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  1. Danny's pronunciation of 'Walsall' in this weeks podcast was really quite bizarre!
  2. Yeah, that's right, it can display at a range of resolutions and each is quite tweakable depending on the sort of picture you prefer. I personally value the IO board for the physical buttons.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KlRObr3Be4zLch7Zyqg6qCJzGuhyGmXaOIUrpfncXIM/edit#gid=0
  4. Pretty sure that when I was in the queue for the SX yesterday that a delivery date 05/03 was only for those choosing priority delivery. It was 12/03 otherwise.
  5. I quit out of the race through embarrassment after I punted you. It wasn’t even at attempt at an overtake, it was just my normal line and speed. Sorry @SneakyNinja!
  6. The IO boards have some useful additional functionality. For example, physical buttons to access the menu, reset the core or reset the MiSTer. However, this can be done through the menu too. The digital IO board also has a physical on / off switch. I think that a keyboard is required for some aspects of setting up, mapping buttons etc. Once you’ve done that, and depending on the core you’re using, it can be driven using a joypad only.
  7. We've just been discussing the start procedure whilst putting a little practice in at Silverstone. We liked the idea of a full parade lap, what does everyone think? It'd give the everyone the opportunity to warm the brakes up and perhaps allow extra time to settle into things too.
  8. You’ll be able to play an accurate version of DDP on your MiSTer too
  9. Isn't it one of those machines that was actually terrible but some people hold a weird nostalgia for, like the Jaguar? Regardless, it's welcome addition I guess.
  10. Presumably it's the British GT 2019 team liveries that they were referring to, not any user created stuff.
  11. It's worked on everything I've tried although I had to update the firmware to get around fairly frequent disconnects.
  12. It’s super straightforward to do it yourself. I have no idea what a RS232 is
  13. The reports are that the input lag is pretty horrible on the Switch Capcom Arcade Collection games, worth checking out if that sort of thing bothers you.
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