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  1. CTMLM Come and spin my wheel of fortune!
  2. Hey guys, I’ve made a silly fortune teller in my town. add me to thine list: 4909-8537-0677 i just open my gate whenever I’m on, so come and play with my spinner wheel o’ fortune!
  3. Spork’s ocarina was the highlight of my evening
  4. I can’t get in, it says there’s interference on the Nookphone
  5. A Field In England Billed as horror, but it was way too artsy and fartsy for what I was able to handle in my mood. I didn’t like it. I also can’t seem to ever see Reece Shearsmith as a serious actor. 1/5
  6. Session 9 - 4.5/5 ive seen it loads of times but it’s still atmospherically suffocating and intense, and creepy and the scary voices still scare me. love it.
  7. Joker Relentlessly shallow style over substance, character development with as much depth as a puddle, but I’ll throw it a bone coz he walked into a window and that was the best bit. I get the feeling that Joaquin acted his hardest, but how much can you do when the script just reveals nothing about the character you play. There’s nothing to feel for this one dimensional guy experiencing a string of unpleasant occurrences, with no development as a result. It’s just scene and scene of, I guess is what’s supposed to be alienation and humiliation, but how can we sympathise or react when it never reveals anything about the person it’s happening to? It insists upon some sort of profound outcome, but it’s just a load of stuff. You Were Never Really Here was a thousand times better. 1/5
  8. Loz Boz


    I just realised I watched this. Not a patch on Frankenstein’s Army which was the same premise but actually cool. Its got gore, Nazis, Crazy experiments, Schlock-fest set pieces, and I actually wanted to watch all the way to the end to see what happened. Monsters and make up and costumes not shit cgi. I feel like like both movies have the same description but Frankenstein’s Army is everything you hoped for and Overlord is the boring Hollywood cgi chaff you’re sick of seeing.
  9. If it’s constructed completely artificially for its own sake, insisting upon itself, and then is just abandoned, yes I believe so. That’s what the LGBTQ community have called it anyway.
  10. I’ve watched it because everyone has been cumming themselves silly about it. I don’t understand why this is supposed to be compelling or interesting. I mean, I left it on but honestly it was just middle-Of-the-road generic pap. I see it has women in both hero and villain roles and that’s a bit unusual, plus apparently lots of queer-baiting according to various articles I’ve been reading (trying to find out what I’m missing) But it’s left me cold. I’m not gonna bother with series 2. It’s just nowt. The way everybody’s been gushing I was expecting the second coming of Breaking Bad.
  11. Also, a whole series mining dragon glass and kitting out everybody in Winterfell with it Because it makes WWs go poof, and shatter away like Sam did all those years ago at Craster’s...
  12. I’m so disappointed. Years of amazing foreboding build up of an awesome villain doing the most villainous villainy ever... only for him to Ponce about a bit and top it off with I really can’t stand Arya.
  13. Just thinking of my poor phone battery is giving me woes. Also that narrator woman is just awful. Isabelle coulda done the whole thing!
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