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  1. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This Mourinho United is much more leaky than any previous sides of his. Of course he’ll turn up with the double decker bus with the hope of fluking a goal, however I think that we are too good for this United team to keep out.
  2. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Salah refuses to accept and hands his man of the match award to Milner for his 500th appearance. Top guy.
  3. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Emotionally stunted for not wanting to pay £300 on a play thing... a very emotionally stunted statement to make.
  4. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Basically this is the let’s chat about why you don’t feel the switch is for you but be careful about what you say because the Ninty fanboys are lurking and will feel that you’ve just taken a hot steamy turd on their patch if you mention ‘Switch’ and ‘don’t like’ in the same sentence.
  5. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Skyrim? Xbone already has the definitive console version and got sonic on that too. Another Civ game, Dynasty warriors with Zelda skin, a few jrpgs. As as I said very uninspiring.
  6. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    No interest, sounded like a good idea at the beginning then was ruined by too many features that make the thing sound very unfocused in design. Waaay too expensive in price and extremely limited selection of games. I’d have thought that Nintendo would have put more effort into getting original third party content on board or at least increase their own output. But unless you’re into another, Mario, another Mario Kart, another Smash Bros, another Mario Party, another Kirby platformer (yawn, yawn and yawn again) it’s basically a very expensive and uninspiring device.
  7. Oh Danny Boy

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The strange thing about this is that lots of love and effort has gone into the actual physical console. It looks perfect. But then they half arse the actual emulation. Bizarre.
  8. Oh Danny Boy

    Which console should be released as a 'mini' next?

    Isn’t it being made by ATGames? The same lot that have botched every mini Sega console so far
  9. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    Cool, thanks for that. Picked up a 5s for £90. Sounds like it’s worth the punt
  10. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    I’ve been looking at these. They sound too good to be true. Thousand plus arcade games, proper arcade sticks, all in one box. Anyone one them? What are your opinions?
  11. Oh Danny Boy

    Neo Geo Mini

    That’s basically what the original thing should have been, game wise and with the included accessories. If it’s a reasonable price I’ll probably bite.
  12. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    What’s with this bullshit of always comparing Liverpool’s results to City? I don’t care if Liverpool win all their games 1-0 its the result that matters, especially at this stage of the season. 12 games played and it’s 9 wins and three draws ( and those draws were against City, Chelsea and Arsenal). An excellent start to the season. Let’s back the team instead of whining that Liverpool are not City.
  13. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Wow, looks like fate has instantly repaid us for the wrongly ruled offside goal last week. Is it just me or has officiating been very poor this year in the prem? VAR is needed ASAP.
  14. Oh Danny Boy

    Dave Perry is back...

    Isn’t Dave Perry pretty well known for being a bit of a tit?
  15. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Can’t be this pants second half...

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