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  1. Hawklord

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    From what I can gather, this is spec of what the GeForce Now games are running on And yes you are correct that you will be firing up an instance of Steam on their servers and using the Shield as a client. Did you try changing the graphics settings in Tomb Raider? Had mine set to 4k Ultra. Looked great and the benchmark reports Average FPS @ 65 (min 48.4/ max76). YMMV but I have 100Mbps wired and they use adaptive bitrate streaming to scale the quality based on bandwidth. They also don't recommend going higher than 1080p/60 in any game settings due to the bandwidth needed. Also I don't have my Shield set to 1080/60, it's set to 4K/60. You can change the resolution using the settings icon (the gear shaped one) at the top right of the main Shield Menu under Display & Sound. I may be missing something but why would anyone set it to 1080 while using a 4K screen? In the "actual" Steam Link app, the game will be running on your PC so will be limited to how that performs graphically. The only files that are installed are probably just the icons/banner for displaying on your menu as the Shield reports that the size of Tomb Raider install is only 131 kb. Remember, it's not running on the Shield, only streaming to it. The games are installed on the server side and if your game supports it, the saves are synced with your relevant account. (I can only speak about Steam as I haven't tried Battle.Net or UPlay) Totally agree on the interface though. They definitely need a way to highlight which of your games can run
  2. I'm torn on whether to get PC or PS4.
  3. Finished this last week. Thought that the first half was better than the second half but I did enjoy it. Looking forward to the Doom Patrol series next
  4. Hawklord

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    I haven't had the time to try any of the methods yet I'm on holiday soon so I'll have some spare time to mess around and I'll post my results here
  5. Hawklord

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    Bought one of these just before Xmas and it's one of the better decisions I've made. GeForce Now will link to your Steam, UPlay & Blizzard accounts, so if you have any games on the list linked below on any of those platforms, you get to play them in 4K at Ultra settings (if the game supports it) and as said above it will use nVidia's Tesla GPU. I haven't tried any Blizzard or UPlay titles but within GeForce now it has its own version of the Steam Link app that is separate from the Android Steam Link app You also get a load of free games to play, although they are older titles Scroll down here to see the list of GeForce Now compatible games https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/shield/games/ Also works as a Steam Link box with the Steam Link app (as good as the Steam Link hardware) and as a client for nVidia GameStream if you have an nVidia GPU based PC. This is before you even get to how good it is as a media player. Netflix and Amazon Prime are installed out the box and mine is currently running the latest Kodi RC4 64 bit version. It handles my large movie & TV library better than my dedicated media PC did. Even YouTube browsing is good It comes with the Plex app installed but the Oreo update added Plex Server capability and it works as a 4k Chromecast Ultra. Then there's all the retro gaming that can be done (Am I still allowed to call it retro gaming?) I've added a small USB hub to mine as there are only x2 USB ports. This has allowed me to add a bluetooth Rii Wireless keyboard (that I used to use on my Media PC) that has a touchpad for the mouse and it works fine. Also added a 360 controller with the wireless adaptor and an SSD drive via a SATA to USB adaptor to expand the storage. The Play Store is restricted but have a look on YouTube for some guides to allow the full Play Store to be accessed. Definitely worth a purchase
  6. Haven't tried myself but I think you need it plugged in via USB then while still plugged in you can go to settings and do the Bluetooth pairing. After that you can unplug
  7. Hawklord

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    I tried sooo hard to like that game to justify how much it cost. It was the shittiest shovelware ever
  8. I bought one mainly to use as a media player & server but the amount of emulation that can be done with the Shield is superb bonus
  9. Didn't realise there was a thread for this. Thoroughly enjoying
  10. Cheers @robdood was an entertaining drunkthrough lol
  11. Outside of Soulsborne Jolly Co-op and the occasional game of Everybody's Golf, I rarely play any MP
  12. Finished the campaign on Monday evening. Glad I didn't pay full price as I'm not interested in the MP but great 6 hours and well worth the £4 I got it for
  13. Hawklord

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I only bought the PS4 for Bloodborne and EG
  14. Hawklord

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Without spoiling too much... +5 is as high as a Raw weapon can go. You might want to look at an alternative weapon to upgrade (or a different upgrade path for the Halberd). Other than that it will only get more powerful with your Str/Dex scaling
  15. Hawklord

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Use it like a shield. Also means no shield while using

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