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  1. That...is Dark Souls
  2. Good choice. I came to DS relatively late after bouncing off the game when I first played. When I got around to playing again, it clicked. After that, you can enjoy the rest of the series at your leisure, and you will! I ended up buying a PS4 just to play Bloodborne Post your progress (controller smashing moments) in the DS thread
  3. some good games, not enough gameplay and no specs for the new box
  4. Hawklord

    Xbox Game Pass

    Wouldn't let me install that either. Tried a reboot and then it let me install. Can now can also install Metro Exodus and the others I was having trouble with. Happy days
  5. Hawklord

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, same here. See my earlier posts. Probably keeping these for actual announcement later tonight
  6. Hawklord

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, saw that. Most of the just released games from here work... https://gg.deals/blog/full-list-of-xbox-game-pass-for-pc/ Link opens in the MS Store and I can install them, except for one or two which, as I said, I may just be too early to install Cheers. Fully updated Windows. My button isn't greyed out, but the cursor changes to this
  7. Hawklord

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, sorry, PC Game Pass. Same for Vampyr Others like Astroneer, GoW Ultimate, Hellblade are fine. Probably just too early
  8. Hawklord

    Xbox Game Pass

    I bought a 3 month sub for Game Pass so that I can play the PC games that are available (I don't have a XBone) and it worked fine. Was able to install and play Crackdown 3 etc. I've converted this sub to Game Pass Ultimate for £1 via the link earlier in the thread but it won't let me install any of the "new" games eg Metro Exodus. Is says that I own it but MS Store says that I don't have any eligible devices to install on. Anyone managed to install any of the new games yet?
  9. Same hahahaha. Thought I'd fucked up somehow Thorough enjoying this
  10. Hawklord

    63 Up

    Yeah, been watching this for years. Always look forward to it. Fascinating and puts other "reality" shows in their place. Been on holiday so will be watching at the weekend
  11. Real shame. Saw him recently on Pointless Celebs and he didn't look well
  12. I follow some of the cast on Insta/Twitter. Filming is done and it's now in post production. That probably takes as long, if not longer due to the FX. I reckon late autumn for release
  13. DD down on first attempt. Decided to have a final explore before the end. Turns out that I managed to miss GSO-F due to not eavesdropping at the correct time :/ (had to look it up). Found Guape 2, DoH etc but decided that I couldn't be arsed fighting them. Went to final boss instead and after a few attempts, again I decided that I just don't have the will or the patience anymore and quit. So, I think I'm done with Sekiro. It's not that I haven't enjoyed it, I have. I've enjoyed it immensely in fact. It just doesn't have the draw for me compared to the other Soulsborne games. The lack of choice in your play style meant that it started to get too repetitive. I loved all the areas where you can explore and fight and rinse and how they all connect but way too many mini-bosses and gimmick fights for me. There's nothing drawing me back to the game. Part of the reason could be because I bought on PS4. I can't play on PS4 as easily as I can on PC so I can't quickly dip in for a few attempts. I'll hang on to the disc to see what, if any DLC is released but for now, I'm done
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