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  1. The DE-10 has HDMI out and the I/O board has it’s own analogue output. I think that the digital I/O board can output an an analogue signal too via some sort of adaptor but I’m not sure of the details. I’ve never played on a CRT but even through an LCD the lag is really minimal. I think that the only game I’ve has issues with is Parappa the Rapper, which I believe has really strict timings for button inputs.
  2. Yeah, I think I’ve just read enough to know to give it a miss
  3. How is the input lag on N64 games via Switch?
  4. There are disappointingly few games which fully work with RCPS3 unfortunately .
  5. Goodness, I’d forgotten all about Irvine. He was insufferable, or certainly came across that way
  6. I’m a massive AC fan but the older games are somewhat of a struggle to play these days, although they’re just about manageable.
  7. Not sure I’d agree with that. I think that the control scheme was just a product of the time really, before there was a common language about FPS and third person schemes. I certainly don’t buy into the idea that it was intentionally tricky. There’s no way the same scheme would be implemented if the game was made now.
  8. Am I right in thinking that screen filters aren't currently available for these new cores?
  9. Good race. Nice to see the Mercs in the fight on pace rather than the misfortune of others.
  10. Great lap by Russell, good looking grid for the race.
  11. Wasn’t Pono just a vehicle for playing a lossless audio format? Not sure there’s anything magic beans about that really, it would absolutely sound better than compressed formats. Now ‘audiophile’ USB cables on the other hand…
  12. The lag looks visibly terrible in that video.
  13. Tapes never went away for me. Lots of the music I listen to only has a physical release on cassette, I must have 300 or so in my collection. I’ve also got a little stockpile of decks because decent ones aren’t made any more.
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