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  1. The storyline is good, but the actual gameplay part of the questing isn’t- it’s mainly time-filling fetch quests. To be honest, I wouldn’t even bother doing the hard version dungeons to break it up. What happens then is that you level up a little, and the quests become even easier. Plus, you won’t be able to get any more role quests to unlock new skills until you get to Heavensward, so you’re stuck with the skills you have until then.
  2. Well that’s something at least- but there’s at least one character who sounds much worse now to me :/ and yeah it’s very jarring when they literally change within seconds lol
  3. Erm...just started Heavensward...did they seriously change voice actors??
  4. I’m finding the journey from Realm Reborn to Heavensward a real slog now, but I’m near the end at last I think. Feels like it really needs a reworking. You don’t get any new class quests to unlock new skills until you start the expansion proper, and between that and the content largely being padded fetch/find quests, it’s hard going. I can understand these kind of quests existing when they want to drip feed content until an actual expansion release, but once it’s actually out, they really need to have a rethink about how this kind of content works. Don’t get me wrong, the story itself is good and engaging, it’s just more the pointless filler activities in between, like find 4 of x in this area. Or go here, speak to one person, come back. Dull as hell.
  5. That might just be in the aftermath of the DDoS attacks- I suppose I can see why they’d prioritise paying customers when they’ve got server queues of over 1,000.
  6. Ahh, just read they’ve been getting DDoS attacks- that’s why the queues are massive.
  7. Wow just tried to login on Moogle, queue of over 1,400!!! Guess I won’t be playing tonight then. Biggest queue I’ve ever seen before was about 200.
  8. Brilliant, thanks! Just did the first quest that introduces the tower, so I’ll do that and forget the rest. My journal is awash with those hard dungeon quests, so think I’ll just bin them. It’s quite interesting seeing what would have been endgame content, but now I’ve got two (three very soon) expansions to get through before I get to that point.
  9. Now that I’ve finally reached level 50 and have finished the first main storyline, is it worth me doing the dungeons which have just opened up (along with hard mode versions) to get my ilevel up, or should I just be focusing on the MSQ stuff which leads into Heavensward?
  10. I’m finding this way better than ‘ok’. In a year with a lot of disappointing games (Kingdom Hearts 3 & Rage 2 immediately come to mind), I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this. I’ve nearly finished it now and it’s still a 9/10 for me.
  11. There are side missions, but generally those are generated from one of the camps in the game, the friendly settlements of which there aren’t many. There are a few other activities such as clearing nests, taking out bandit camps and finding Nero checkpoints and research sites, but it’s not the usual ‘Ubisoft’ bloat. The majority are story missions, and the main plot itself is really big, it definitely feels epic and that you’re going on a real journey. You could argue that you might have to clear bandit camps quite a lot, as they feature both as map activities and side missions from camps, but there are a few different ways to do these, with stealth and weapon options, so it hasn’t really felt like a chore.
  12. Yeah it’s hard sometimes not to get carried away talking about the game, especially when it’s so good. I’m just past the point you are now Thor. Definitely one of my surprise hit games of the year. Agree with the character comments too, they’re surprisingly nuanced and human, which doesn’t often happen in zombie games. I don’t really get the criticism the game received on its release- it’s a 9/10 for me. Anyone still on the fence about this should definitely pick it up.
  13. It’s definitely a spoiler, much better off hidden.
  14. Anyone had any trouble logging in to Twitch in the last week or so? It’s not recognising what I think is my password, but then says it doesn’t recognise my email/username combination when I go to reset it, despite knowing they’re correct. They’re still sending me other emails too, but I don’t even get an email with my username in it if I request that. I’ve tried contacting them and raised multiple support tickets, and contacted their twitter support, but had no reply whatsoever :/
  15. Retroguy

    Blood and Truth

    Yeah I tried that, still doesn’t work. The weird thing is that the ammo on my chest looks different when I switch the gun to the left hand- a clip appears there when I have my right hand free, but not my left??
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