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  1. Blaydes is a talented fighter but that was sloppy. Lewis is one dimensional but its a pretty scary one dimension. If Jon Jones eventually moves to heavyweight they should give him Lewis. It would be hilarious if the Black Beast decked him.
  2. Warframe has some wonderful, destroy everything you see in seconds builds. Saryn Prime and Mesa Prime being two of my favourites. Broken beyond belief and tons of fun to use.
  3. Thats a hell of alot better than chopping shows up for two different channels they had been doing.
  4. ·Using a bot, cheat code, macro or other automated method to participate in Microsoft Rewards;
  5. Game Pass has got plenty to keep me going games wise for the foreseeable future. Im probably going to be lost in Yakuza games till god knows when. So I did the weekly food shopping from Tesco with my Microsoft points a few days back
  6. bcass is legendary for that online madness. Didn't he blame Bungie for what he was doing as well ? It was so crazy. He must have screwed over 1000s of teams.
  7. Blue Velvet - 5/5 Must have been 15 years since I last saw it. Still hits so hard. Walking around abit in a daze since it finished.
  8. He knows the UFC want him back and need his name value. They just don't want to pay him what he wants. Jones vs Stipe or Ngannou would be huge fights. Two of the biggest of the year. Jones is a scumbag but so is Conor McGregor and they will pay him. Jones might not move the needle like him but he moves it more than pretty much everyone else. Hopefully the UFC will cave eventually and pay him what he wants or close to it.
  9. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    Australian captain Paine being fined for sledging and the Australian crowd being racist dickheads, it seems another fine day in Australian cricket. They must be the most hateable in all off sport. Congrats lads.
  10. Orion


    This is cathartic watching this lad smash Super Meat Boy to pieces.
  11. He looked very ill from hypherthyroidism last time I saw a picture of him a few years back. He was saying he wasent even well enough to exercise. So its likely that he isn't capable of action scenes anymore. Tbh its positive just seeing him acting again as he looked in a very bad way at that point.
  12. He has a combination of alot of things that piss off the other players and the darts crowd. Over celebrating and instead of aiming it at the crowd or cameras he would often turn round and scream in his opponents face. He used to do this on mid leg 140's not even 180's or big check outs. Slow playing and being slow to collect his darts, used to great effect in winding up Anderson a few years back. That whole feud was a particularly bad move considering how popular Anderson is as well. He also used to like winding up the live crowd then turning round the next day wondering why he was getting boo
  13. She is certainly divisive but her fights were fun and the hype around them infectious. I think what hurt her with MMA fans were some of her questionable actions and statements at the time and some of the people around her such as her idiot trainer Edmond. Plus the hype train around her was at ridiculous levels. There was the infamous Ring magazine cover proclaiming "she has conquered MMA, is boxing next", which pissed of boxing fans. Joe Rogan saying she is the greatest female athlete of all time. People claiming she was going to be the next huge Hollywood action star. She was as mainstream as
  14. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    India have Steve Smith completely locked down atm. Scores of 1, 0 and 8 is brutal. Anyone watching the series ? Whats going on with him ?
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