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  1. Cancel that, he’s down. Is there a point of no return?
  2. Just took down the HGA, onto GSO. Any tips for them?
  3. Took down GA, made it to LSV quite quickly. Seems very doable. Doesn’t feel like there’s much left.
  4. 3rd boss down, love how the story is opening up. Unless this nosedives in quality this is going to be among From’s best easily.
  5. I played until last night. As everyone has stated, the combat is amazing, I’m finding parrying far easier than any other From game, this was a real concern prior to launch for me as I’ve always nimbly ran away or dodged in all their other games. Your definitely encouraged by this to stay in the face of enemies at all times. Enemies in groups are lethal, definitely feel I need a bow like souls or Nioh to pick some off from a distance... here’s hoping one shows up soon!
  6. PayPal now covers digital goods for refunds as well.
  7. Like many I think this might be one too many for Daniel Craig. Anyone else speculated that they might kill off / retire Craig in this film and hire the new 007 mid film?
  8. Loving the OP-Z, it’s the perfect combination of portability and sequencing for me. For context before this I was using (for hardware) the Digitakt & Digitone combo, I love Elektron’s sequencing workflow, particularly the conditional stuff. OP-Z has elements of this as well as allowing effects to be sequenced. Plenty of opportunities for expansion with the ability to upload samples and the expansion port in the back. Happy to answer any questions about it, one of my mates is using it as the brain in a setup with a SH101, TR808 and the Retrokits RK005 also I’ve got some insight into using it with external gear.
  9. All the Greggs in London seem to be sold out of the sausage rolls. Bodes well for more.
  10. There’s a free immersive bar experience in London to celebrate the launch.. https://www.re2safehouse.com/more-information/
  11. Not sure how many people bought it on iOS but all of the Civilization 6 DLCs are going free periodically between now and New Years. I think today is the last day to get Poland, then the next piece of DLC becomes free. Get them while you can!
  12. Very early on in this, got the legendary bear pelt. Worth keeping or should I just sell it?
  13. Anyone else order an OP-Z? Mine should be arriving tomorrow, looking forward to some portable jamming.
  14. Bought an Anna Jones cookbook last month for my wife.... it’s so good we’ve now bought all of them! Interesting vegetarian or vegan recipes. http://annajones.co.uk/
  15. Been playing with the Overbridge beta tonight, Digitakt and Digitone outputting over 24 channels just through 2 usb cables is witchcraft! Did anyone try the previous version?
  16. The lamination has a greater effect here.. it’s the distance between the glass the pencil touches and the digitiser beneath. On the 9.7 there’s a noticeably larger gap. Definitely worth looking at in person because all of these benefits are relative.
  17. The main ones I notice are the faster refresh rate on the pro and the laminated display. Both make drawing on the pro feel a lot more ‘natural’ to me.
  18. Looks like we’ll have more of an idea tomorrow... look at 1:30 on the schedule here... https://www.adultswim.com/schedule/ New video release?
  19. New EP - Collider https://mobile.twitter.com/WarpRecords/status/1026106153346973697/photo/1
  20. Any tips on how you got it to work.. which VPN etc
  21. Yep they will be fine. Unfortunately the deals I was looking at I couldn’t fine gift cards for reasonable prices (Russia) or they don’t seem to exist (Argentina). I was looking at the following... £11 (!!) - Wolfenstein 2/ Doom bundle on the Russia store £9 - South Park The Fractured But Whole on the Argentina store
  22. I’ve been trying it the last couple of days! All the talk online suggests it’s hit and miss wether it works or not. I tried with Nord VPN both on the console and through Safari with multiple cards (Revolut, Monzo etc). Payment fails every time. If anyone has any joy I’d love to know how!
  23. Some even deeper discounts on the international stores, unfortunately it seems impossible to purchase them anymore (even through VPNs etc).
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