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  1. Jashin

    Perfect Albums

    I’m afraid to say that there’s only one, and that record is ‘In A Silent Way’ by Miles Davis. An lp so good that when I make music I won’t let myself listen to it because it’s just ‘Well, what’s the point?’ I can’t even articulate why it does that to me or how deeply it moves me, It just does. There are lots of brilliant records, including those with no filler. But there’s only one that’s perfect.
  2. Jashin


    I was playing a bit of Darius last night - how do you counterburst?
  3. I really enjoyed Treasure Hunter G. Edit: Yeah, I’d agree that SoM is a wildly overrated mess. It looks pretty in places but that’s about it.
  4. On the other hand my Slim is quieter than my near launch One X.
  5. I hope not because that was very much how Pcars 2 played with a pad.
  6. It’s terrible with a controller, never mind tough. And that’s a shame, because there was a lot that I liked about PCars 2.
  7. No , same here. If the only attraction is more shinies and quicker loading then I’m not really interested at the moment.
  8. I think it’s fair to say the the group welcomes drivers with a wide range of skills! Don’t be too worried about tripping over people, just use a headset so that you can hear when people are going to pass you / let others know you that you’re passing them. Edit: or what they said
  9. Jashin


    No, RFA never reached the UK unfortunately.
  10. Jashin


    Cool. I actually find it quite irritating watching youtube vids where people (to my mind) mispronounce it. Ridiculous, I know. I wonder if I read about it in an issue of Maximum, thinking about it.
  11. Jashin


    And one more question for the older players amongst us. I’m fairly certain that at the time of the Saturn release that I read that ‘Garegga’ was actually a malapropism for ‘Garage’ - making the name of the game game ‘Battle Garage(a)’. However, I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it that way, it’s always ‘Garegga’ with hard ‘g’ sounds. Unfortunately I can’t find anything to back up my claim, anyone got any ideas?
  12. Jashin


    Just a quick question re: purchases from other regions. I’ve just bought Battle Garegga from the US store. If ever deleted the account that bought the game would it be inaccessible to my main UK account?
  13. Jashin


    Sorry, working from home!
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