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  1. Joanne Calderwood will be fighting for the title against Shevchenko at UFC 251 in June. I love Jojo, she seems cool as, but this is one mighty step up.
  2. Thats her older brother. They have been writing songs together since they were kids.
  3. That guy might be a fool but Diego Sanchez has been in the UFC for 15 years and had 30 fights there. He knows the score. With his experience he just needs motivation and that nutter gave it him. Its not like Diego is normal either, when we first met him he was praying to the gods of lightning on TUF1. This (should have been) loss had nothing to do with his corner.
  4. It was a close one like the Santos fight. I could see 48-47 either way. Someone is going to really beat the shit out of Jones sooner or later. He has looked rather human since the picogram stuff. He looks like Roy Jones Jnr after the 1st Tarver fight. He doesn't look unbeatable anymore.
  5. I love the crane kick. Daniel is out of his depth in the tournament but has a risky last ditch technique his opponent has never seen before. He is not a master but he was obviously winging it the whole tournament and badly hurt in the final so he just rolls the dice and thinks fuck it. My picks would be Fright Night and Monster Squad. Both are still loads of fun to watch today.
  6. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    I've seen defences do that a bunch if someone makes a big play in a close game. All charging over to the cameras and posing. You see it happen loads. There's all kinds of rules about offences over celebrating TD's but defences can seemingly do whatever they want for big plays.
  7. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    It's not going to take much to be better than last year. 3 points scored in the whole first half. Maroon 5 as the half time show. The evil empire get another bloody win. I'd somehow forgot most of that till I saw a video on YouTube reminding me. Hope we get a belting game tonight.
  8. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    49ers in a close one. BBC I like their team and they often get some good guests. Food wise I'm going tortilla chips and chicken wings.
  9. I liked that alot more Kebab. The video and picture inserts worked well and you just speaking naturally felt alot better. Jon Jones pretty much boasting he does it purpose though. Jesus christ, you forget sometimes what a dickhead he is.
  10. Probably because Rogan has got into a public war of words with Stephen A Smith. One of those incredibly annoying ESPN 'Hot Take' dickheads. He called Cerrone a quitter on the UFC post event show. Rogan and alot of UFC fighters weren't happy with that. Cerrone had a broken orbital bone and nose from the shots from Conor btw. Instead of backing down and apologising Smith has been doubling down on his rubbish.
  11. I know he failed a test but it wasn't USADA that turned JDS's from champ to gatekeeper. It was the 2nd and 3rd fights against a prime Cain Velasquez that wrecked him. He took an absolute beating over those ten rounds. Try and rewatch the 2nd fight. I think he is concussed in the 1st round of that fight but he guts out a decision whilst getting completely wrecked for 4 rounds straight. People forget that prime Cain before the injuries was terrifying. Getting KO'd by Stipe and Overeem won't have helped much either but sometimes getting KO'd early is better than the type of sustained beating Cain put on him. By all accounts he is supposed to be one of the nicest MMA fighters you could meet. A real gentle giant, so I hope to see him hang the gloves up soon. Its Heavyweight though and he is still a threat and can make money, Bellator or Japan would want him if the UFC said goodbye.
  12. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    I love a good last wicket stand especially away from home. Its extremely annoying for the home fans. Great stuff from our tail.
  13. I'm sorry if I'm being over critical but I just think your video would have been way better just you speaking naturally even with small mistakes. Maybe an edit if your phones rings or something but that robotic, constant editing does my head in.
  14. What you just wrote was 10 times clearer than what you said in your video. Saying a sentence, edit, saying a sentence, edit... leaves some really unclear moments on your video. I really hate that style. Guys I listen too on Youtube like Luke Thomas and Helwani don't do that. I'm sure you don't always if you do a podcast.
  15. Deontay Wilders game plan is to carefully look for an openings, conserve his energy and try to catch you with a bomb anywhere in a 12 round fight. Francis Negannou's is'nt. His is, load up every punch with all your energy and smash the guy in the first or second round. That's plan A, we have yet to see a plan B. I think your not very clear or just really wrong on some key points if you want to do this. I mean why even bring up that you think DC has dodgy cardio and then not even mention that Ngannou gassed 10x worse than DC ever has in his two losses ? Do you think Ngannou can out work him in a distance fight ? Do you think he has better cardio than DC ?
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