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  1. At least he wasn’t doing a Mexican wave.
  2. Never would I have thought as a 10yr old on a summer field trip singing Three Lions out loud with my classmates that 25yrs later and still people are constantly singing that damn song. It’s time to move on, Baddiel is a twat, Skinner hasn’t been funny in decades and the Lightning Seeds have always been shit.
  3. Rafa to Everton? The world is going mad
  4. Various Production - The World is Gone Banging
  5. Bale never looked confident. Thought so when I saw his face before he took it, but then thought nah, he’s world class he knows what he’s doing. That was just awful. Bale of old would have smashed that.
  6. No one blew my balls with their presentations. MS finally got their launch staples out in Forza and Halo which I have no interest in, although I knew they’d get those through the door before anything that tickles my fancy appears. Psychonauts 2 and Elden Ring look to be the next big hitters for me on the new generation consoles. No Fable 4 or Elder Scrolls was massively disappointing. At least the new Sea of Thieves content was awesome. The conferences of Sony and MS just highlight what I always thought; that both consoles got released a year too early. Nintendo’s, although underwhe
  7. Isn’t Banana Blitz supposed to be a bit pants? Never played it but rarely hear good things. When they re-released that a year it so back I was disappointed that they didn’t bother redoing 1&2. Better late than never. I’ll be all over this on day 1.
  8. I’m hoping this gets a physical release
  9. Awesome. Is this as a comp? Most importantly when is this happening?!?!?
  10. Might possibly have a market with old folks, families, a first console for very young children etc but definitely not at that price. It’s selling a very casual user device at a hobbyist price point. Also they really need to drop the Intellivision name. It’s extremely out dated and meaningless to most people under 50. This is going to be a very expensive flop. Jeff Minter confirmed to be working on Tempest 5000 for it as we speak.
  11. Never liked the Beckham era golden generation. Too many egos and many unlikable players. Players seemed more interested in being a celebrity rather than a football player. Even grounded players like Crouch seemed to get swept up in the whole circus. Then the media frenzy. The wags It all culminated to leave us with years of dull stodge under Hodgson. 2018 gave us a bunch of likeable players and manager who seemed grounded and although far less talented than the ‘golden generation’ they played far more as a team. They felt relatable and exciting. First semis since ‘96! Definitely e
  12. They’ve definitely done well to fit the PotC franchise seamlessly into sea of thieves. I always felt some parts of the game had that cheesy epic feel of those movies. It’s a perfect fit. Can’t wait to give this a go with some friends.
  13. What kind of cunts bring a big flag celebrating 90yrs of the Queen to a football game?
  14. No good for us non tv folk. ITV hub isn’t playing ball and showing squat live for me. I’ll have to track down a stream
  15. Who is showing Russia v Belgium now? I though my it wasn’t supposed to be on bbc?
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