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  1. Hadley is indeed a pretty obsessed transphobe, to the point that she crowbars into interviews with the likes of a surprised Margaret Atwood. I have no animus towards Corbyn critics, and I would have previously described myself as a fan of her film writing. She’s probably one of the Guardian centrist transphobes that I’m saddest about. Although maybe she nicked Goose’s book design for her book (a stack of old VHSes with 80s movies pencilled on the labels) so there’s another reason to dislike her.
  2. My son has put an unholy amount of time into this (and bought a lot of add-ons) so I asked him.
  3. I've gone the other way this year. I was too busy with work and stressed out with life to play video games in the first phase of the pandemic, but now I'm recovering from that I've got right back into it. I've tried to re-orient myself into fairly fun things that I can do without substantially adding to our covid risk and video games are pretty good for that. Bought an XSX over Xmas, finished a bunch of games, been listening to gaming podcasts, making big lists of things to play, sorting out my boxes of wires so I can play old consoles. It's pretty sweet. Games are good.
  4. I think D&D has a structural problem with racism. Race essentialism is built into the game and a lot of the material that inspired it. A lot of the sourcebooks and adventures of the past look pretty racist and colonialist to modern eyes. A significant component of the fanbase is/was pretty racist, or at minimum was very resistant and insensitive to the attempts to change any of this. WOTC doesn't have a great record of employing and keeping a diverse set of writers on board. Set against this many modern fans and streamers are pretty diverse and right on, WOTC seem to be doing their best to address what they can with rewrites and commissions and thinking about representation, and although there seem to be semi-regular dramas that get some people online upset, I think they have good intentions and have done good work. I think that the fairly common trope of roleplaying racism when a PC of an uncommon race rocks up in a small town is pretty hackneyed. I can imagine it makes some people pretty uncomfortable, I can imagine some awkward and unpleasant situations at the table if people get it wrong. I would pretty much steer clear of it I think. Definitely the sort of thing safety tools were invented for. We have freedom to imagine whatever we like in a fantasy world, we're not obliged to model racism if we don't want to. That being said, given that we're all inventing a story on the fly, and that a DM has to come up with a load of voices and accents and drama for characters who aren't all middle aged white guys, to a certain extent we need to give ourselves permission to not be hypersensitive, and trust that our friends at the table have good intentions, and that we can use safety tools if something is going wrong, or indeed, find a different group to play with.
  5. Graham S

    LA Olympics 2028

    Were they going to ditch it before, or has horse punching woman single handedly changed her sport?
  6. Hats off to the crowd. I’m a pretty big fan of K-Dot but I can’t keep up with his bars in my head, and plenty of the crowd were spot on when the camera was on them. To be fair I’m old and my memory is shot. Delighted he managed to combine the art with the bangers, must be a hard trick to pull off at a festival with a general audience. I’ve enjoyed this Glastonbury from home. Normally it seems like a pale imitation of being at a show, but after a couple of years of prison it’s a pretty good replacement. The headliners delivered for me, Little Simz, and especially Paul and Kung Fu Kenny.
  7. I’m glad her people insisted on her topping the bill, and even more glad how she was described. I’d be delighted to be described as a Teatime Legend.
  8. No, that’s Kendrick. PSB are on the Other Stage.
  9. Well that was lovely. Good old Paul. He makes me happy, what a blessing to have shared a planet with him.
  10. During the recent bad times I got super into solo Paul for the first time so bring it on.
  11. McCartney has got Beatles Rock Band on on the telly behind him.
  12. What sort of state is the Xbox version in now they are stopping updates? Now I have a HOTAS I might give this another try if it’s not broken.
  13. Notable exception for Flight Simulator, which is bad. I schedule appointments to start that in advance if I want to play that later in the day.
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