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  1. Were all the different lightsaber parts in this meant to give you like different stat bonuses or similar, which then got cut late on in development? Otherwise, I don’t really see the point? You only really see them when you change them, otherwise it’s way too small to notice. And it’s not like it’s a multiplayer game so you can show off to other players? Sure, it’s kinda cool to construct your own lightsaber, but if you can’t actually see it in the minute to minute gameplay, and it has no effect...what was the thinking here??
  2. Retroguy

    Xbox Game Pass

    This might seem like a stupid question- if you’re on a monthly subscription for Gamepass ultimate and then use one of those amazon 3 month codes, it won’t stop the subscription or anything will it? I’m assuming it’ll just delay the time when the next subscription amount is taken?
  3. I was really hoping for discounts on Lapis X Labyrinth or Daemon X Machina in the sale- can’t really justify them at those pretty high prices at the moment. Just have to hope there’s another sale soon :/
  4. I’ll play a song, and then the centre of my view (eg looking at the menu screen) has crept round say about 15 degrees to the left when I go back to the menu. It’s subtle enough to that I don’t notice it happening, but when I take the helmet off, I’m no long looking square at the tv. And the more songs I play, the more the drift continues. Pressing the button on the side of the moves just recentres them where they are pointing, it doesn’t reset the menu screen to the centre of it is now where I’m facing. What’s strange is that it only seems to happen in Beat Saber (that I’ve noticed anyway) and it’s only started happening recently, and nothing has changed environmentally in the room.
  5. It doesn’t reset the view for people who’s views have drifted though...maybe it’s different for people whose views have moved through other kinds of means, but if your view has kinda creeped round during the game, all it does is fix the moves angle. That’s why people are asking online if it could work like all the other PSVR games- Beat Saber doesn’t work like other games in that regard.
  6. Are you absolutely sure? It doesn’t work that way for loads of people online- there are tons of posts from people asking it to be patched in as it doesn’t work, and not one from someone saying ‘it already works’.
  7. No, it doesn’t. As I said, it only refocuses where the moves are pointing in Beat Saber, not your view. That’s why I have the problem.
  8. Yeah, it’s probably not game specific, I know- there’s just no way to recentre the view in Beat Saber, unlike almost all other VR games. All it does it recentre where your move controllers are facing.
  9. This is borderline unplayable for me now because of drift issues, which is a great shame. I don’t know why they still haven’t put in an easy way to recentre your view like tons of other VR games :/ And I have no idea why the drift has started happening in the last few months either- I’ve tried different lighting, making sure there’s no wifi interference as much as I can, reset the PS4...the only thing I haven’t tried is replacing the HDMI cables which someone online found fixed it, so that’s the last thing for me to try.
  10. Unfortunately no, it doesn’t work in Beat Saber. The drift remains where it is and it doesn’t realign the centre of the screen with where you’re looking, unlike most other games.
  11. Anyone else experiencing drift with this where the screen seems to have inched a few degrees round to one side after a song? I haven’t played any other VR games in a while so don’t know if it’s just Beat Saber or all games, but it’s really annoying and only just started happening the last week or so. It doesn’t have any way to realign the center of the screen either, so I have to turn the helmet off and on again, but after one song it’s drifting to the right again :/
  12. So was this a bit of a damp squib then? It officially released last Friday, but there does't seem to have been much press around it, and it's certainly dead in here... They've released the additional progression system now, which is a kind of seasonal battle pass, but the trouble is, again, that all the rewards are cosmetic. There's nothing here that's going to change the gameplay, which I think is going to be an issue compared with the sub-class system of the second game. There also seems to be a bit of a shortage of maps- I'm already a bit bored of the ones I've been playing for the last 5-6 weeks.
  13. People were justifying the battle pass though as saying that it pays for the maps too, and I just don’t like the idea of Activision getting away with that. You’re totally right on that last point- for me, I’m definitely not buying this until they launch the battle pass elements. If it becomes really difficult to earn the other guns and attachments without paying, that could totally affect the quality of the core game, and I don’t want to buy into anything where that is an unknown.
  14. Firstly, wow, calm down. Secondly, yes of course they don’t magically get made out of nothing, but as you say, my point would be is that if Activision are choosing to say the maps are ‘free’, then the initial outlay of the game price should be covering that. Otherwise they’re not free at all. All I’m saying is that there at least needs to be some kind of continuity in justification of the battle pass.
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