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  1. little che

    The Trailer Park Boys

    I watched one episode last night. It was surprisingly far better than you might think. I enjoyed the small bit I saw more than the last few seasons at any rate.
  2. little che

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    I watched the latest episode last night and that fourth,? Fifth wall bit made my jaw fall. Its such a good show.
  3. little che

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I was on the winning game twice in a row last night and my main contribution in both games was crawling around, downed, pointing out where the enemies were. In the midst of a battle the enemy rarely has time to see you off so I was basically reporting from behind enemy lines. It was that alone that distinguished me from useless.
  4. little che

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    It was on ps4 and yes it did happen twice near the market. And it wasn't the balloon zip, they flew up into the air from the floor and probably flew about twenty feet upwards and thirty or forty feet forwards.
  5. little che

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I got paired with two randoms yesterday who both had a very high number of kills and whilst we ultimately went on to be champions (I was next to useless next to these two terminators). During the game they kept periodically flying high into the air with little blue boosts coming out of their boots. Today I read about the new legend octane who has an ultimate that does that. I'm thinking I was paired with two developers or have some people been given early access? What's odd is that neither of them were a character called octane.
  6. little che

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I see bomber crew is on sale and it's got good (not fantastic) reviews. Has anyone else got it and give an opinion?
  7. little che

    The Division 2

    I never played the first one but am getting quite interested in this.. Is there anywhere in particular cheaper to buy it from and could I join some forum members if I got it on ps4? Sorry for the inane post.
  8. little che

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    The only film I have ever seriously contemplated leaving the cinema during the showing is step brothers. I like both the leads but this was garbage. I even tried to give it a second shot years later but my first impression of it was correct as it is just plain turgid.
  9. little che

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    As I was zip lining yesterday with the rest of my squad already fallen, I saw an opponent quickly pop up at the end of the wire and set a portal. I didnt have time to react and flew through the portal to a welcome party of his two squad mates with shotguns who basically just executed me on the spot. Genius tactic I admit begrudgingly.
  10. little che

    What books did you read in 2019?

    Apologies, thats what you get for writing in the middle of a night shift. I meant the lost man and have amended my post. Anyhow, it's fabulous and her best yet.
  11. little che

    What books did you read in 2019?

    Jane harpers The lost man. Set in the outback, the story of one of three brothers who is inexplicably found dead after leaving his car. This is the third novel of Harpers and the best yet by some margin. The description of the outback is vivid and terrifying in its size and harshness. I completely recommend this book, it's one of those that I'll be sorry to leave.
  12. little che

    New Star Manager

    The runs are great, it's really quite satisfying to envisage a man ve and have it come off. The attackers arent very familiar with the offside rule though.
  13. little che

    New Star Manager

    Also loving this. I agree that the need for energy cards means that you have to often forgo some of the other longer term cards like skill, youth etc. The players fatigue so easily that idea a constant rotation of the squad and you're left with off the or two tired players starting the match and only tired players on the bench. Still, it's addictive as all hell.
  14. little che

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Thanks to @Gotters and @unleashedmaniac for tipping me over the edge and getting me addicted to the virtual crack that is new star manager. I'm in the gym trying to decide on my transfer targets
  15. little che

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I sold Mario tennis yesterday with the intention of buying new star and wargroove with the proceeds, so I'm very glad to see the positive reviews above. Looks like its new star day.

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