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  1. Woosh, there goes 4 hours! The Castle Gates will be staying closed for me tonight It took me a while, as others have said, to adjust to Bloodborne's style of play coming from the Souls games. But I adapted, got used to it and really enjoyed it. Same thing is happening here. Getting my arse kicked due to muscle memory more than anything. That and forgetting to heal. Can't get used to my estus Healing Gourd being on the up button. Also kept going for Triangle when trying to grapple for some reason Took me a while to beat the Ogre but I wasn't getting frustrated as I was enjoying trying different methods. Wife wasn't happy at being woken up by my celebrations when I did though lol. Loving the exploration and the grappling hook and really taking my time with each level. Story/area spoilers
  2. I'm done for the night. Long day at work and some vodka don't mix well with this lol. Only got as far as Will continue tomorrow with a fresh head Thought this looked a bit familiar though
  3. Currently waiting for the 3.6Gb patch to download and install In other news, the PC version is currently available on the high seas *cough*
  4. I'm on my lunch break feeling envious of those who now have it. Another 7 hours until I'll get to play it
  5. Going to be a long day at work today
  6. Dispatched (Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded from SimplyGames)
  7. Hawklord

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    Looks like everything I have is >= recommended spec. Didn't realise my GPU (8Gb RX480) benchmarks slightly better than an RX 570. I've bought on PS4 anyway
  8. Hawklord

    Love Death and Robots

    Heard about this as I follow Peter F Hamilton. Been fucking excellent so far. Up to Ep 5
  9. Hawklord

    The Bookies

    Cheers! Wish I'd checked earlier though as only managed to get a double on Paisley Park and Frodon. £5 of my own money E/W means I'm up £103
  10. Hawklord

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Out of the 350+ movies I've rated on IMDB, there is only one I've given a 1 star and only because you can't give zero... The Harry Hill Movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3013528/
  11. I'll spoiler this as it's about a mechanic
  12. I couldn't resist and ended up watching the VaatiVidya footage. I don't think it's too spoilery but it's def made me want this game sooner
  13. Likewise. I only finished it at around half 3 this afternoon. Enjoyed that then went on to listen to the full Brooker interview

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