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  1. I found last week that my very small town has a warehouse full of secondhand books ( there are tens of thousands !) including tons of both paperback and hardback Disworld. The quality of the books is topnotch and they all appear to be £2 , so it anyone wants any to complete their collection then I'll be happy to acquire.
  2. The first fifteen lives of Harry August is in the kindle daily deal today. Buy it without hesitation or delay .
  3. I've banged on about them previously but I'll say again ,the Eden books by Chris Beckett are brilliant.
  4. The Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I picked this up in the daily deal. Alternative Earth timelines , advanced Neanderthal civilisations and immortal, hyper-intelligent, space faring giant wood lice . If you’ve ever read any of his books then you know he possesses a prodigious imagination and whilst this book is ostensibly set on earth,it still has his usual vat full of ideas. Recommended .
  5. I'm slowly collecting these too. Only on seven so far, they're gorgeous.
  6. I just finished this thanks to it’s non disappearance from prime. It was absorbing from beginning to end and it’s rare that the consequences of an action in the very first episode are still affecting the protagonists of a show at the end of a long run . I think, on reflection they got the ending right .
  7. Glad they got the humour of the situation over .
  8. Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky is 99p today. Quite the forum favourite .
  9. I really enjoyed it. Yes it's been done before and it doesn't reach the heights of Groundhog but the two leads are very entertaining and it was a perfect length .
  10. Later by Stephen King . Undoubtedly influenced by the sixth sense which it has the good grace to reference, this is a very old fashioned King book, which I absolutely mean as a compliment. It’s lean and pared back like Carrie and he’s resisted the urge to turn it into a 600 page opus. An unqualified recommendation.
  11. Set my Heart to Five by Simon Stephenson. In 2035 bots, almost entirely indistinguishable from humans are used to do the jobs that humans don’t want, in the main protagonists case that means being a dentist who in spite of his programming , starts to develop human emotions and goes on the run before he can be incinerated for unbot like behaviour. I really fancied this because of the concept and also because Edgar Wright is developing it , but it was fairly average. The writing style is annoying and it’s hard to root for a character that has no real emotions. It’s worth a read but it certai
  12. Not exactly a personal recommendation because I’ve never actually read it but The Expanse by James SA Corey is on sale for 99p today. I’m not the biggest Sci fi reader by any stretch but I’ve heard great things so I’ve bought it .
  13. Tge long walk was the better book in my opinion although i can see why it might not make the better movie.
  14. Darktown by Thomas Mullen. A fairly standard police procedural novel enlivened by its setting. 1948 Atlanta and the first seven black police officers are hired to bring order to "their" part of town, even whilst not even being allowed in the whites only police precinct and having no power of arrest of white people. Its the first of three books and has enough to make me look forward to the next one.
  15. Doomsday book by Connie Willis is on sale for 99p today. It’s the story of an Oxford university researcher in the near future who travels back in time to document key historical periods. Due to a mistake she is sent to rural Oxfordshire right in the path of the Black Death. I read this 30 years ago in university and reread it last year . The modern sections don’t hold up as well as might but the horror and panic of watching the plague creep closer in the Middle Ages is brilliantly done and it’s well worth 99p.
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