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  1. Enjoyed the races, especially the Gr.3 cars around Laguna Seca. Thanks for hosting McSpeed.
  2. I’d be up for that. I had some great races there in the FIA Gr.4 event yesterday.
  3. Yeah, that was quite an ‘if’ in the races I started. A midfield starting slot didn’t help either.
  4. Yeah, the current S2000 races around Laguna Seca are fairly horrible in DR C.
  5. The official stream with commentary is on the IMSA website.
  6. My records are in no real order. Any new stuff just goes where the next shelf space is. I really like just pulling a record out at random to see what I find. Same for my remaining cd’s. I have two big boxes of tapes which also aren’t in any sort of order
  7. I had my first online races last night, Gr 3 around Brands Hatch. I was actually fairly amazed about how clean it was compared to the nonsense that is Forza. I even won a race, which was cool. I’m sure it’s a bit of a generalization, but it was always a German player who tried to run me off the road tap me off! Another common theme was other players misreading wide entry corners such as Surtees and braking far too late on an inside line, with predictable results.
  8. Is there a forum group to join for online races? I’ve just bought this with a PS4. I’ve just worked through the tutorials but haven’t actually raced online yet.
  9. Jashin


    How is Jamestown + on Switch?
  10. Jashin


    I don’t think it’s backwards compatible anyway is it?
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