diy workbench stack of books x2 snowflake pochette apple hat iron garden table bamboo stopblock bamboo bench boomerang pear wall ironwood bed orange umbrella
  8. can always just cover the beach in them!
  9. Gates open, I have Celeste and major shooting stars Celeste is trapped in my model blue flower farm: Saharah is also in town, last seen near the airport, bunch of recipe cards on the beach too. Will try and stay open all evening
  10. Got my first new villager for ages, Gaston! Looks like his house needs a bit of work though!
  11. Had a reply from them this morning similar to @OnionNon offering the variety box as replacement or a build your own box from a list of 8 beers. The variety page now doesn't have exact specifics of what cans it contains so I have gone with a build my own. They didn't say exactly what went wrong with the initial order, just that as the box is now sold out and they can't rebook it. They must have some dodgy systems if they can sell and generate shipping notices for packs that they don't actually have If people have not yet mailed them then you are going to need to
  12. I've not had a reply yet, did you mail the "info" address that the order confirmation came from? Looking on twitter there are a couple of people with the same issue and they were told to email "mike", I'll do that tomorrow if I havent heard anything more. Good job I also ordered some beer from a place local to me!
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