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  1. Good recent(ish) horror books?

    Bird box is excellent. Can I recommend Dark matter by Michelle Paver... A ghost story set in the Arctic... Its a cracking read.
  2. Good recent(ish) horror books?

    I finished the silent companions by Laura Purcell and can recommend it very highly. It's the story of a young widow who travels to to her late husbands country estate. There is definitely something wrong in the house. It was genuinely unsettling at times and I powered through it.
  3. What are you reading at the moment?

    As much as I enjoyed Heart shaped box and Nos4r2, I couldn't get on with the fireman at all. I'm not sure if he was trying to channel his dad but it was a sub par effort.
  4. What are you reading at the moment?

    Finished The Force by Don Winslow last night, (he wrote the power of the dog and the cartel which as I'm sure most people know are fantastic) It was as expected, excellent. Narrower in scope than the two above but very focused on the NYPD and corruption. I'd be ridiculously surprised if it didn't end up as a huge Hollywood film. I'd recommend buying it as soon as possible. Also, just looking through my kindle library... I have to recommend Dark matter by Michelle Paver.. An arctic ghost story that was creepy and well written. Several notches above most of the horror novels I've read in the last few years
  5. The Trailer Park Boys

    Absolutely awful. It's a shame most people won't get to see him because tpb is fairly niche viewing, because he was absolutely hilarious, particularly in the earlier seasons.
  6. Stephen King's It - 2017

    Just back from watching this. They captured the feel of the book as well as you could have hoped for given the inevitable need to miss several scenes of the novel out. Importantly the tone felt right and Derry was very much as I imagined from the book. Can't say I found it particularly scary but it certainly had a creepy vibe throughout. The kids acting, particularly Beverly was excellent
  7. Will Storr

    I enjoyed vs the supernatural too. Most of the stuff he "investigated" was patently bollocks though the cornish haunted pub gave me a few spine chills. I'll get round to reading a few more of his based upon this book.
  8. Kindle shop Recommendations

    There are some fantastic books in the kindle monthly sale at the moment.. The Cartel by Don Winslow is wonderful (although it is the second in the series, the power of the dog being the first). The passage by Justin Cronin The North water by Ian mcGuire which is excellent The bone clocks by David Mitchell Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden Middlesex by Jeffrey Euginedes The amazing adventures of Kavalier and clay by Michael Chabon There are lots more but these are the ones that I would highly recommend.. All are between 99p and £1.99
  9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Season 12 available on Netflix from May 7th (UK obviously) according to Glenn Howerton who should know.
  10. The Perfect Scene

    The phone call to Dimitri in Dr Strangelove. How they pulled off hilarious comedy whilst delivering unimaginably awful news is incredible.
  11. What are you reading at the moment?

    Have to agree with this. I liked a few of his other books, but this one was a piss poor attempt at channelling his dad who did it so much better in the stand. I tried to wade through it but it just was far from enjoyable so I gave up.
  12. Yeah the book is excellent..if they can translate the creeping dread onto the screen then it should be a winner.
  13. The Trailer Park Boys

    Yeah you're right to be fair. Not the most convincing gang ever. Either way, at times it's as funny as ever.
  14. The Trailer Park Boys

    I wasn't a big fan of the last season as I thought it became a bit too cartoonish with that billy goat etc...but I'm really enjoying this season so far (over half way in). The scene with Sam the denture king was brilliant and J-Rocs accent is spectacular.
  15. Finished the season thanks to Netflix Netherlands. As you might expect after the penultimate episode, the finale was more understated but tied things up nicely. It has been one of the best tv shows I've ever seen.

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