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  1. You’ll need £200 to £300 hardware and how much more £££s to get all those games that are already built into the mini? Compared to £90 for the full mini set up.
  2. The PS Classic just showed that if you half arse it as a cheap way to make money then it will bite you in the arse. These minis are not aiming at a mass mainstream market but those who are into niche and retro gaming and thus know their product and what they want. They are more demanding but are more willing to spend money on something that meets their expectations. The MD mini look awesome and will sell well, as well as having mainstream appeal. The odd decisions by SNK to not make it an AES mini doesn’t stop it being the best way to plug and play neogeo games on a budget, and has done well enough that SNK are now working on further hardware. No evidence of the mini consoles dying a death. Only that poor effort results in poor sales. Which is how it should be. As for one who doesn’t collect or want to splash £££s on retro set ups having the SNES mini, PC Engine mini and MD mini all together and hdmi compatible is geek heaven for me.
  3. Do Amazon make you pay in full for pre orders? I heard somewhere that they do now.
  4. I don’t know why they even bothered with it. It’s the most hideous creation. I can’t believe someone turned the cute little PC Engine into that monstrosity. I’m sure the US market would prefer to have that version forgotten about and have the PC Engine or Core Grafx instead.
  5. Are you just being contrarian for the sake of it? Of course not ten years exactly that’s just a number. And the second point? Meaningless. Big games are not being developed for the Wii but thanks for that.
  6. If games can not break even on £60 a pop and a single underperforming title can financially wipe out a developer then doesn’t that just underlay what a ridiculous situation the video game industry is in? Surely the focus with new hardware should be less on graphical fidelity and more on providing the development tools to make games easier and more financially viable to create. It isn’t the 90s anymore there’s no need to race to the next generation every five years. Consoles should be having a ten year lifespan.
  7. What always got my goat was people who said that they picked up a Dreamcast when they were flogged for £70 with four games and say something like ‘it was actually an excellent console, shame it died early...’ Fuuuuuccccckkkkk yoooooooooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The irony if Lampard gets ousted by the Chelsea dressing room.
  9. Perez is their top goal scorer two seasons running. £30m in today’s market isn’t that great.
  10. Perez to Leicester for £30m. Lose your best manager in recent years so the club try to win over fans by instantly selling their best striker... Who’d be a Newcastle fan?
  11. The annoying thing about city which I guess was the same with United during their pomp is that many teams play them with a damage limitation mindset which is frustrating. They have a soft underbelly, which is their defence, it can be had at and there’s goals to be scored by any team who is willing to forget containment because you can’t win if your game plan is to stop them attacking. Their attack is too good. But go for them and make them think. Palace and Leicester owned them, Spurs in the Champions League just went for the jugular. They’ll leak. The frustrating thing last season was the lack of game plan against City especially as Palace and Leicester did so well against them.
  12. Backwards compatibility sold the Xbox One to me. I had too many classic games that I didn’t want to give up. Hence why I hanged onto a 360 for so long. That and the controller is much superior.
  13. All those Cave shooters neglected and no Beautiful Katamari leaves me with a sad face Less said about original Xbox games the better. After the big song and dance about it they’ve done basically sod all.
  14. I’ve finally bitten at that price point. Tat, but handy tat to have around. The PlayStation is such an iconic design from logo to system. They haven’t come close to matching it since. Still I’ll enjoy playing GTA, Mr Driller and Rayman before adding some of the real classics to it.
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