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  1. People are in lala land if they think that MS spent £7billion to get people buying PS5’s. They want to have their own exclusives, why would anyone buy an Xbox regardless of game pass if the PS5 has MS games as well as Sony exclusives? MS aren’t trying to play some weird 4D chess, they simply want more people buying their new consoles.. If you want to play Sea of Thieves you need an Xbox just like if you want the next elder scrolls you’d need an Xbox. That’s a bit obvious. Can cross your fingers and hope for a PS5 release but can’t complain when it inevitably doesn’t happen.
  2. Don’t see it. If you want those games you’ll have to invest in a Series S/X or a damn good PC. It makes much more sense to get new gamers onto the Xbox ecosystem by having what their rivals don’t. I don’t see the Last of Us being on the Xbox any time soon.
  3. I don’t know why people are kidding themselves that MS has spent billions on these devs so they can fund future releases for their direct competitor.
  4. Regarding the wing cap, what’s the knack to it? I could never use it back in the 64 days and neither now. I just sort of glide with it rather than fly to the skies. Im loathing underwater sections in this. Used to love them back in the day but the controls have aged. Trying to swim and position yourself directly in front of a chest to open it is a wrestling match between you and the camera/controls. Very annoying that you can’t open a chest from above or the side but only directly in front and central. Grrrrr
  5. First day one console purchase for me since the GBA
  6. Sounds like Xbox is the place for western RPGs. Considering they are the only thing I play outside indie games on a console that’s not called Switch I’m all ‘PlayStation... what’s that? ‘
  7. Argos worked fine for me. Just had to refresh page a couple of times during the checkout process as the gateway timed out but other than that pre order confirmed without hassle.
  8. This is magical. Who needs next gen? Started through Mario 64, my memories of 64 DS have been cleansed. Although sadly it feels as if time has finally caught up with it from a technical standpoint at least. For what I once considered my favourite game of all time now suffers from dated controls, camera and graphical glitches such as pop up etc. It’s a game that deserves a full remix bringing it up to modern standards as the gameplay is still a good as ever.
  9. What? That came from nowhere. Was there any hint of that transfer? This is literally the first I've heard of it and it’s basically complete.
  10. Galaxy and Sunshine visually look great on the switch. Never played Galaxy before and it looks visually stunning. Can’t wait till the postie arrives tomorrow
  11. Zidane also seems like one of those managers that if he doesn’t fancy you for whatever reason then you’re dead to him. I think Bale can feel hard done by (from a professional standpoint definitely not financially) in that situation. The money being touted in today’s game is small fry for a player of Bale’s calibre. They can easily negotiate dressing room issues caused by wages by offsetting a lot of it in a lump signing on fee. In the end if it flops it’s cost them less than the long list of failed Kane back ups over the years. He’s a world class player who knows the league, if he do
  12. 25th anniversary was extremely lazy. Dump a rom of an old SNES game on a CD. Throwing a bit of tat on top doesn’t cut it. And Mario 64 DS was an abomination. I don’t know what anyone would want from this. Galaxy 2 of course. But other than that it’s what you’d want. I think people are hoping for each version being fully remastered which is a hell of a lot of work and would never be released in a single package.
  13. I think of the trainer as Sakura, the post high school years.
  14. My advice is make sure that your hands are raised in boxing position. The sudden drop from the height is what makes it register. It also has to be a sudden drop and raise, not graduated, one quick sharp movement down and up, that will cause the gyros to vibrate and register the move.
  15. Registering certain moves moves in quick fire succession is a pain in the arse. Things like weaves and blocks when going at full pelt do not register occasionally. It’s like the tracking from the gyros can take a split moment to catch up which causes you to miss. But it works 95% of the time. And although it causes a four letter explicative from me as long as you’re doing the move correctly then you’re getting the benefit of the movement. Best fitness anything I’ve invested in. I picked it up just before lockdown and have been using it religiously. One 45min full body workout 5/6 tim
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